SoulFullHeart Museletter: Disclosure Process Is Accelerating

This week’s Museletter is busting at the seems from the love that wants to make its way to your heart! The featured article by Jelelle Awen digest the recent crop circle creation in Cley Hill, England.  She takes the meaning in through the SoulFullHeart perspective and applies it to our own personal and collective disclosures of deep healing.  We are all One, and as we each make our own personal journeys we are thereby effecting the greater whole.  The graphic representation shows us that we are all connected in an infinite world and we are being supported by the various beings that have a deep love for us and our ascension.

Included is more information about our call this Saturday at 11:11 CST on Zoom.  We will be discussing the 7 Key areas of life that we focus on in SoulFullHeart and how they are experienced in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions.  If you cannot make this one, more info about future calls is included.

This week we had a huge output of writing and a lot to digest as a community and personally.  A lot is moving and shifting in our world and that can bring up many reactions, both of joy and not so joyous.  It is what gives us the experience to learn and grow from that we then share with you from our open hearts.

There is also a new energy update from Jelelle about how the incoming codes are creating compression points inside of us that are needing to be held and felt to release and integrate into new layers of consciousness.

So from all of us at SoulFullHeart we offer you another week’s worth of our passion and purpose, sprinkled with a ton of love.  Thank you so much for taking this is in each week. If you feel that what we are offering has been giving you much reflection and guidance, we would love to feel your gratitude through a Love Donation through our website or through our Patreon page where you can even offer a monthly contribution.

Have a great weekend and may love continue to work its way into your world!



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