Your Own Love Shack Seeds Sacred Exploration


Walking the tender ground of exploring sacred union is ultimately a journey to Self.  It is opening the inner vaults of our deepest and most fragile places.  Seeing and feeling things that we have hidden both in our bigness and our not-so-bigness.  It is taking responsibility for our own personal vulnerabilities and landing them within ourselves first and then to our partner in this dance.

The gift of our inner work assists this ebb and flow of excitement and fear.  We have a container that we have etched out for ourselves to be with all the energies and emotions that arise in each moment.  But no matter the amount of previous inner processing, the grist of one-to-one romantic relationality accentuates things about ourselves we may have known, and new ones that pop there heads out when divine timing helps it along.

Beyond ourselves though also lies an experience of other that reflects so much about who and what we are.  That is awesome and scary shit!  What does love what us to see about ourselves through the heart eyes of another?  There is a treasure of trove of goodies to unearth and experience.  The only ‘success’ that is to be found in this exploration is how much were you willing to feel, be real, and let IN.  

This is where our own personal Love Shack comes in.  This is created by meeting and feeling all the parts of ourselves that hold fears, resistances, and despair around love itself.  We go into that Love Shack with the intention of healing our blocks to experiencing the kind of love we were all meant to experience from withIN, to be overflowed and then received back again in ecstatic communion.  As long as the fire in your Love Shack continues to burn and shine, the outcome of any exploration into union is all a part of the path back to Self that never really started and never ends.  

I look forward to digesting more of my exploration as the time feels right.  For now it resides in my own personal space of digestion and experience.  There is a journey to this mate ache that occurs prior to this emerging exploration and I offer my heart to those men that are feeling the rumblings of wanting to come out of romantic hibernation and set the sails toward claiming their own desire for union, or reunion, with their Queen.  It is a very sacred process and one that is held with reverence and compassion.  
Please join us for a group call this saturday, May 13th at 11:11amCST with Raphael and I exploring this ground of sacred union through teachings, a guided meditation (to connect with your sacred feminine and masculine frequencies within and with the higher self of your sacred union mate), and individual sharings:

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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