Elbow Deep In Finger Paint!


By Raphael Awen

You may be feeling quite advanced in consciousness, from where you once were, or in comparison to others, but in another way, even the most enlightened among us are all a bunch of kindergarteners, playing with crayons and elbow deep in finger paint!

Which is pretty cool as kindergarten was always the funnest part of school.

We are about to take another big collective consciousness trip, through a piece of space and time known by the numerical name as two, zero, one, eight, or two thousand, one hundred and eighteen.

Be sure to get that right because it’s an address, and we want to remain on the same page, and not get lost, …or…, do we?

Maybe we want to go in the other direction and minus a year, call it 2016, but wait, we can’t do that. We’re in a very crowded corridor of people moving in one direction. Looks like we’re going where everyone else is going.

But if we could open our consciousness out of this main stream, we could go anywhere our consciousness wants to take us! I hear my guides gently telling me this and it feels not so gentle at times as well.

‘It is consciousness itself that is moving time and space ITSELF and it is the shared buy-in of all of us that makes it seem all too real’ they tell me.

But real is completely made up. Real is the right of Royals to decree as they choose.

Even consciousness itself is made up, and it in turn makes everything else up, and so we, as consciousness itself are left not being able to see the forest for the trees, or like the fish who doesn’t have much reference for water. Left in our fog and insecurity, it just feels good for now to settle for the safety of making up the same stuff everyone else is making up.

Will 2018 be a year of great change you ask, and if so how?

Your question, which is a bit low on quest, is about where the main stream is going and seeing yourself as limited to that. Okay, in one way, that’s valid as where the main stream goes, does open out some breathing space for our shared collective consciousness that affects each of us, but you are a sovereign ‘individual’ – a duality that can’t be divided. You get to go where you want to, when you want to. A reality and royalty both.

Your duality is like an anti gravity device that makes your own space travel and time travel possible. You are not as tethered to the collective 3D gravitational reality as you think you are. Your wounds are your portals to your essence, that you never lost, but that just got a bit hung up in the door upon entering this domain.

2018 can literally take you wherever you want to go.

The conditioned mind brings up protests like ‘if that were true, I’d long be somewhere else right now,’ while the heart is asking you to feel an invitation into a new possible reality, one that you will create, one that you can walk into, one step at a time, feeling all there is to feel at every step.

Your Higher Self chose this journey through space and time, a very weird and altered reality, to your essence, and the weirdest thing about it all is how graduated and gradual it is. It all arises in a reality of steps. You step through space and you step through time – weird freakin’ stuff man! The whole intention, however, wasn’t a reduction of your essence, but an expansion on it! You didn’t fall from grace, as our religions once taught us, as well intentioned as they were at the time, you fell into grace! This is the phase step of the new religion knocking on our door Now.

Asking about what will change in the external is a question void of the awareness of how even this question itself is shaping a reality for you, seeing yourself as a victim of life, shaped by life, rather than seeing how you are shaping life, right now.

Life is asking what you will change this next year. Life is waiting on you. You’re the deal here.

All the gravitational pull of the entire too familiar 3D reality isn’t enough to hold you back from your creation, It’s actually a necessary part of your creation, part of your navigation and maneuverability through time and space.

Stepped out in your consciousness are veritable time capsules of your being; stored so beautifully in your psyche; the emotional aspects of you that formed in reaction to human life. These reactions, these wounds, if you will, wounds from the trauma of entering this reality, as a culture shocked foreigner having come from another reality are virtual portals back to this essence. If part of you freeze framed in reaction to entering here, that means that part of you holds what it held at the moment of trauma, and that goodness needs your help to get through the door. It’s still there, as intact as it ever was.

Go back and take THAT through the door and see what life looks and feels like on the other side of that door. When your done with one door, go on to the next.

I’m gonna pause now, as I’m all out of finger paint for the moment…, I think it’s nap time. 🙂

Raphael Awen

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