Ending The Money Madness With Wayne and Yeshua- Day 9: Shedding Money’s Cocoon Of Normalcy


 You don’t need money to live. You need currency; you need flow; you need exchange. However, when you, from inside of your cocoon, create the felt reality that all of your currency, flow and exchange possibilities are centered around money, money will literally be a false god.

Wayne – Good Morning, Yeshua.

Yeshua – Hey, good morning, Wayne. It was a busy few days for you and a pause for us.

W – Yes, it was. Jillian, Christopher, Kathleen, and I dove into a 5 day drywall, paint and carpentry marathon to barter with our mechanic for vehicle repairs. It was demanding, but we did it, and did it well. We also managed to fit in the gym and sauna at the end of each day too.

Y – So what are you feeling today?

W – That’s where I need your help again, Yeshua. I was feeling when I woke up how I feel my own ‘normal.’ I feel some need for rest, some digesting too of the people’s energy and home that we worked for. I feel some money anxiety, not too intense at the moment, but it’s there. I feel some ‘to do’s’ that I want to get onto, and then I’m feeling into our 2 day group that starts tomorrow.

Y – Anything you are feeling underneath all of that?

W – Thanks for asking. I feel how my own ‘normal’ can hold me in a stasis. It becomes a feeling lens through which I look upon and interpret and feel my world. It seems to mute desire and magic and possibility to significant degree. And it’s hard to detect because it’s so, well…normal.

Y – So you’re wanting me to bail you out of your normal?

W – Basically. 🙂

Y – Well, you’ve come to the right man, Man.

W – Good.

Y – Humans are expert at one thing, if anything, and that’s using feeling and circumstance to create a cocoon of normalcy around themselves. The windows are tinted with feelings designed to mute the vast color array that is too much to take in. People say they seek happiness and want more of the good life, but what they are really doing is negotiating for a little ice cream treat that fits inside their cocoon. All that is a medication to keep the cocoon intact.

W – So you’re saying that I woke up into my constructed normal place…

Y – That’s what you said.

W – I did. Why do I do that?

Y – Because naked life is so potent and powerful that you can only take it in as you are ready and willing for more. Life respects these needs in some ways and totally pays them no mind in others. Life gives time to feel and let your wanter arise into choice, but when you are unable or unwilling to choose, life moves on. It’s the nature of life.

W – Which can either serve to form a thicker cocoon and fog around life being mean and unsafe, so I’ll reconstruct my numbness or it can, if I’m ready for it, invite me out into a deeper trust of change.

Y – Yes, like your resting and digesting today. That’s natural to cycle through a full range of emotions including needing to ‘veg out’, as they say. But the question is where does that take someone?

W – How does all this tie into money or currency?

Y – Money is one of the biggest constructs of this cocoon we’re talking about. That along with our relationships, which really amps up the money piece. Having currency is all about maintaining a normal. But currency and normalcy are opposites actually, and so it sets up crisis points as it was meant to.

W – Not sure if I’m tracking where you are going, but I like the smell of it.

Y – I’m not sure where I’m going either, but you and I are taking a walk into this forest that we’ve been unable to see for the trees, to see what we can see.

W – I like that.

Y – What do you see?

W – Well, I see that I was meant to feel loved. Now, a bunch of money can attempt to substitute for that. I sure do get panicky when money runs low or slow. But a bunch of money can sure put me in a fog of feeling secure, but not feeling loved necessarily.

Y – Life, love and the universe are full up with love, so much so, that it’s hard to look into that brightness without some form of sunglasses to manage it. The healthier you are, the more you are able to let it in. The unhealthier you are, the more you need to set up a victim’s cocoon picture and use either your store of money, or your lack of money as one big numbing device.

W – So you’re saying that feeling loved is the real gold, that we aren’t ready for much of the time, so we seek normalcy security type stuff as a substitute, and money works perfect for that?

Y – Do you agree?

W – I do, and yet this forest is still pretty hard to see for all the trees in the way. I mean, money has been such a central piece in my life. It feels like my life in some ways. Why would I put myself on such a treadmill? I know you said the piece about not being ready for love’s power…but why would anyone in their right mind come up with such a limiting, self-imposed prison?

Y – Because life, which you have been given, is so full of power: it breathes in, it breathes out, it never stops changing. Its appetites are fully satisfied only to become hungry again. Life itself is seeking to know itself through you.

W – So it wants me to take a few more risks and help it out some?

Y – Life wants you to feel that the single inhale you are enjoying in this second is a love gift to you. It’s a currency. You must, however, let it out in order to let in another. People, in their fear of not having breath for tomorrow, limit their breathing, or quite literally actually even stop breathing today, suicide being the ultimate form of this, when they feel the world from inside their false security constructed cocoons.

W – Can you say more about the tie between breath and money?

Y – Oxygen is a necessity for life. You can’t live without it. It’s what you run on. Do you notice how you don’t worry too much about oxygen?

W – Yeah, not like I do about money.

Y – You don’t need money to live, you need currency, you need flow, you need exchange. However, when you, from inside of your cocoon create the felt reality that all of your currency, flow and exchange possibilities are centered around money, money will literally be a false god.

W – …that I am forced to bow to and serve…

Y – True, yes, but only because you made it so. You created your own reality.

W – …by this pair of sunglasses I need to negotiate love’s brightness thing cocoon. Which raises the question, how could it be different?

Y – Pause for a moment, Wayne. This what I am telling you is hard to feel. We can’t find a solution unless we are willing to feel the depths of the dilemma. You are in a self made cocoon of normalcy that is limiting your experience of love and incarcerating your soul and heart to a socially acceptable and socially enforced false god called money, that in turn marshals your creativity and power in service of it, instead of love. And the crazy thing is on top of all this is that it is your self love that creates all of this.

W – …’Can’t serve god and mammon?’

Y – You can’t serve the love that you are, which is full of currency, and flow, and exchange, while your trust is in a construct that is used mainly to limit love in the earth. This is the forest that cannot be seen for the trees. Money has been used to remove you from a relationship of love and need and vulnerability with all of life. Feel for a moment, how a cut off from oxygen for a few minutes, not money, would be the death of you. For most, death is the ultimate popping of their normalcy cocoon. How this could all be different, to get to your question now is surrendering to life’s many and momentary and never ending invitations to change?

W – Surrender to, instead of resisting my utter and vulnerable dependance on love, that beckons me into change.

Y – What if money could instead be the liberator of hearts and souls instead of the great limiting force that it has become?

W – Wow, Yeshua, this conversation is tweaking a bunch of stuff inside of me. I feel like we are on a few tracks at once here.

Y – Yes. It all gets down to deep embedded beliefs, which are founded upon feelings, all related to both money and love that have shaped your world. The world you live and feel in, in all moments.

W – What I get in the moment is that it’s going to take us collectively living into a major reno on money to undo what we’ve done….I guess that would be a demo and then a reno…

Y – That’s happening as we speak. It can’t be stopped actually. You can live into your own personal life lessons as the collective goes through it’s own paces or you can try hard to ignore it, which makes for harder lessons no doubt, but ultimately all returns us to the love that we are, even if we can’t feel that to be true at the moment.

W – Whoa, so currency is love. It is flow. It is supply of my needs. My vulnerabilities and me being willing to feel them, to feel how much I need them, to feel my fear of not having them, how much I want love is what frees up something and sets change in motion?

Y – These are the questions we are about to be exploring together now. The big question that is being lived into is about the nature of love and the nature of the universe, and the nature of the metaverse that houses our universe, all one big love bubble.

W – But I thought we said bubbles were unhealthy?

Y – Bubbles are necessary vehicles to breathe in and out of to create movement, and to facilitate change. Hatred and war are all played out on love’s stage. Scarcity in the current money system needed its time to come to the end of its natural life cycle. Breathe in. Breathe out. Beginnings, endings. Death and rebirth. All inside of love.

W – We went a bit longer today, Yeshua. I missed our connection.

Y – See, there’s an example. You miss what you are in need of. That’s a whole lot different from feeling guilt or shame for not doing what you suppose you should be doing. This new world we are talking about runs on desire and creativity and divine play. Should, and duty and obligation are energies from the old world that were sacred then to it’s functioning, but no longer.

W – Part of me is judging our dialogue as lacking some coherency, or linearity today. I just needed to out that.

Y – Coherency and linearity are up for redefining too. Let people feel this dialogue instead of trying to mentally grasp it it. Feel with the heart, don’t grasp with the mind. All the love and money questing is contained in that.

W – You are amazing, Yeshua. It’s fun taking you in like oxygen.

Y – You’re pretty cool too. Being an ascended teacher would be boring if it wasn’t for questers like you.

W – I’m out of questions for today though.

Y – I was wondering when you’d quit.

W – I know I’ll have a bunch of new ones tomorrow though.

Y – Good, I’ll see about getting ready for you!

In this blog series, Ending The Money Madness, Wayne Vriend shares his unedited and vulnerable journal conversation with Yeshua, who he experiences as an ascended teacher energy available to everyone.These blogs offer an exploration of money, what it is, how to relate to it, the financial collapse and transition to yin-based currency, the false self system created around money, etc. Visit www.soulfullheart.com for more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life and read 90 Days With Yeshua: Modern Message From An Ascended Teacher for more enlightening conversations between Wayne and Yeshua.

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