Inner Child Awakening Guided Meditation: Video 5 – Deepen 2022 (Video) | Raphael & Jelelle Awen

In this fifth video of our 31-day video series called Deepen 2022, SoulFullHeart Teachers/Co-Creators Raphael and Jelelle Awen introduce you to another important part of your inner family formed during this lifetime, a precious aspect of your BEing called the Inner Child. We share about our experiences of connecting with our own inner children and with clients’ inner children over many years and experiencing their transformation from 3D based inner child to Star Seed to the Divine Orphan aspect that heals more and more into a 5D Divine Child expression.

Through a conscious reparenting process with you as the primary caregiver, you help your Inner Child digest the pains and traumas that remain undigested within them and what they have ‘sponged’ and taken in from family dynamics. Your Inner Protector has served as a temporary and often overwhelmed guardian, providing protection yet often unable to offer the nourishing and nurturing frequencies the Inner Child most needs in order to heal, so you give them support as well to allow deeper access to the Inner Child.

In the meditation today, Mother Mary and Yeshua join us at your Castle to connect first with your Inner Protector. Your Inner Protector receives honoring and acknowledgment for how they have watched over and guarded your Inner Child. You then meet and connect with your Inner Child with their guidance and permission. You digest with your Inner Child which traumatic scenes/memories from childhood that they are stuck in. Mother Mary through Jelelle offers soothing and comforting energies to provide a loving Divine Feminine heart presence for your Inner Child.

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