BEing with your inner masculine to arise your feminine: Message From Magdalena

By Jelelle Awen with Magdalena



We are sitting on a beach, Magdalena and I……a Golden Earth 5D frequency feeling beach with golden hues and tones around us, golden sparkly everything around and through and AS us. Magdalena is the high vibrational frequency aspect of Mary Magdalene; She feels like an archangel offering a template of our inner queen; the feminine aspect of the inner union.

She offers a caressing energy to us, like the water that nudges gently at our toes and then recedes again. She can crash too like the waves, stirring up our deepest desires even as She invites us into the stillness frequencies of our inner feminine core. I feel gratitude for Her templating of what it CAN BE and IS to embody our sacred femininity.

This is the message from Her today, for this NOW moment during this transition into New Golden Earth for our inner feminine and our inner masculine to take in and receive, to resonate in the ways it is meant to and can…… :

You are BEing. You are a BEing who is BEing. This is your natural frequency, your home. You do not need to ‘return’ to this as you already ARE this.

Your doing arises from this BEing base. It activates from the swell of this pool yet doesn’t really move in another way but rather ARISES in response. You cannot know the difference I am speaking of here; you can only experience it; you can only BEcome it.

Your questions of ‘how?’ related to the manifestation of your deepest desires are meant to arise from this BEing place. Doing wants to answer this question of how, yet it cannot. Doing can only come up with more questions! Only BEing can answer this how question as it DRAWS the answers to respond to and receive.

It is in RECEIVING that the ‘hows’ happen. Receiving the gifts that come from your BEing, from your going within, from your connecting to your soul purpose as BEing service of love. Receiving the love that comes from your BEing-ness as it undulates out in a high frequency broadband signal for all those souls tuned into it to feel and hear and respond to it.

BEing receptive can only come from this BEing home frequency. If you are outward so often, if you are seeking and searching….your capacity to RECEIVE what wants to come to  you is blocked by this energy of going out so often.

Parts of you (your precious male guardian and protectors especially) want to provide what you want to you. They want to seek and gather it so that your deepest yin desires can be met. Yet, their energy of guardedness and protectiveness can only draw the same back again on some level.

BE with these male guardian aspects and your inner matriarch (who is more masculine too.) BE with them in love, with your stillness, offer them this BEing of love to sooth their edges out, to relax them, to allow them breathing and rest from doing anything at all. I, Magdalena, can help with this if you call on me and especially if your inner guardian calls on me as he and I are connected already even though he has probably forgotten this connection. Jelelle, too in her service of love through SoulFullHeart and her Beloveds who offer this, can help with this inner connection process to allow more BEing.

As your inner guardians rest, so your BEing has more room and space to arise, to receive, and to respond as the service of love energy that you ARE. As you are open to feeling your inner guardians, to really LOVING them with all your heart as you would a BEloved mate, so then do their energies BEcome BEloved, cherished, respected, and adored. Their energies become cherishing, respecting, and adoring WITH you as the inner mating happens. THIS is what your inner guardian has really always wanted…to feel this way WITH you rather than ALWAYS being concerned about your safety and if you will be hurt again or not and if he has been protecting you well enough or not.

As you love this masculine within you, as you are patient with this process because it is not a ‘how’ and there is no time limit or deadline on it……then so do you have more access to your BEingness. It is by BEing with that which is NOT BEing that you can then receive MORE and respond MORE As BEing….this makes heart sense, yes?

Love this masculine inside as your BEing wraps around him and so, on a quantum level, you are healing the wounded masculine, the overly protective masculine, in the collective too. As you ARE your BEingness more and more, so you BEcome a BEacon of possibility to ALL women too that they can BEcome this too!

I love YOU so MUCH as you ARE in this moment and for what you will BEcome more and more too as you arise into your BEingness! Please call on me as you need to as I am HERE to serve love with you and I AM you too!

Yours IN love, Magdalena


I’ll be teaching more about this, connecting this process with the work I (and Kalayna Colibri for women under 30) offer to women during SoulFullHeart sessions, leading a guided meditation to connect with Divine Feminine energies such as Magdalena and your inner protector during a woman’s call this Saturday, May 20th if you’d like to join your BEing with ours!:


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine and union facilitator, soul scribe, waySHOWer, galactic love ambassador, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

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