Recreating HIStory: The Journey Of Healing The Heart And Soul Of Men

This is the first in a series of writings that I am feeling guided to share about my personal, yet very collective, journey into the shadow of the masculine heart, and the soul aspects that are contained within. The purpose is to feel and heal what has still been hidden around power and leadership in the service of Love to Self, romance, community, humanity, and Gaia. I look forward to any engagement that you may feel guided to express along the way. You can even recommend a place for me to go that may have some significance for you. I feel this is a co-creative journey between myself and those that take this in. You can find the beginning of the series at


Our imagination is the portal to our healing and our greatness. It is the receiver and transmitter of our multidimensionality. The stories we create, witness, or both, bring us into a relationship to our selves and our other lives living in this Current of Now. There is no knowing whether these stories are “true” or not in the 3D scientific way. They are just embraced and felt. It is the feeling of the story that brings us to the precipice of healing.

This can be difficult for many men, myself included, to lean into the intuitive imagination as a guide to where the healing lies. It has direction but it is rarely linear. A more skeptical part of us may have a hard time just trusting what is being seen, or even ‘seeing’ at all. And then, of course, is the fear of witnessing what we may not want to see. A hidden or repressed reality that lives within us in our consciousness in protected and/or locked places in our heart and soul.

My journey has taken me into a deeper realm of my unconscious, my shadow. It has been centered around truth-telling and care-taking. In my initial explorations, I could feel a deeper distrust of my own power in relation to others, women, and life itself. This comes from a part, or parts, of me that feel to keep a lid on the volcano within in fear of what it may expose, or harm.

When I felt more into it, I could sense a collective male dimension to it. The over-expression and under-expression of true male power. There was a feeling of many timelines where power was abused and lorded over. It was both claimed and given away. It feels like a necessary journey for any man to come face-to-face with his own conqueror, demiurge, and killer, as well as the dominator and suppressor of the feminine.

This is not to assume singular responsibility of guilt for the collective, but rather to feel where power and love were not aligned with each other in our HIStory. Where do we have brothers in our soulscape that are experiencing the horrible events that have caused so much suffering and death? Where have we felt deep shame and guilt that have caused our truth to remain contained in the depths of our being?  

This is a cosmic rebalancing act of ambassadorship. A quantum, multidimensional service of love. I feel to stop here and let this digest as I have written more about a meditation experience that I had with Raphael and Jelelle recently. It is proving to open out the possibility of a longer arch of writing that will focus on the journey of discovering and feeling the heart and soul of men. Feels like a big thing to take on but I can follow the feminine in me telling me to take it one step at a time.

To be continued…..

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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3 thoughts on “Recreating HIStory: The Journey Of Healing The Heart And Soul Of Men

    1. Thank you for these beautiful words and the share, Eliza. ❤ I am honored and grateful that others will get to see this.

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