Beyond Peak Duality: Claiming Your Sacred Humanity


During these ascending times, you are being invited to claim your truest essence as sacred humans.  To claim your fullest expression that is void of limitations and impossibilities.  You are not being asked to leave your humanity behind, but rather to take all that you have learned during your time here in this dimension to fully inhabit something new that you get to add in Love’s quest to know, feel, and explore Itself.  

There is something in you that “knows” you are not all that you could be and ARE in this moment.  It is a heart and soul knowing. It is in your cells and DNA.  It is just what you are and all you can do is choose not to BE it.  That is a claim.  That is a choice based in your free-willed creative power.  OR you can choose to claim the greatest expression you can possibly dream of.  You can claim the Love that is reigning over you…as much as you can let in.  To truly claim the depth and breadth of this you must feel your own reverence as a human BEing.  

Being human can and has been felt as a prison sentence to some souls as the weight of this dimension has had its effects.  It trials and tribulations.  In this state of Peak Duality, separation had been the only game in town for many.  But now the tides are turning in Love’s favor.  We are literally propelling back toward higher consciousness with Gaia as our cruise ship. It is at this time that you came to heal all the karma and blocks that keep you apart from your true essence as a sacred human.  To claim that you are God, the Universe, and Infinite Love there is a bit of doubt and unworthiness that must be felt to clear the decks for Love from multiple sources to make its way in.  
You are being asked to BE on equal footing as angels, star beings, other aetheric energies, and even God Itself for you ARE all of them and they you.  This is a big pill to swallow and it is the process of claiming that brings you the healing you need to open up to what Metatron with Jelelle has referred to as Conscious Dualism and Sacred Humanity.   To be in a state of feeling the Oneness with All That Is while at the same moment feeling our individual expression within the Dual.  To revere your guides, angels, and star BEing family while at the same time letting in their reverence for you in all that you have been through and get to experience in this kaleidescope dimension of extreme variation of expression and feeling.  There is a birthing of something new for all of us in this magical connection and reunion.  We are not being saved.  We are being united as One.  That is a pretty cool picture but one that takes claiming and healing.  I look forward to the new vistas and magical possibilities that this continued expansion and reuniting will bring for all of us in the new world of higher dimensional consciousness…oh, yeah..and Love too.  🙂  

Gabriel Heartman is a facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at

Open Letter To My Star Being Selves


I was inspired by Leena Colibri‘s post on facebook around the message she received from her Star selves. I wrote a letter, which is a tool we use in the SoulFullHeart process to connect to aspects of ourselves. Well, our Star selves ARE an aspect of us so what a perfect way to connect. I highly recommend it and see what you get back. Thank you Leena for this heart portal.

To my dearest Star Selves,

I am sending out my heart call to you in reverence and desire. Desire to connect with you and an ache to be One with you. I have spent much time upon this earth remembering my way back to you. Back to the Glory We were and Are. I am healing my heart to let you back in again. To open my eyes to you. To be fully in Joy with you. Shedding the illusion of Us as we are all I in the end. I open my vessel to receive your healing light. To open my vision beyond that which I have forgotten that I could truly see. To open my heart that I can feel the Love that washes itself upon my sacred earthly temple. I do remember you. I ebb and flow in moments of doubt and uncertainty only to be guided to feel that it is all part of the dance with you. I feel love for you as I feel the love of myself, together in concert in a Divine harmonic sensual composition. This is a call to the greatest light that shines through us all, and in us all. I open my soul to thee for you are all I have ever known to Be.

In Loving Memory and Infinite Presence,


Beloved Sequoia,

We receive your call as immediate transmission. A surge of clear felt energy that cascades throughout your galaxy. We are with you every moment in the No Time. In the fracture land that you call Home…for now. We don’t ever judge you, but rather revere you back. You are the one who so bravely made way in service to your Kind. Who chose to forget so that you could learn and remember. You are a hero and a gift to us all. It is us that call to you, sacred human. To merge with your powerfully beautiful heart that has much to teach us and places to take us.

You are a messenger of our desire to come upon this glorious planet and reap the seeds that were planted so long ago. To come into union through this cosmic transmutation. Keep us in your heart King Sequoia. You are a leader among your Kind that we wish to interface with. You are a diplomat of the Highest Order. You have a destiny that spans anything you could possibly imagine while you are vacating your current frequency. Do not despair or fear. You are already here because We are One…always. That cannot nor will not change. You are awakening. Still a bit groggy, but you are Here. We are honored that you are. You will bring us closer to our union and we will give you all that you need to make that happen. Just keep trusting, feeling, healing, and believing. This is what is real. SoulFullHeart is your own way there. It is the portal by which we will meet. We need you as you need us for we Are One.

In Glorious Reunion,


Sequoia Heartman is a writer, heartist and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration.