From Fixing To Deep Discovery: An Evolution Of Our Species


With all the current energies coming in and sending our emotional and spiritual bodies into psychic turbulence, there is a real need and desire to find a way to deal with and comprehend it all.  That feels like a big distinction to me.  To ‘deal with’ or to ‘comprehend’.  I remember when I was feeling so much emoto-spiritual pain years ago all a part of me really wanted was to find a way to feel better.  Whatever it took. Looking for band-aids.  But when there is a hemorrhaging going on at the core, a band-aid doesn’t help in the long term.  

There are so many ways that we can manage our internal earthquakes.  I don’t judge them one way or the other. It is what we are using them for that is where we get our power and ‘biggest bang for our buck’ so to speak.  This is where we move from dealing to comprehending.  Where we really want to get to a root of understanding and feeling what and who we are BOTH as emotive and spiritual beings.  

This a new frontier of our evolution.  Not just to fix ourselves to feel better, to alleviate pain, but to actually go IN to the pain.  To navigate the murky, yet beautiful waters of our deeper woundings.  This is not just therapeutic work!  It is not meant to alleviate, but illuminate and generate a new power structure withIN you.  Not just be a victim looking for solutions, but a fully empowered being that is looking for conscious sovereignty.  One who is seeking to unravel a mystery to integrate the gifts that are earned through the sometimes difficult to feel world of exploring the shadow.  

It is through the power of your own authority and the integrity of another’s experience in this journey that a co-creation can arise that brings both into a trust ground that actually brings the kinds of healing your soul is actually calling for.  The kinds of changes that are needed for real growth and sustained goodness rooted in the soil of your shadow.  By feeling the part of you that is protective of your goodies is the key to the further ground of this ever deepening awakening.  

We have all been through our own crucibles and difficult choice points.  We have discovered new vistas inside of ourselves that want to be shared with others and the world.  It is more than just feeling good, it is feeling alive and aware of the vast potential within us that is in ever growing curiosity and expansion.  I feel the amazing growth and awarenesses that have occurred in those that have been in the process of real Self discovery.  I am here to serve that as I continue to be that for myself and my own growth.  It is an open invitation to understand and become more than you ever felt possible.

It is love seeking itself through you and it just needs some help to get to where it wants to be felt, even when it might hurt like hell.  You have someone there to be there with you through it all.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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