Ending The Money Madness With Wayne and Yeshua- Day 10: Harming Others As A Way to Self Gain is Never True Gain


Harming others as a way to self gain is never and can never be a true gain. One of the party’s genuine needs were not met in the exchange, and so what one perceived as a gain in the moment proves to be not backed by anything ‘real’ or truly relational.

Wayne – Good Morning, Yeshua.

Yeshua – Good Morning, Wayne.

W – I open my heart to our connection, to you, to myself.

Y – As do I.

W – That was me needing a few words of intention and ceremony to enter in.

Y – Choice, intention, awareness, and ceremony if need be, born in the heart and the imagination, is what literally makes the world go around.

W – You always tweak me when you use that word, ‘literally.’

Y – Yes, because you take it so literally.

W – Now, you’re messing with me. And I’m still waking up.

Y – I know you have parts of you who wonder where you even get our conversation from. I know you have parts of you who fear the judgment of others who’d write it off as, ‘kooky’.

W – I do, and yet mostly I trust it. I guess both are true at times.

Y – I can tell you where you get it from if you’d like me to.

W – I’d love you to.

Y – You get it from the your own self permission. These are the authorized writings of Wayne and Yeshua, authorized by Wayne.

W – Sounds heady.

Y – Not really…..when you feel it. Constantine’s version of scripture was the real heady one. Scripture by external authorization and decree that changed the course of history big time. What we’re doing is the internal version and anyone who wants to can do the same thing. Scripture by internal permission and imagination. Way more fun, powerful, and without all the bloodshed.

W – But, but, but. people would say, ‘You just made that up. You’re not really talking with Yeshua.’

Y – I could say the same thing about any conversation that you have with anyone. Of course it’s ‘made up.’ In fact, you obscure the making up of it to yourselves in such a way that you no longer feel the profoundness of every exchange of conversation. What you call ‘real’ or ‘literal’ is a dumbed down version of life designed (in the imagination no less) to manage the pace and rate at which you can let in wonder and creation and change.

W – I’ve always craved really great conversations. In my past, these conversations felt so random sometimes, but so amazing when they happened. Something aligned in me and in the other person, and a whole new world arose. I would try and find the magic button to make that happen again, but it usually eluded me.

Y – So you resorted to talking to me instead.

W – Well, yes, and along with others too. My odds have improved a lot since then. Jillian and I can talk for three hours straight at times still, and that’s five years into this marriage, which we are celebrating this week. Christopher and I are getting good at it too.

Y – Whoa, that is so cool, Wayne. Relationality. There’s another word for currency.

W – Like flow and exchange.

Y – And feeling is king in all of this. That’s what’s been off the radar or tried to be kept off the radar. Exchange is always born in trust. Trust is a feeling. It is all about the heart. The mind computes the logistics, but it’s the heart that leads. Trust is based on knowing and feeling someone. Knowing and feeling is dependent on the person being transparent to adequate degree to foster that trust. That’s all relationality.

W – And it’s relating around needs and desires.

Y – And fears and vulnerabilities too. You have some of what you need, but you never have all of what you need. This leaves you vulnerable. It is your vulnerability that leads you to relationality and trust.

W – I get that. Even corruption as a means of exchange and flow utilizes trust and human vulnerability to make it go around. Wow…..corruption functions because of genuine human need???

Y – Sure it does. It’s heavy on the fear side of the equation. It uses fear actually to not feel the reality that, ‘what you do unto others you do unto yourself.’ Harming others as a way to self gain is never and can never be a true gain. One of the party’s genuine needs were not met in the exchange, and so what one perceived as a gain in the moment proves to be not backed by anything ‘real’ or truly relational.

W – Where the perceived windfall can’t actually meet any genuine needs for the person because it didn’t on the other end of the exchange…

Y – Bingo. That’s flow. That’s current.

W – Whoa, there’s a new concept. If it turns sour or was harmful on the others’ end of the deal, then I can’t actually get my own genuine needs met either. But I still may be able to boast a great profit.

Y – And while that profit picture still has currency because there is enough fear and scarcity to back it, itwill still spend or exchange or impress others, but it’s ultimately rotten.

W – Another whoa, are you saying that we are running out of fear and scarcity?

Y – I so hope to god we are, my man. We are sure using it up like there’s no tomorrow. It’s what the current dominant system runs on.

W – Whoa, I get that. Leaders in the false system need to whip up fresh batches of fear and scarcity or the whole thing comes down.

Y – And they crap their drawers when one person consciously digests and feels their fear, instead of following its drumbeat.

W – Because when one changes, we all change.

Y – I feel that to be true, or more truer than anything we’ve understood until now. If we are in fact on a circular journey back to love, then that makes sense. And wouldn’t it be just like love to afford us a process and participation and choice instead of a decree and an imposition?

W – Okay, I feel my practical side calling me just now.

Y – You saying I’m not practical?

W – No hold on, maybe you’re in fact too practical. What I mean is, my head needs some help about how to embrace this from the collective swamp that I’ve been participating in and some guidance for how to walk out of the swamp.

Y – Okay. Let’s feel that some. That’s step one. Feel. Feel with your heart. I’m talking about the day you are entering into. You are going to be exchanging and in flow situations whether you greet someone, buy something, whatever you do that involves an ‘other.’ And of course, I can’t say this one enough, feel how you yourself are made up of ‘others’ or parts. When a part of you gains by harming another part of you, this is not a gain at all. Not for you, not for the harming part, not for the harmed part. ‘What you do unto parts of yourselves, you do unto others.’ Wayne, this is way more feeling-based than it is step-by-step-based. Let in your heart and the steps will come, and I mean very grounded, practical and transparent and accountable steps.

W – Can you say more about what it looks like though in any given moment?

Y – I can try.

W – Please.

Y – Okay, so you’ve engaged an ‘other.’ Whether inside of you or outside of you. It’s called a transaction. Needs, desires, fears, and vulnerabilities are dancing on both sides of the transaction, whether they are being consciously felt or not. See if you can feel your deeper needs underneath the exchange and see if you can back the currency with your heart of gold, both for yourself and for the other. See if you can feel how integrative the self love is that takes in and gives out in abundance. Can you name your deeper needs to yourself and to the other adequately to host an abundance based exchange of value?

W – So how does that look at the grocery store for instance?

Y – I don’t know if I want to dumb this down right now. I’m asking you to feel. I’m asking those reading to feel. Go in through the heart door. Let the mind follow instead of lead. Your heart will give you grounded step by step guidance. Not someone else’s decree. You leave the swamp the same way you entered, by living your way out. Each felt choice where you raise the frequency to a higher frequency of love in any transaction gives birth to the next choice and transaction. String all the transactions together and you have significant change. The measurable change is not one bit more sacred than any one of the single multitude of steps it took to create that change. The universe is infinitely patient, even when it doesn’t look like it is.

W – I’m getting that the making sense of all of this that you are offering can only come into me deeper as I walk it out. I can’t know what it will look like in the grocery store or anywhere else but through experiencing it. Life is way more sacred than knowledge or knowing. Life always changes what we claim to know. And I get too that the fear-based frequencies that I have been steeped in by my participation in the fear-based system have created a resonance factor that I can only thin out, that sometimes melts, sometimes falls away in chunks as it makes way for abundance and love-based transactions.

Y – Feels like our pause point there, Wayne.

W – You’re telling me, I don’t know when to stop sometimes.

Y – Maniac.

W – Thank you for the compliment. 🙂

In this blog series, Ending The Money Madness, Wayne Vriend shares his unedited and vulnerable journal conversation with Yeshua, who he experiences as an ascended teacher energy available to everyone.These blogs offer an exploration of money, what it is, how to relate to it, the financial collapse and transition to yin-based currency, the false self system created around money, etc. Visit www.soulfullheart.com for more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life and read 90 Days With Yeshua: Modern Message From An Ascended Teacher for more enlightening conversations between Wayne and Yeshua.

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