Energy Update: The Powerful Growth Passage From 10:10 to 11:11 to 12:12

Energy update: I’ve been seeing 11:11 in synchronistic ways a lot lately, especially in the last two weeks….as you may have been too. Our minds can’t always track what these numbers mean, yet the codes they transmit interfaces with our DNA, our light body, our emotional bodies, our soul fields.

1 is of new beginnings, fresh starts, rebirth, and openings. 11:11 is an amplified soul wake UP call, a bridge from your Higher Self to receive what is needed to move into your higher timeline and become your higher timeline self.

The passage through 10:10 to 11:11 to 12:12 is not just about marking linear time….yet what I have experienced and seen in others is actually a three month journey through shadow, through completions, through sometimes sudden deaths and lettings go….even while the NEW is coming in.

10:10 can be uncomfortable in that way, the void is amplified, the transition space, the in-between….here and not there. Illumination CAN be painful, to see what you couldn’t before and life/your Higher Self bringing that mirror in different ways.

11:11 is more activation and sense of the New even as illumination of the ‘old’ is still moving through. Starting to integrate what was seen and felt in the 10:10 portal. Reconciling what was revealed into your heart space, self love and acceptance.

In 12:12 we come into more union, the masculine and feminine, the old and the new are resolving together. Magdalene-Christ Consciousness codes come streaming in to support this. All of this occurring inside of us, from parts of us to each other. And in our relationships as well.

The 11:11 energies we are letting in now also offer bridging to energies that previously brought up fear or resistance. Mostly from within yet also with others. To respond with love, to not defend, yet to have healthy boundary. To say ‘no’ to harm without hate or judgement in your heart. To be connected to your vision and sense of what you REALLY want in your life and speak/act/be from there.

Love to you as we move through this deep passageway of growth and learning and becoming,

Jelelle Awen

Raphael and I will share more about the 11:11 portal and eclipse energies (with my favorite full moon lunar eclipse tomorrow!) in our livestream on my FB feed coming up this Wednesday for our weekly SoulFullHeart livestream at 5:00pm WET Portugal/UK/ noon EDT. We will also offer a brief guided meditation to connect to these 11:11 energies. You can join us live on FB feed and take in the recording there or on our SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel.

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Energy Update: 11/11 Portal Offers Codes, Downloads & Upgrades

Energy Update: Blessings and Love to you as we deepen into and receive this 11/11 portal today! The codes, downloads, upgrades/activations available on these powerful days provide a boost to awaken, to support, to clarify, to motivate, to inspire, to enliven, to encourage, and to catalyze.

The degree and depth you let them in is….as always…UP to you and what you (and parts of you) are ready for and wanting.

You may be feeling today a lightening UP in your heart space, in your physical body, and in your overall energy as well. Prepping to go through this portal felt similar to preparing to giving birth for the several days before it. There was some uncomfortableness, tension, purging, and feeling ‘taken over’ by the process at times. There was also deep diving into the shadow in order to heal and reconcile whatever energies were there.

Giving ‘birth’ to the NEW you during 11:11, you can now BE with the higher frequencies coming in, receiving them into your heart, letting them enliven you.

There were timeline collapses in relationships, in jobs, in money situations prior to this 11:11 portal…starting even a month or more before it as well. This is also being amplified by the great bifurcation that is ongoing with the V. narrative and clear ‘sides’ needing to be chosen even as love for ALL is held in the higher realms. For some souls (and esp. teachers/healers/guides) there are physical body collapses/illnesses, etc. manifesting in order to bring a clear choice point of staying to serve in an embodied way through this dark night transition into the light or returning to a higher dimension with their mission here ‘completed’.

The aftermath of these collapses, the ‘ash in the air’ reality experience of it, is something you may still be going through. Mourning and grieving ARE important, yet too is moving into more trust and joy that ALL loss right now is serving your higher timeline.

Your purpose of serving love is probably becoming clearer. This is meant to clarify with this 11/11 portal as MANY souls will be needed to support those newly awakening and those already awakening and those even leading too! The most important service of love right now could be to yourself and your own healing, so that you can eventually overflow to others from a place of self love and goodness. You are serving then from a place of genuine and embodied overflow, rather than self sacrifice or burden or over responsibility.

Here is a NEW guided meditation with me to 528HZ music providing a prep and then bridge to this 11:11 portal activation and assistance to let in the codes:

Take the space during these 11:11 portal days to go within. To be with the inhale of Gaia and the outflow of the Universe. The inhale of OM and the exhale of Ma (the Divine Mother) is my favorite mantra to feel connected to All That Is and my own heart too. Take the time and space to FEEL yourself, your emotional body flowing like a river, and the deeper emotions that rumble and flow that can be harder to get to.

Reach BEyond your mind and the content and details of everyday to connect with the Divine as the source of YOU and of ALL.

Let in what is offered JUST to you with so much love from your higher self, guides, the Divine……..and feel yourself AS Infinite Love!


Jelelle Awen

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Energy Update: 11:11:11 Codes Still Pouring In, Along With High SOULar Winds

By Jelelle Awen

Still IN the 11:11:11 portal…..opportunities for deeper and realer and MORE touching experiences of higher dimensional energies are continuing strong right now. We’ve also been in a high speed SOULar wind stream for the last two days with wind speeds close to 600 km/sec (‘normal is around 250). This can create a mix of being SUPER sleepy and not here feeling as the higher dimensions tug on your consciousness…..while feeling excited, blissful, and expectant. At the same time….an interesting combination!

Photographer Adrien Mauduit in Senja Norway captured this image of auroras forming into the shape of a phoenix!! Amazing! And we are like this right now through this 11:11:11 portal…..rising from the ashes, bursting into flight. This is a powerful time to rise into your sacred human form in a visceral way that bridges to your 3D self and all parts of you still anchored to 3D realities, still burning in the self created fires of awakening.

Raphael Awen and I hosted a livestream yesterday and spoke a lot about what ‘moving into your highest timeline service of love’ may look and feel like for you. Also, about how to let in and receive as the gifts of doing and becoming this begin manifesting for you.

We also co-led a powerful meditation (at about 23 minutes in) to connect to the 11:11:11 codes of higher timeline manifestation….creating a bridge to have you feel where you are NOW, what may ‘hold you down or back’, connect to your Inner Protector, and also dropping you into what your higher timeline feels and looks like. Seemed to be quite touching for those who took it in. This is it:

Continuing love, bliss, and possibilities of next level mastery of your higher self IN your body!! ~

Jelelle Awen
A powerful week to go within with a bridge provided to you from my heart/soul to yours! I have some openings left for this week! Information about 1:1 sessions with me here: