To Be With A King Man

By Jelelle Awen

What is it like to be WITH a king man, a vulnerable man, a man that pursues with ALL of his heart, a man who holds space for himself and ALL the feelings that come up inside of him? This is what I felt moved to share today……what it is like to be with a king man from a queen woman’s perspective experiencing our USness ground with Raphael for nine years in sacred union. I felt moved to share what it is like to be with a man opening out into the capacity and potential that I feel ALL men have inside of them….like a seed just waiting for the water of SELF love, SELF worth, and PURE love with and from the Divine to grow and to bloom!

To be with a king man is to feel him cross the space toward you with clarity and with desire. To feel him CLAIM the exploration between you into deeper grounds of intimacy than either of you have EVER known. Raphael crossed the space toward me shortly after we met many years ago. We were sitting in a local Starbucks in Ashland, Oregon, and he rolled out his attraction to me after being around each other during two recent seminars connected to the spiritual and emotional healing group we were both part of. I felt the goodness of him IMMEDIATELY, his big heart and his immense capacity and purity. Parts of me weren’t ready for all this then and the ground between us (as lush as it was) wasn’t transactable between us yet as also he was just out of a 23 year marriage and leaving Christianity and his whole social world behind. He then brought his attraction again to me several months later and I again ‘turned him down’ as it didn’t feel like the timing was right for either of us.

A few years later, the timing was right for both of us and Raphael AGAIN risked to cross the space to pursue me and to claim an exploration between us. NOW I was open and ready for him. On our very first date, he literally cleared the restaurant dishes out of the way when we were done eating, reached out across the table and grasped my hands in his for the first time. The rush of love and desire that moved through me feeling his skin against mine, the tender yet passionate way he held me and US….offered all I needed to ‘KNOW’ about our love and the possibilities of where it would take me. A few moments later, he reached over again towards me and we were kissing passionately on the sidewalk, not caring who saw us or witnessed!

To be with a king man is to feel cherished for ALL aspects of you and their expression grounds. Raphael has wanted me passionately as a physical woman from the beginning. Other men in the past wanted my soul frequencies or my spiritual gifts or priestess frequencies….Raphael could feel all those capacities but also he CRAVED my BODY deeply too! That craving continues to this day…..he notices and comments on every bit of clothing that I put on my body and feels a visceral physical response to what I wrap my body in and the way I physically move through space. He FEELS my physicality and responds to it in an alive way. This is SO important as the body is our precious vessel here and the tones of cherishment and desire coming from a king really light up our queenly self worth and goodness and also help to heal inner punisher and critic energies inside of us that we’ve received from birth family and our 3D culture.

To be with a king man is to feel that he is holding his OWN emotional process and soul growth and physical health. Raphael holds space for himself firstly and primarily. He ‘goes in’ when he needs to in order to feel what needs to be felt or experienced. Yet, also, he is very respectful and responsive to my intuitions and sense of what might be going on for him and even to guidance that comes through me. He leads his OWN process though, so it isn’t about me taking care of him, or being on his ‘side’ or making sure that he grows or about trying to change him. That movement is happening on its own inside of him and it overflows into our USness ground. This allows me to ‘relax’ and be with myself and my own process and to also respond to our USness too.

To be with a king man is to be called into our own growth and process as women. It invites us to open our own hearts wider to match the man’s vulnerability in every moment. It invites us to feel the masculine protector aspects of us as women that guard our sexuality, our vulnerability, our femininity and to negotiate with these energies to be more available for ourselves and for the union. It invites us to KEEP waking up and to keep growing. It invites us into the conscious duality dance and all its richness of experience that flows from within us and then into union WITH him! It invites us to experience in visceral way, a real and grounded way, our expression as Infinite Love as reflected to us through the heart and soul of our king man mate!

One way the potential to BE a king man can be realized is through the SoulFullHeart way of life and process that we offer connecting very directly with aspects of the self that arise from the emotional body and integrating soul aspects from other lifetimes as well through space holding sessions, group calls, and community support. Raphael Awen and Gabriel Heartman (another king man!) are hosting a men’s group call this saturday for the exploration into these king man frequencies through the SoulFullHeart perspective:

Also, join us for a SoulFullHeart group call about sacred union on May 13th with a guided meditation and teachings offering sacred union frequencies and activations:


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine and union facilitator, soul scribe, waySHOWer, galactic love ambassador, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book,Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

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