‘Master, What Must I Do In Order To Ascend?’


By Raphael Awen

The Student asked the teacher ‘Master, what must I do in order to ascend?’

The teacher replied ‘The entire universe is ascending all on its own super intelligence. You need only sit on your ass and do absolutely nothing and you will be most sure to ascend’.

The student paused long enough to suggest to the teacher that he had respectfully pondered his reply, and then came back with another question ‘Master, I have done nothing at times and I find myself plagued with boredom. Can you tell me how I might avoid boredom?’

The teacher again responded forthrightly ‘You must act upon all of your desires. Find out what you really want and pursue that to your heart’s desire. This is why you are here. Boredom is simply your heart calling out to you to pursue what you want’.

Now, the student was perplexed at the opposite advice given to him inside of minutes from the same teacher. He truly pondered much longer this time and then in deeper reverence for both himself and the teacher, he asked ‘Master, you have advised me contrarily for my 2 wishes. For my desire to ascend, you have told me there is nothing I can do, and for my desire to avoid boredom, you have told me that I must act on what I desire. Can you help me reconcile this difference so I will truly know peace?’

The teacher replied curtly, ‘Had I known it was peace you sought, I would have sent you on your way and not have advised you at all.’

The student edging towards being offended, said ‘But Master, can you explain this to me? Isn’t peace of mind and heart what we all seek and need?’

The Master turned and made deep eye contact with the student this time, paused to the point of becoming uncomfortable, and then replied ‘If it is peace you seek, you are of no value to me. I have long let go of my expectation for perfect peace, and instead live in the honest tension of what I really want and what I don’t yet have. This is the only kind of enlightenment that I am aware of that is available to be had. I find myself ascending and my deepest needs getting met by being around people who want desperately to have fun; who are not at peace without it; and who have accepted that this is truly the funnest fun.’

The student took this in deeply and in the space opened out by the teacher’s words and heart, he again found his tongue and said ‘You have blown my mind today, but so opened wide my heart. Can you tell me how I might live my way into more of this kind of enlightenment you speak of, Master?’

The teacher replied ‘Yes, you must now become your own Master. You are your own sovereign establishing your own heart kingdom. You have no one to report to or to surrender to, but yourself, as well as no one to blame for the outcomes of your life. If you have fun, it is up to you. If you are bored, it is up to you.’

‘Thank you…’ replied the student, stopping himself just short of adding the word ‘Master’.

The teacher replied ‘And just one more thing before you go…’

‘Yes’ answered the humbled student.

‘Stop asking teachers for their answers as a way to deflect from taking responsibility for your own life, and to deflect from owning your own truth. If you continue this practice, you will most surely not ascend any time soon, and it will be boring as the prisons of hell itself’ added the teacher for good measure.

The student knew to pause here, nod, rather than speak his acknowledgment and to go on his way.

Raphael Awen
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