Love Deeply, Live Softly


by Leena Colibri



To love deeply, you need only that sense in your heart – that feeling of your goodness and the goodness of those you come across. A feeling of reverence, appreciation, and seeing of others that can only truly happen with the heart and cannot quite happen without first applying all of this inwardly… can you see, feel, hear, touch, and revere YOU?

To live softly, you need only that feeling of a fireplace within – a container for the passion, alchemy, creativity, and potent emotional reality that lies inward yet may want to rage outward, with due reason, from time to time. To have softness, you don’t need to keep any of this buried, suppressed or put away… it needs a feeling space, a healthy container, a loving parent-come-midwife-YOU that can be there for its birthing and care. This fireplace for your inner fire is heart-shaped and fueled by energies of love, giving you the courage you need to be with and hold it, claiming it all as you and parts of you.

Perhaps these are the simplest keys to living a conscious life and healing the heart in profound ways. Maybe this is the place where it all must begin and from there, your wildest adventures launch, taking off like rocket ships to the ends of unknown universes. You are the most exquisite ark, holding precious cargo. To learn to honour this could be the greatest challenge and yet the biggest gift of all.

As the world finds its way through more rounds of change, there is a conveyor belt we’re on. Life moves forward as it always has, taking us with it in various chosen levels of presence, bringing us to new heights and choice points about how to BE with it all. We have even more coming than we’ve experienced so far. New, stunning levels of consciousness beckon that are beyond our wildest imaginings, and yet, may suit perfectly well the wildest imaginers among us! There is a palpably growing sense of our reality melting down into something very different. Swinging doors are leaving their hinges, revealing all they’ve kept secret this whole time – including the true stories of our origins. The information that exists is for us to take in, but the information that is within is the strongest blueprint we could hope for. We’ve spent much energy on preserving a well-made self just long enough to get to this point, but now… getting beyond that and beginning to touch who we actually are in a far more cosmic and inter-dimensional sense is requiring us to walk softer, be stiller, and love more, more and more often, until this practice turns into something that just IS.

We are the change creators. We are the beauty makers. We are the ones who must find ourselves to find each other, to rediscover that world we forgot could possibly exist if we just BELIEVED in it… if we just believed in ourselves and our hearts once more. We are sacred humanity rebirthing. We always were. And this is where we’re heading if we can let go, keep going, and start flying as we were always meant to.
May we walk softly, carrying our gallant hearts forward, and loving from the deepest seats and seeds of love inside ourselves for ourselves. For NOW is always the best time to start something new and fulfilling… isn’t it? 


Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


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Kalayna Colibri

Kalayna is a SoulFullHeart Co-Founder and Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.

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