Energy Update: Interplanetary Shock Wave Brings Collective UPgrades

Interplanetary SHOCK wave came in last night on April 19th that quadrupled the density of the SOULar winds that were flowing in and around Gaia. The magnetic fields near these winds intensified 10 times what they were…opening up the way for a stronger geomagnetic storm. There may have been a SOULar flare connected to this (a coronal mass ejection or CME)….probably would have been minor, yet enough to cause the shock wave. LOTS of plasma released with these energies which usually means and leads to UPgrades!

With UPgrading like this, you may experience mega sleepiness and just HAVE to crash, cannot remain conscious and walking around. I just ‘slept’ 13 hours!! Yet, it was not just sleeping, it was journeying, it was visiting Star Family for a kind of conference and supportive talk. It was also lots of astral self travel, connecting and networking with souls that are in common soul purpose of serving love with me.

All this sleeping came after a POWERFUL and wonderful experience during the Enlightened Loveheart & Soul Show appearance that Raphael and I did yesterday with Crystalline Diamondloveheart as our host. I could feel the expansion of our souls to hold and reach and transmit to a wider audience, which is part of the manifestation of our highest timeline here as galactic ambassadors. The show was a wonderful dance of resonance, personal stories, explanation of SoulFullHeart process, and even a brief guided meditation that I led to meet your Protector! We will sharing the recording of it on youtube too, and you can become a member of her radio show’s community and receive all the replays of her shows automatically here:

My guidance this week from Star Family has been that today, April 20th, would offer a collective opporTUNITY for connection on a deeper level to your 5D self or Higher Self consciousness coming into your body. Even those souls that are not yet awakening will feel ‘different’ or ‘altered’ today. If they follow the bread crumbs that their higher self leaves for them, they could start going down the path of awakening TODAY, whatever that means for them! You may be asked questions from souls that previously haven’t seemed interested in your ‘spiritual interests’ or disclosure or ascension. Being open hearted and warm and compassionate toward them benefits YOU too. Becoming a bridge will be a more regularly occurring activity for all of us.

Today, with this extra BOOST of plasma and geomagnetics, you can open up and receive more star DNA upgrades in particular. Also, there is an invitation to feel whatever remains in shadow in your emotional body that wants your love and attention to move out of resistance and fear. These energies help to illuminate that for sure! I shared this yesterday too but it seems so timely….guided meditation to meet your shadow aspects in a gentle and loving way:

This is a day to be very gentle with the physical body….probably lighter eating, more sleep, less stress, less outbound activities if possible… matter what your ‘schedule’ might offer you were meant to do today. A good day to go deeply inward, for hours even, into drift space, into meditative space, into the inner realms even if you cannot connect consciously to what is ‘happening’ to you as you do this. Good day to shut off the mental body for awhile and just float….on Gaia if possible.

One of my beloved Star Family guides offers this message to share, “Hello to all of you brave Gaians who are ahead of the curve in this ascension movement! We celebrate you souls who have chosen in this timeline to experience the ascension of your every living cell and Gaia’s too. We honor you souls who have chosen to become Christed, become Crystalline, become galactic, WHILE retaining and amplifying the BEST of what makes you human. Your capacities for human compassion and forgiveness now can extend to YOURSELF first. And then create a bridge to others with your glowing and flowing self love heart.

These energies from the cosmos support this inner awakening, this inner reclaiming, this inner reunion of all the parts that need you inside. Your star family is there to help you and serve you in this process, when you are ready to reconnect with them.

We are WITH you as you go through all this change and transition. We are WITH you as you transition into your sacred humanity. We celebrate the newness of what you are even as we remind you of the VAST ancientness of your BEing.

We are WITH you in love and for love as you navigate this journey into BEcoming and BEing!! ~

MUCH love from me and my star family to you and YOURS!!

Jelelle Awen
For support/guidance/deepening of a bridge to your inner world, I offer a 1:1 bridging session for women and for men with Raphael. I have a few slots open for the weekdays next week. More information here:
This aurora pic was taken last night by S. Evans from Big Bay, Michigan.

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