March Energies Update: Emotional Clearings, Chakra Activations, Highest Timeline Manifestations

By Jelelle Awen

Onward and UPward we go! These current ascension energies of March can feel like mists of crystalline high vibrational frequencies….like standing on the beach and the liquid vapors reach you on the wind, yet they are made of LIGHT and LOVE rather than water. The misting can be subtle and refreshing. More like hinting at what could BE in your highest timeline manifestation if you continue to let in more love and let go of what isn’t serving you. There is a kind of tingling in the body/skin/top of head with this misting as crystals activate and come to LIFE and turn on and start receiving and transmitting.

Maybe you are brought UP, activated by the sacred masculine into states of near trance, blissed and blessed out, foggy, altered states like feeling like ‘being high’. You are teleporting to other timelines and ‘seeing’ these realities come through. You are crash napping with a sense of much activation going on, yet not able to track it with your mind or really understand it. You are needing to just GO and FLOW with these surges as linear everything shuts down and TRUE mulitdimensional reality, BEyond time, takes over. This probably feels amazing though….a gift, a confirmation of the WORK you’ve engaged with to feel, to let go of what was less than this, to BE with and in love.

These energies can feel more like a swooshing wave, landing on the shores of your chakras, your every living cells, your emotional body. There can be a feeling of being ‘crashed into’ and the emotions coming up to the surface due to cosmic momentum supported by your Higher Self and its goals for you. You are maybe feeling pulled down by the undertow of what has been suppressed or repressed or just put away, stored, until it is safe to actually feel it. These HIGH frequency energies actually make MORE space for these feelings to be expressed as your Witness Self/Authentic Self/Higher Self coming into your body is supported to respond and JUST feel.

Feelings of depression, extreme tiredness, wanting to ‘go home’ and to give up may come up in parts of you that are actually meant to be tired of 3D living and reality. Watered by the SOULar reminders of your bigness and TRUE purpose here, the parts of you that have invested in keeping life safe and small and anchored to 3D reality are just getting weary, sad, and done. This can also be Metasoul (other timeline) aspects experiencing their own intense events that may be leading to death, karmic playouts, catastrophes or just suicidal feelings that are needing to be felt with love.

Feelings of rage and anger too as truth and passion rumble through and UP, ignited by Divine permission to express and digest. Emotional energies that have been stuck are MOVED by love and there is nothing bad or wrong here in this. It is a very natural and necessary process as love sweeps in and through. These more intense feelings may feel unwanted or not desirable to parts of you….yet, if you can embrace them with love instead of resist them, then they can move and digest. More about parts/subpersonalities and Metasoul aspects here:
Trust that these Ascension energies are making more ROOM….in your Higher Heart that allows for MORE experience of Unity consciousness within yourself (from one part of you to another) and with others. Making more room in your chakras/energy field from your Stellar Gateway (your ‘personal sun’) to your root chakras connected to Mother Gaia… that you can experience the activation of your 5D Sacred Human ‘Violetprint’.

Making more room in your emotional body for self love, self worth, self acceptance to organically arise. Making more room in your relationships for authenticity, nourishment, resonance, and intimacy. Making more room in your LIFE for your highest timeline to manifest as it is just there, pulsating, and waiting for you to claim, name, and BEcome it.

These energies are making more room for New Earth in this NOW and the BEcoming of you AS love. Embracing rather than resisting; allowing rather than controlling; feeling rather than numbing allows for the making room process to go and flow.

MUCH love to you as we navigate and BE in these Divine love waves together!



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