Mutual Liberation Continues as 4D Reptilian and 3D Human Matrices Switch Over To 5D: Coronavirus UPdate March 20

By Jelelle Awen

With so much being reset in humanity’s 3D Matrix with the Coronavirus seemingly being used a smokescreen to divert from activities that are assisting with this process (as I’ve been sharing about), I’ve been curious about how the Reptilian AI 4D Matrix has been impacted. I checked in with Simone my Reptilian aspect, who has been serving as an ambassador to her species for several years now to help those that are ready to leave the Archonic programming and discover their true essence again. I have also served many women in session space with Simone (who keeps changing her name!) where we have liberated their Reptilian aspects together, unplugging them, and reminding them of their Divine essence. It is always a touching and very inspiring process!

Simone and other Reptilian sisters/brothers offered me reassurance in January that the Artificial Intelligence program that created/projected both the 4D Matrix AND 3D one was being reset and offered to upgrade by a ‘love virus’ to shift its program from suppression and control to liberation. She actually used the word ‘virus’, which I find quite fascinating now! I can see now that their 4D Matrix needed to start shifting first in order for humanity’s to follow afterwards.

I write more here about the Reptilian Self and the 4D Matrix, including a guided meditation to meet your Reptilian Self (a helpful process right now with so much transition going on in both dimensions):

This is what I was offered back in January, “My Reptilian sisters told me that there is a dissolving happening of their One Mind Matrix and many more of their species is choosing to disconnect from humanity and Earth, to let us go….and go to the planet that has been offered to them that fits their make up better. This is significant movement for them and, therefore, for humanity as well. This process of the Matrices of control dissolving on all levels is a significant aspect of our ongoing Ascension process. In 5D, there is no need for control matrices any longer.”

I feel that the letting go of humanity by the Reptilians on a deeper level is what we are seeing now. We are ‘landing’ in our own timeline now, many more souls awakening to the 3D Matrix reality (in whatever ways they are meant to come to that discovery), and that this is already and ultimately leading to a major shift in how we experience daily living toward New Earth/5D frequencies. Now that many more souls (and their Inner Masculine) are freed up from the daily grind of work and staying so busy, they can start to turn inward, connect with their families, begin to ask important questions about the meaning of their lives. Many more souls have the opportunity to awaken as a result of being ‘freed’ from the Matrix in this way.

I have been sharing about a mutual liberation process for a few years now that is needed on both levels, humanity’s reality and the Reptilians, and to move out of an ‘us against them’ polarized consciousness that just keeps us stuck in fighting and battling an ‘enemy that is suppressing us’. As I check in with Simone now, I get the same message. To check in if our consciousness is drifting toward fighting anything, an enemy, or lashing out in outrage. This is easy to slip into as parts of us search for The Answers and The Truth as to what is ‘really going on’ with this coronavirus as it is impacting so many of us at once.

Simone showed me a cozy bonfire in the middle of a battlefield (felt like a lower 4D space). This bonfire is a beacon to those who are ready to come sit by it, receive its warmth, and come in from the cold energies of so many lifetimes of the 3D polarity experiment. It is around a bonfire such as this one that the resolutions and the negotiations can occur. The Reptilians seem to be shifting more into this space while humanity is moving more into the fighting/waking up stage of liberation. I don’t feel any judgement around these phases from the Divine….just the ultimate invitation to move into ambassadorship, peacefulness and centeredness, groundedness in our hearts and beings.

I can also see many light BEings surrounding and supporting this bon fire, energies that I recognize as Arcturian, Pleiadian, and Sirian as well. These BEings are connected to us collectively and intimately as Star Family and can provide a stream of support and reminder of our galactic consciousness during this time of transition. They are beaming in codes of Infinite Love to remind us of our Divine nature.

This is a guided mediation I did offering Infinite Love Ascension codes w/background music that may be helpful:

The energies I am receiving from them is the same as they have been for many years now…They are here, they have never left us, and they deeply desire for us to be free on ALL levels and move into our sacred humanity. They are also inviting those of us who have been woken up to these realities for many years to step into more service and sharing, to be a bridge for those that will understandably be uncertain, afraid, and shocked by what is being revealed and the death/rebirth process of their 3D Self.

Going within to access YOUR soul’s truth, your soul’s support systems, and your higher timeline serves to guide you during this time in the ways that are of the highest good for you and therefore ultimately the collective too. Taking in too much of ‘outside’ perspectives may require going back inward to digest and land back in what you feel is more resonant for you. Landing back in your heart, in your soul, and in love!

Much love to you as this significant reboot/switch over deepens and expands!

Jelelle Awen

Here are all the writings and videos we’ve done about the coronavirus:

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Coronavirus As A Smokescreen For Major Reboots & Mini-Collapses In The 3D/4D Matrix

By Jelelle Awen

When feeling into this current supposed ‘pandemic’ of the Covid-19 strain of coronavirus, there has often to me felt like ‘there is no there there.’ Meaning, I couldn’t sense the substance of it, the heat of it. It felt like air or, rather, a billow of smoke rather than the actual fire. The more tuned in you are to your own authentic reality and your emotional body, the more you can feel when something is ‘real’ versus a fear projection triggered by outside sources.

As I checked in with my guides and some alternative/disclosure/awakened news sources, I could feel the smoke of body death fear start to clear and the trigger in humanity’s collective experience of plagues in other timelines began to dissipate. It is at a peak triggered fear in the moment and so it can be challenging, especially for empaths, to move through this layer in the collective emotional body (and in their own souls) to feel their truths, their hearts, and their purpose to serve love.

Even with the strength of the collective fear energies that are needing to be cleared right now, many awakened souls seem to be remaining in their centers around the truth of love and the bigger picture of Ascension that is going on. This is where the ‘inner work’ foundations really start to become embodied in response to what is needed on the outside.

What I’ve been offered about this virus and what feels true to me is that it is actually a smokescreen. Its purpose is to create diversion so that the next phase and stages of collapse of the 3D Matrix can be implemented without creating even MORE fear and mass panic in the 3D collective. China has an important role in the next phases of rebirth, especially to lead the emerging out of the old money systems (debt based to a new world currency to eventually service-based exchange).

Supposedly there was an attack on China in the Wuhan region from the Cabal, Illuminati that was then needing to be covered up (because of how difficult that would be for 3D mainstream to accept) for which the virus provided the means of doing that and also reason to shut down the entire country to ‘reboot’ the system as it was cleaned up.

Italy was also needing this mass smokescreen as many elite and powerful members of the Vatican are being arrested/detained following the issuing of hundreds and thousands of sealed indictments that have been recorded now for many months. Italy has been a ‘hotbed’ of much of the 3D Matrix beginnings, going ‘back’ to the Roman Empire. The country itself shutting down is a way to cloak these happenings from people while this offers a brand new rebirth for it to emerge out of the ashes. Some of others who are deeply involved in the Cabal (including some celebrities, business leaders, etc.) are apparently also being publicly ‘self quarantined’, which is actually being used to cover their detainment for now.

Other countries now following and falling like dominoes to restrict travel at their borders, declare national emergencies, encourage people to stay at home and ‘self quarantine’ are all aspects of the overall reboot process. When I feel into this, I can feel the actual love for all of us that is going on here even as it can bring up feelings of being controlled, limited, and helpless for parts of us.

It is really up to each of us in terms of what feels right related to going out and even travel at this time as the energies may continue to peak into a necessary fear place in order to purge it (exactly what a virus does.) Being out in public may be uncomfortable for those of us who are very sensitive to energy and remaining in safe places/shelters, doing inner work to feel and clear fear, sending love to the collective as ambassadors, etc. may be how we can best serve as this wave moves through. I am getting the sense that much of this will be cleared in the next few weeks.

This is the time we’ve been waiting and preparing for our entire lives. This is WHY we are here at this time of humanity’s great transition. For those of us who have spent YEARS awakening to these realities, it is time for us to truly step forward to lead and serve love.

The phase of needing much support from and with other resonant souls feels like it is passing now even as it remains an always available life line. It is time to trust your own soul’s bigness and step into the light to guide others in whatever ways you are called to do that.

Many unawakened souls are still in a deep fog about this, believing whatever is told to them, disconnected from the Divine (just temporarily), and in a genuine panic and fear state. Even those who have been awakening can get caught up in the peak fear to whatever degree they are still plugged into the Matrix at the soul, unconscious levels.

Fear is a portal offering a way to self and soul discovery and is not ‘bad’ in that way. It has been a necessary result of this separation experiment from the Divine in order to return back to source again. If you are understandably feeling fear over these changes and the unknown that they bring, becoming compassionately curious about it and going within to feel what parts of you are feeling and what timelines also may be triggered and bleeding through can be very helpful. I wrote more about this here:

Immunity arises from serving love, from moving into your soul’s purpose here, from healing fear from this-life and soul levels too. As you share from this immune place, you are actually offering a vaccine to others who are ready to receive it. This is then the ‘spread’ of a love virus, rather than a fear-based one.

Here is a recent guided meditation and Q & A I did about the coronavirus and the 3D Matrix switch over:

Much love to you as we move into this next level of Ascension… we are called to rise and shine!

 Jelelle Awen

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