Carrying “Home” With Us Always: The Yin Of A Visiting Sea Turtle

by Kalayna Colibri



Sitting on the beach, feeling and discussing sacred feminine energies with a new connection was magical enough… yet in the next arising moment, a giant mama sea turtle came wandering up onto the beach, likely looking for a place to nest. I stood back while others scrambled to watch her and take pictures from close-up. I was struck by her beauty and power and felt tears welling up in my eyes as I took her in from a distance. I felt concern for her safety with the crowd around her, yet she took care of herself and went back to the ocean. This wasn’t the time for her to come ashore. Her task of laying eggs could wait a little longer.

She beamed with a natural stillness… a willingness to slowly make her way to her next chapter of laying eggs. For us, this is like embracing the process of going inside, planting seeds when it’s time to outside of us without forcibly making our way, and taking good care of ourselves and our inner-seedlings in the meantime. Time is something that doesn’t exist in the animal kingdom/queendom. Their sense of “timing” comes from making sure they can continue doing what they know innately they are here to do. Maybe they have a sense of their own mortality, but maybe they don’t need one to encourage them towards living life, because they are so in the moment at all times and not married to any sense of days, minutes or hours. Life arises for and with them again and again.

I feel a strong template and a connection to the Divine Feminine in this turtle. She had a stillness in her beauty and a beauty in her stillness. There was no need to somehow construct a self-image that would make her appear more attractive. She had a natural course of action, a path laid out for her by her very nature. She was beautiful because she was HER unabashedly… and not trying to be anything else. And, she took care of herself. She was vulnerable to human harm and yet strong and determined in her vulnerability. In her Yin way, she carries her home with her always. A place to retreat INside to whenever she needs, especially for safety and comfort. We have this too and with process we can get to this place of also carrying our homes with us ALWAYS….

During this time of growing desires for the mates we really want to have in our lives, nature is giving us a lot of clues. It feels like there is a NATURAL fit for everyone and sometimes that fit is simply YOU for as long as it needs to be. In this way, there really is NO competition. This feels true for life paths and soul purposes too… the days of competition are coming to an end as those who are ready to serve out of a deep love overflow inside of themselves from doing immense work there, step up now in all of their strong vulnerability and natural them-ness. We are all learning to arise for ourselves in ways we hadn’t realized were possible and we thus we’re starting to arise for each other too!

THIS is the beauty of collapsing constructs and systems and ways of being… once they have collapsed INSIDE, then the rewards come forward and the pure joy of being able to serve and BE love in a much purer form than before can really fill us up!

To this strong, stunning part of Gaia in sea turtle form, thank you for showing up when and how you did yesterday at the beach… I am still digesting your visit but wow, you’ve already taught me a lot… and I look forward to more. ❤


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