Purpose And Meaning Guided Meditation: Video 25 – Deepen 2022 (Video) | Raphael Awen & Gabriel Amara

In this twenty-fifth video of our 31 day video series called Deepen 2022, SoulFullHeart Teacher/Co-Creator Raphael Awen is joined by SoulFullHeart Teacher/Facilitator Gabriel Amara as we explore Sacred Masculine Awakening in this second of four videos within the Deepen Series

In this video, we discussed:
*How a human embodiment requires purpose and meaning and how needing purpose and meaning isn’t some ego attachment to be transcended in the name of a higher frequency or some kind of spirituality.
*That we are created as and by purpose and meaning and that our journey is ever ongoing in remembering that, discovering that, and how that changes as we move through ascension. We are not out looking for a purpose, but rather remembering the one encoded deep within.
*We spent some time feeling what a 4D expression of purpose and meaning can take on a big warrior kind of stance battling for freedom from the tyranny of the oppressors from whom we must wrestle back our freedom, and then compared that to what to a 5D expression of purpose and meaning looks and feels like in contrast where we move into a love-ambassador stance of being.
*We also discussed what role a community plays in purpose and meaning, how we can’t really embody purpose and meaning in any way as a lone wolf, even as we all have phases of needing a lone wolf kind of experience.

In the guided meditation portion of the video, Gabriel and Raphael:
*Lead you into your purpose and meaning room, where you find your personal akashic record imprint of your purpose to see what you are ready to see and feel.
*We then looked at a future self version of you expressing in purpose and meaning.
*And then we felt the gap between where you are today and where your future self is expressing.
*We then exited this room into the full light of day to take in the light codes to support this awakening.

You can watch each video in the Deepen 2022 playlist on our SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZWeBviA18Y&list=PLNmrHdaQSAvJPnLzbEKl4OsQBXBYw2XwI

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