Natural Disasters As Reflections Of Our Own Harbingers Of Change


Bracing for impact.  This is the mantra for today that circulates the bulk of the news. Irma is making herself known in the United States as She has made herself known in other island geographies. Preparations and choices have been made. Now is the waiting out and responding.  In this moment, individuals are going through their own internal emotional hurricanes, in various categories of energetic amplitude. It is in these moments that we come face to face, heart to heart with what it is that makes us human.

In this way, Irma is a harbinger, a messenger, and an equalizer. She is part of the collective and part of us individually. She triggers us into our deepest fears and our greatest strength. In the depths of the fear we come to terms with our physical mortality. The 3D Self is in a state of tumult as all of the things and relationships that it has attached to are under “attack”.  So much has been done to ensure that what was before will stay the same after.  These are the “Winds of Change” that the 3D Self spends so much energy trying to avoid. It is understandable because there is so much investment in what lies outside, and when that is taken away we are left with what hasn’t been deeply felt on the inside.

Whether we live in Florida or not, we are connected and have our own personal investment in Irma as She activates our Body Humanity.  It is as if our emotional and spiritual bodies have all been joined more consciously these days.  Even if we haven’t been watching the news, the psychic tendrils make their way in.  All of these events are wake up calls.  They remind us that we are a part of this grand consciousness known as Gaia.  We are Her and She is us.  I don’t feel She has sent Irma to punish us. That feels like a punishing God/Goddess story.  She very well may be technologically enhanced, but that too seems to distract us from what she is trying to inform us of in a larger context.

Gaia is ascending and She is inviting us with her. This is going to kick up all the ways that we have been unconscious of what keeps us in 3D.  We have chosen these experiences and will continue to until we choose to heal what it is that we are truly afraid of, that prevents us from letting in the love that wants to upend all places we choose to hide it. It is as if Irma IS Love! How is that for upside down thinking?

Any natural disaster can be viewed in this way.  As a reflection of what it is that is rumbling inside of us.  So many tension points and energetic polarity dances that can create “shit storms” inside of us.  But that of course is how our 3D self would choose to view them.  Our 4D self understands what is going on today.  It sees how this is a going on place.  A chance to feel something alive inside that wasn’t otherwise felt in the day to day machinations of 3D living.  The 4D self is taking stock of what is being lost and what is being gained on the other side.  Maybe this is the final wake up call.  The one that sets the intention to finally let go of the old and feel the loss and mourning of that to make way for something new.  Not to rebuild, but to realign.

These “disasters” are held as sacred events.  They elucidate the core of what it means to be alive and the parts of us that are afraid of deep change, even when they know it is the way to health, growth, and love.  I invite you to feel your own inner Irma’s, Harvey’s, wildfires, earthquakes, and tsunamis today.  What are they trying to offer you in the way toward living your most prized experience of life and love?  What changes are they wanting you to make without leaving your fear buried over? What do you feel like on the flip side?  This is the first step in the journey of a thousand. The blessings are there to be found.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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