Sunset Codes Available For Sacred Union Activations & Healing The Wounded Feminine

By Jelelle Awen

These Sacred Union codes activating since the Super Moon last Sunday are amazing, soft, like a ‘spa day’ to let in….especially during sunset and with your partner if you are with one. Or if not, to let in to all parts of you. Christiel and Magdalena serve as Sacred Union guides to balance the Divine masculine and feminine withIN first and primarily. You may also experience them as ‘pushing up oil’ from the emotional body, especially related to emotional wounding connected to your gender expression, relationships, sexual abuse, etc. THIS ground is so ripe and in collective need of healing!

I was able to take these codes in yesterday at the beach during sunset for the first time in a few days as I have been so passionately focused on serving in sessions everyday, various SoulFullHeart projects, and birthing/putting together my new book baby, Bliss Mess: Wonders and Challenges of Ascension (to be released on January 1st, 2018). It has also been the time before my moon/menstrual cycle and these codes seem to be INtensifying the premenstrual symptoms. I have felt this before; how the codes amplify hormones and also the cellular clearing continues of the all years of ‘pain’ associated with our monthly cycles. There is something so importantly and quintessentially feminine about our moon cycles though and surrendering to the experience of it all (even the discomfort) brings in this new kind of stillness, rest, and often, I find, huge bursts of creativity.

During session space with women recently, I’ve been feeling and digesting and transmuting with them of the wounded feminine in more intensity, the playouts of this in this life choices (stemming usually from Metasoul other lifetimes/timelines and karmic binds) of sexual abuse and/or repeated patterns of toxicity in relationships with men, plus the subsequent blocking/filtering of feminine sexuality to keep it ‘safe and preserved.’ In our SoulFullHeart process, we start with the Inner Protector, a masculine part that has HAD to come in to protect and form shields and preserve the inner feminine (and in men too). Negotiation with this Protector opens up access to the TRUE feminine to arise, often through connection with the Inner Teenager part, who holds so much of our budding sexuality, romantic fantasy, passion, and creativity. More about these parts

My heart, my womb, my yoni just FEELS the heaviness and sadness playouts of all this wounded feminine gender expression. I feel her cries, her preciousness, her desires. I feel GREAT compassion for it as I have walked (and continue to walk and hold) this ground within myself and my Metasoul. This work of healing the wounded feminine so She can arise is SO important. Not to just transcend or bypass into priestess frequencies or feminine warrior. Yet, to BE with the sensitive, the vulnerable, and the precious. I am honored to serve it through a process that works to transform and heal her. I am honored to Be her. I am honored to Be in a sacred union where my feminine is watered so consistently and lovingly so I can share from the overflow!!

Raphael and I will be sharing tomorrow about these sacred union codes, the inner union and sacred union, connection with your Protector, Teenager, and other parts, and more during our monthly group call at 11:11am.Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri (pictured in their USness glow below) will also be teaching and sharing! Go here for more info:


Jelelle Awen is a Soul Scribe, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond.

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