Energy Update: 5/5 Energies Intensify, Offer Powerful Mirror And 5D Template

By Jelelle Awen

Energies picking UP! Waves coming in strong as the 5/5 gateway swings open with the help our Pleiadian star family esp. You may feel this in your body with a range from feeling tired, worn out, exhausted….to restful and peaceful. Tired moves to restful with more surrender into the BIG upgrading process going on now.

In our Unity meditation call yesterday, we accessed SUCH joy and magic and those frequencies went to the beach with us all afterwards. We will be sharing the recording of that call here on FB soon! The sun codes offered bliss, rest, letting in…there was no difference in that place between 3D, 4D, and 5D. These are the kinds of experiences that are being offered more and more as our consciousness expands now and we form bridges to our 3D, 4D, and 5D parts/aspects inside.

This gateway (and the ongoing Ascension process) is offering HUGE mirrors for us now. These mirrors are coming THROUGH others primarily….to see the parts of us that we may have rejected and disowned that are represented by other people. The ways and means that other people trigger you (esp. romantic partners) is a powerful reflection of a part of you that is being repressed, judged, not allowed to be felt.

Relationships of all kinds seem to be going through major transformational frequencies too with these tastes of 5D seeping through. The inner relationships are asking for, needing, and even demanding attention so the mirrors on the outside are getting put at increasingly awkward angles to SEE this. This can lead to sudden completions of relationships based in more 3D frequencies and beginnings of higher vibe sacred unions.

Self love, self care, self attention, self consciousness/awareness are wanting to be moved into higher frequencies of expression AS service of love to self AND with others.

We are receiving now the precious templates of 5D sacred human coming into the body!

MUCH love to you as we ride the waves, rest, breathe, and LOVE ourselves and each other!

Jelelle Awen
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