Energy Update: Receiving And Letting In Love As SOULar Winds/Geostorms Come In

By Jelelle Awen

We are receiving love from the Divine in the form of increasing SOULar winds in the moment (up to mid 400s km/sec.) We are receiving love in the form of active geomagnetic storms today and tomorrow (7/20 and 7/21) bringing in Auroras in high altitudes.

We are receiving sacred masculine activations from the coronal ‘holes to make us whole’ in the sun’s surface. We are receiving divine feminine energies from Gaia’s vibrational frequency rising and in flux.

We are receiving love in the form of being PREPPED for the total lunar eclipse coming one week from now and the Lion’s Gate on 8/8. We are receiving love in the form of signs and visits and connections with our galactic star family, especially from Sirius.

These cosmic/energectic/galactic transmissions may not always feel like love to parts of you. The next level UP invitation that these energies offer can bring up feelings of resistance, tension, and anxiety too. This resistance is sometimes the pain and aches in the body. It is the not able to sleep tightness. It is the ‘past life’ memories that can haunt and feel like ghosts. It is the repeating patterns and cycles of toxic/abusive/unfulfilling relationships.

Letting in these UPgrades AS the love they are asks you to create a bridge from your heart to the parts of you that are lagging behind, stuck in fear. These energies lift the veil so you can become conscious of the other timeline karmic playouts in your Metasoul and how they impact/overlay your timeline now. These energies invite you to remember what your Metasoul has chosen over and over as lessons and learning and what you are ready in THIS lifetime to heal beyond. More about parts/metasoul aspects here:

This going from 3D consciousness to 5D IN the body is a new journey for us. Our soul aspects/fragments in other timelines/lifetimes are tracking what is occurring here and how we flow with it. Our star families from many galaxies/dimensions are witnessing too.

We are invited to let in the LOVE that this ALL is on so many levels and so, in this letting in, connect to the deeper/bigger/important process that is happening here. I felt to share this message that I received a year ago from my guides/Metasoul aspects….an invitation to ongoingly LET IN LOVE!


“Let In love. Let it into the places that are needy, that have felt almost greedy and TOO hungry in their need for it.

Let In love…creating a loving place inside for the parts of you that have been too afraid, peeking behind doors and hiding in the shadows, to come out and receive.

Let in love. You’ve given SO MUCH to others. When is it your chance and your turn to receive? What else can you give when you truthfully feel empty inside at times?

Let in love. You deserve it……even as you’ve received so many messages that offer that you don’t and that you are wrong or off or not enough or not worthy.

Let in love. As you and TO you and from you…this is the source of love that can never leave, never go, never abandon, never shut off. YOU are the Infinite love source that you have always been seeking and looking for from others.

Let in love. Feel the places inside that protect and guard, that keep loves flow modulated and paced….because they are afraid to let go and afraid for more pain. These parts of you are so loyal, they need to feel that it is OK to let go into love again, they need to feel that you are there now to be in the flow WITH them and no one will drown.

Let in love. You are a love sponge….you forgot this, only because you became too dry to remember and so changed your requirements of love to fit this. Your capacity to let in is infinite and boundless, ever wanting more AND able to give more too.

Let in love. It is the next piece, next step, the call to answer and BE in ascension and to GO into the next place of sacred humanity that is calling you forward.

Let in love and you will find, over and over, that MORE love answers you and you are able to GIVE and serve love so much more too. It is not a finite amount to offer, yet infinitely bountiful and it is YOUR time to receive.”


Image is by Dreamstime


Jelelle Awen
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