Ascension Process Reveals Hollywood’s Shadow, The Pain, And The Potential Healing

 By Jelelle Awen
I didn’t watch the Oscar’s last night as I don’t have television and haven’t for many years. I was tracking it though as these kinds of events are a good marker and sign of how the ongoing disclosure and Ascension process is playing out in mainstream consciousness. I’m not sure if Hollywood is really ‘mainstream’ though as it feels more like 4D….in a ‘bubble’ of pretended realities, alternative dimensions made up by the imagination/third eye, isolated and insular with wealth and influence that most of us can only imagine. It has felt like a castle up on a hill shrouded in glittery clouds that us ‘common people’ get to go visit on ‘special’ occasions when the King and Queen allow.
Part of me used to track celebrity gossip, relationships, behind the scenes dynamics for many years. I feel it was a replacement for a sense of lacking glamour in my own life. It was a way to project onto ‘celebrities’ all the ways that parts of me felt ordinary, boring, and my daily life to be unglamorous. It was also an anchor to a lower 4D reality that I was increasingly moving out of. I also have always had a very rich imagination and third eye capacities to create scenarios and communicate with spirit guides and Higher Selves, so I would project scenes and play them out in my bedroom during my childhood….just as I feel actors do too.
Actors may mostly be pre-awakening, and yet, too, they are not exactly anchored to 3D reality in so many ways. Their acted-out scenes probably feel more ‘real’ to them than everyday reality. Their characters represent parts of themselves that may be in shadow or more suppressed. They bring in and channel Metasoul frequencies from other timelines to play the archetypal roles of the King, Queen, and Warrior. I think parts of me could relate with this torn-ness, sensitivity, and desire to transcend the ordinary. I could relate to these feelings that what is imagined is more REAL than what is presented as reality….and it seems many people can too.
3D is ultimately dissatisfying to the soul. It is MEANT to be, as a temporary experimental consciousness that we are ‘trying on’ for awhile to see how it fits us. For those of us awakening out of it, 3D reality has never been ‘enough’ and we’ve found ways to compensate for that…sometimes in ways that are healthy for us and many times in ways that may not be. Hollywood feels to me like a big compensation for 3D……a lower 4D reality with its own play outs of heavens and hells. Its own versions of Dark Nights and Awakenings. Not just on the big screens either, yet, now, dramas and traumas in the back rooms and the boardrooms and the ‘casting couches.’
The aura of Hollywood glamour and seeming ‘untouchability’ has been permanently pierced with the Metoo and Time’s Up movements. The emotional immaturity and polarization between the masculine and feminine (that exist in our collective consciousness and within each of us) is revealing the underbelly of itself in increasingly bright lights. The veil is lifting to show the inner monsters that need our love and forgiveness. The spotlight is shifting to illuminate the pain that can no longer be ignored. And even those who have been more pretenders than authentic are HAVING to get more real as outrage replaces complacency; honesty replaces politeness; uniqueness replaces conforming; feeling replaces suppression.
Some actors (such as in the photo) are now becoming more ‘famous’ for what they are willing to be vulnerable and honest about in their real life experiences than what they have portrayed on screen. That THIS is becoming more interesting and touching to more people is a good sign of our collective ache to FEEL. This is a phase of outrage and anger, yet, eventually, it feels like it will move inward to compassion and forgiveness of the wounded masculine that abuses, punishes, and manipulates inside of us and therefore expresses on the outside.
What is shaking up in Hollywood feels to me as a sign of the ongoing Ascension process. It may not be as obvious as what is transforming in your inner and outer worlds as a soul who is in a further along phase. Yet, it still shows that ALL of us are being impacted by these influxes of love and light energies….even those seemingly so removed from it all in their isolated and seemingly more superficial worlds. ALL of us are being invited to be real, to feel, and to heal with love available to support the personal and the collective disclosures that are necessary to move into the NEW.
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Arrival Offers Profound Messages About Consciousness And Alien Communication: SoulFullHeart Movie Review

By Jelelle Awen


She places her hand, palm up, on the glass, eager for contact, eager to feel the energy of the extraterrestrial being on the other side. She is trusting her intuition that she will be all right and the admittedly very strange looking being will not hurt her. All she wants is to communicate, to bridge the gap between what is expressed and what can be understood. She has already taken off the protective outer shell, the hazmat suit that the military made her wear. She is bare faced and open-hearted, ready to be an ambassador of what is unknown into the known.

She is Dr. Louise Banks, a lonely linguist played by porous actress Amy Adams, in the movie that we saw last night called Arrival. Arrival is the story of transformations that happen (both personally and collectively) to Louise and the global community when communication is initiated after alien spacecrafts land in 12 places around the world. Louise is an expert of language and communication and it is through her out-of-the-box and intuitive, feeling-based, yin- approach that the most successful communications and connection happen with the E.T.s. In contrast to Louise’s trust in the E.T.’s benevolent nature is the growing fear and suspicions of the military men around her and other countries such as China and Russia.

I wanted to write about this movie because I was personally guided to go see it as it would hold messages for me related to the awakening clarities that are happening for me and my roots and ties particularly to the Archturians. One of the messages I received from the movie related to the sense of help and goodness that many E.T.s have toward humanity, many gifts they would like to share with us, and their ultimate desire for co-habitation with us here on Gaia (once it is in higher fourth or fifth dimensional vibrational frequency so they can be here and so the shadow-based, negative entities and E.T.s are no longer able to resonate here). It was a message of trusting our heart’s intuition when relating with Ethereal and Extraterrestrial beings….to feel out if they are polarized to fear or polarized to love.

The other message from this movie is about non-linear time and non-linear language, both of which reflect the E.T.s consciousness level in the movie (which is at least fifth dimension or higher). As we move more out of 3D and even 4D, the true nature of our relationship to existence will emerge as being not of the past, present, or future yet truly of the NOW in which all things are happening in the same frame. The movie beautifully demonstrates how experiencing life more in the now impacts our personal decisions and our experience of our reality through a very touching story about Louise, another character, and her daughter.

The language of the E.T.s in the movie is not linear (one word after another), but rather circular, able to convey many concepts in the same moment. This also is a reflection of higher consciousness communication, which also will forego spoken or written language at all and be mostly telepathic. The movie touchingly showed how language can be unifying rather than polarizing, depending on where it is coming from.

It feels as if movies like this and T.V. shows are preparing us subconsciously and in the collective unconscious for more open contact and communication with non-human beings. More and more encounters are going to be happening as the forces that have been suppressing and keeping these realities veiled are collapsing (these forces are called the Cabal, the Illuminati, New World Order, in collusion with reptilian races (sometimes called Archons) and the Grey aliens. There is much more information about this shadow-based group at (David Wilcock) and other sources such as Bernhard Guenther, David Icke, etc.

The veil is lifting, consciousness is ascending, and love is moving us all into a brand new era.

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Vegucated: A SoulFullHeart Movie Review


By Christopher Tydeman

If we really want our future generations to live in a clean and sustainable home, we must stop this meat addiction. 

I was asked to do a movie review by Jillian, which brought me back to the more serious and heart-centered side to my journey into a vegan lifestyle. I saw a documentary last April titled, Vegucated, and just watched it again on Netflix. I remember watching the movie Forks Over Knives several months earlier but was not as moved to action as I was with this film.

The premise of Vegucated is to educate about the importance of a plant-based diet in regards to health, but it takes it a step further to address the environmental and ethical impacts of animal factory farming. The film’s creator makes this a human story by taking three different previously meat-eating people on a vegan journey for six weeks. They are introduced to vegan foods, travel to witness factory (and family) farming practices, and learn about environmental degradation that is a result of our increased animal farming needs.

At the time I watched this, I was already a vegetarian but still ate fish and eggs. I became vegetarian initially for health reasons, but also was feeling into the spiritual aspects as well. After watching Vegucated, all of this just clunked inside me, big time. My heart was open and I felt the emotional and ethical ramifications in not going all the way. Like the people in the movie, I was transforming. I could not consciously continue half-assed.

 Of course, like those in the film, it has been a transition. A part of me still missed meat and eggs. They represent my childhood and past social gatherings. They were a way a part of me felt love from my mom and dad. Memories of barbequing with my father and having breakfast made by my mother. They also represent societal acceptance. If you don’t eat meat you are considered odd, or a communist. These are emotional connections we have to our food. I have “cheated” a few times. It is all part of a transition. We must negotiate with parts of us or else we are just paving over their emotional needs. To be honest, it hasn’t been all that difficult because of that negotiation. I have had a burger once since I became vegetarian and fish and chips a couple of times since choosing to be vegan. I met a need with a negotiation and the desire for those foods is on its way out the door.

Watching Vegucated a second time really allowed me to let in the environmental impact that increased animal farming is having on our planet. This is no small truth. If we really want our future generations to live in a clean and sustainable home, we must stop this meat addiction. That is exactly what it is…an addiction. We do not need animal protein. It was necessary for a part of our evolution, but somehow it got stuck in our collective consciousness that we are carnivores. So the more people that inhabit this planet, the more meat is produced. More meat means more space needed to graze, more water, more methane, and on and on. Along with our dependence on oil, we have a dependence on animal protein. Both will have huge impacts if we don’t turn it around. This is not crazy talk. It is just plain science.

 Okay…a part of me clearly needed to vent. Thanks for taking that in. I feel I am preaching to the choir in this blog, but if you know someone who is not sure about this whole vegan consciousness, have them watch Vegucated. If you are vegetarian, you may want to do the same just to feel the parts about dairy, fish, and eggs. It will change you. I promise. If there are other documentaries you know about I would love to hear about them.

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Meat The Truth: A SoulFullHeart Movie Review


By Christopher Tydeman

After my last movie review, I ended with a passionate interest in the environmental impacts of factory farming. I spent some time doing some research and found a documentary titled, Meat the Truth. It curiously asks why Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, neglected to mention that the biggest contributor to greenhouse gasses is due to the full scale farming of animals for food. Feels a bit inconvenient when you are a cattle rancher and have friends in high places. Though, to be fair, I have read he is advocating for less meat in our diets due to the connection of food production and environmental impacts.

 The film illustrates this connection with interviews of scientists and current and former ranchers. It also uses a LOT of analogies which are hard to wrap your head around sometimes. What I did come away with are a few important points. It takes a considerable amount more resources to produce one pound of meat in relation to one pound of wheat. The methane production from cattle is off the charts. The amount of land needed to grow feed is increasing, which means less trees. There is no defined management system of the waste produced, which is WAY more than what we humans produce and we have an extensive waste management system.  This waste then pollutes our water supply.

 This impacts us and our planet. You don’t have to be an agricultural scientist to see that. From a spiritual place, this is disheartening. Not only are we maiming and murdering hundreds of thousands of animals each year, we are aiding in the degradation of our planet. How have we closed our hearts to this? A part of us, or even more than one, has been formed to adapt to the status quo. Not to question, just accept. I am not judging this part of us. It has done so for its own need for survival. I feel for this part.  It is hard as hell to go against the norm when you just want to be accepted.

 So this part uses “reason” to fight against what is truly reasonable. To fight for an industry of death even though our very nature is an industry of life. It is an awakening to feel the lie that this part has had to agree to just to feel accepted. It is painful, but when this part gets to be felt, it can let go of the postulating. It can feel what is real and true in our soul. It is a new frontier of compassion and sacred activism to stop the barbarism and destruction.

SoulFullHeart feels life as all-connected. What we do to the animals and our planet, we do to ourselves energetically. Each choice we make reverberates in the web of life and the Divine. I choose to love myself and in turn love all life. I don’t eat meat anymore. I feel the spiritual price and it is too great. I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle for physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The main thing I got from this movie is that one small change makes an enormous difference. This leads to other small changes which have even bigger results. We can damn near change the world by just taking small steps to changing what we eat. And a part of me says…that’s pretty fucking cool!

Christopher Tydeman has been embracing the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life off and on since August, 2010. He is a SoulFullHeart facilitator and healing arts facilitator at SoulFullHeart retreats.

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Petropolis: Stopping The Tar Sands

Every Canadian…every consumer of gas, should watch Petropolis, a film from Green Peace that offers a stunning aerial perspective on the Alberta tar sands. There’s very little narration as miles and miles of scarred, gouged, poisoned, and stripped land are juxtaposed against pristine and breathtakingly beautiful images of the still untouched acres of the Boreal Forest.

The abuses of our land, of our planet, so poignantly demonstrate how we are out of balance as a species- expressing our male shadow side…..achievement-based, short-sighted, dominating, and greedy….following urges and unchecked impulses in masochistic and saddistic ways without feeling compassion, remorse, or the bigger context of the impact it has on our world and the world our children will inherit from us.

While watching this film, I often gasped, near tears, “How can we let this happen to our earth?”, shocked by the destruction and devastation depicted in the images. Wayne replied (also disgusted but less shocked because he had seen these tar sand images before), “Out of sight is out of mind for most people. Remember too that the Tar Sands are a really lucrative industry for Canada.”

This film puts what is out of sight into the mind and, hopefully, into the heart and into the awakening consciousness happening around the world. Yes the demand is there for fossil fuels and it can be answered this way…but at what long-term cost for such temporary gain?

Information below is from the film’s website about the dangerous effects of this relatively new and expensive (the cost much beyond a financial one) means of meeting the world’s demands for and ever decreasing supplies of oil:

Located beneath 4.3 million hectares of boreal forest in Alberta, Canada, the tar sands are a mixture of sand, clay and a heavy crude oil called bitumen that is either mined in open pits or extracted from underground by injecting superheated water.

Getting the oil out of the tar sands uses roughly three barrels of water per barrel of oil, or as much water as a city of two million people. After use in tar sands processing, 90 per cent of this water is so contaminated with toxic chemicals that it must be stored in tailings ponds so huge that they can be seen from outer space.

Tar sands oil production releases five times more greenhouse gases than conventional oil production. Tar sands projects will release an estimated 40 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2007 and ensure that Canada will continue to be one of the worst greenhouse gas emitters per capita in the world. – From Petropolis

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