Energies Picking UP As Prep For 5/5 Gateway

By Jelelle Awen

Energies picking UP! Waves coming in strong as the 5/5 gateway swings open with the help our Pleiadian star family and Lemurian inner earth families esp. You may feel this in your body with a range from feeling tired, worn out, exhausted….to restful and peaceful. Tired moves to restful with more surrender into the BIG upgrading process going on now.

This gateway (and the ongoing Ascension process) is offering HUGE mirrors for us now. These mirrors are coming THROUGH others primarily….to see the parts of us that we may have rejected and disowned that are represented by other people. The ways and means that other people trigger you (esp. romantic partners) is a powerful reflection of a part of you that is being repressed, judged, not allowed to be felt.

Relationships of all kinds seem to be going through major transformational frequencies too with these tastes of 5D seeping through. The inner relationships are asking for, needing, and even demanding attention so the mirrors on the outside are getting put at increasingly awkward angles to SEE this. This can lead to sudden completions of relationships based in more 3D frequencies and beginnings of higher vibe sacred unions.

Self love, self care, self attention, self consciousness/awareness are wanting to be moved into higher frequencies of expression AS service of love to self AND with others.

We are receiving now the precious templates of 5D sacred human coming into the body!

Join me on FB for a live stream bringing in the 5/5 codes and offering a bridge to the 5/5 gateway energies on May 5 at 10:00am PDT. I am also offering a group transmission to unplug from the 3D/Lower 4D Matrix (an ongoing process) over zoom on May 11 that you can take in live or receive the recording after for a $11 USD donation. Here is more info about that: https://www.facebook.com/events/2283954645187399/

MUCH love to you as we ride the waves, rest, breathe, and LOVE ourselves and each other!

Here is a guided meditation to meet your 3D/4D/5D selves…an interesting exploration in these times! https://youtu.be/-C_RiD5k_xs

Jelelle Awen


Message From 5D Gaian Self On Earth Day

Dearest Stewards of Earth’s Ascension,

You are here at a very special and unique time in Earth’s galactic history. She is one of many planetary consciousnesses that are on the precipice of a great transformation and evolution.

Gaia, as She is belovedly referred to, already exists in its crystalline blueprint. It lives and breathes in each one of you in the stores of your Gaian DNA. You are Her and She is You. Just like how the trees are interdependent and symbiotic, so thus are you.

You exist as a microcosm of Her complexity and beauty. What you see afar is what exists within. What you feel about Her is what you feel about yourself. If you feel she is in need of saving, where is that reflected in you? If She is treated with disrespect, how does that happen inside of you?

This is an opporTUNEity to feel and see yourself in a much greater vision. Your personal stewardship IS Her stewardship. You birth Gaia through healing your own beloved polluted waters. Through treating yourself with the same respect and admiration you give to Her.

Connect with the beating heart of Gaia’s compassion and trust in the cycle of death and rebirth. She knows this one well. She can catalyze, transform, and integrate it all with majesty. She is equipped and has chosen to hold this space for you and with you.

Do not worry about Her, for she is taking good care of Herself and Her beloveds. Those that are no longer in physical form have a place in another dimension. The very one that is trying to be embodied by your choices and courage to bring light and love to the shadow within.

Thank you for taking these words into your earthly human hearts.

– transmission from my Gaian 5D higher self Aerius


Gabriel Solais is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Transitioning To Your Higher Timeline

By Jelelle Awen

Your higher timeline is where your passions and desires can manifest. Your relationships are a reflection of your soul essence. You live from and with a sense of meaningful service of love with yourself and with others. What YOUR higher timeline looks and feels like is a discovery that is revealed by your soul and Higher Self as you align more and more to those energies coming INTO your body. As you let go of what doesn’t fit and reflect this higher timeline, so it can BEcome your life. As you feel and heal the traumas that anchor parts of you to the lower timeline realities (this can show up in looping memories from this life and bleed throughs from other lifetimes), so it can BEcome YOU.

I am often asked in sessions by facilitants about ‘getting’ to their higher timeline, which is experiencing a higher consciousness life in ALL areas of your life. Protective parts of you may hold a black and white picture about ‘how to do this’ as a means to keep you from risking too much around it or parts of you getting hurt. It is often about supporting you to feel where the possibilities lie in the more gray areas.

Yet, it isn’t so much about ‘getting’ to this higher timeline as it is about BECOMING it. Your 3D Self (and all the parts associated with it, such as Inner Child, Inner Teenager, Inner Mother/Father, Inner Punisher) can connect in dreams to your higher timeline version and it feels often ‘beyond’ them or not possible. Your 4D/awakening self is the transitional self that can start to actually FEEL what it would be like. They begin to receive visions, dreams, support from others to start to believe it is possible. They go through the death and rebirth phases of discovery around what IS it and what ISN’T.

Your 5D Self (as some have called your future self) is ALREADY living out this higher timeline reality. This is interesting to feel it like this. There isn’t an impossibility in it happening then….as it already IS happening. The process is about becoming your 5D self more and more….bringing their reality into your consciousness as your veil lifts, your traumatized parts/aspects heal, and more and more self love worth fills your BEing.

The recent energies of 2019 are supporting the transition of the collective consciousness and each of our individual consciousnesses into our higher timelines. The 1/11 gateway, the recent super blood moon lunar eclipse, the new moon and Chinese New Year….these are beginning/renewal energies even as they are completion energies.

The biggest aspect of transition for you may continue to be letting go of and completing what ISN’T your higher timeline life. The job/career you’ve had for years may suddenly let you go or you may decide to quit. The relationship you’ve been in for years may complete. You move from the geography you’ve lived in for a long time into a newer one. The friendships and birth family relationships that haven’t been resonant for awhile can no longer transaction.

The mourning of these completions is an important aspect of the transition as well. Digesting with 3D Self parts of you about these relationships and jobs and geographies allows for the NEW to come in as more space is made in your heart/soul for it. Holding space for mourning is directly connected to the birth of the New even as 3D culture doesn’t hold it as sacred or useful.

There is a necessary transition phase to BEcome your higher timeline. Transitions recognize that we need to get from one place to another. Transitions offer that it is a JOURNEY to go through, not just the destination, that matters. Experiencing the transition can be as meaningful and even more growthful than living out the higher timeline reality. The Divine supports ALL experiences as sacred…the before, the transition, AND the higher timeline life too.

Here is guided meditation from my Deepen series to bridge to your higher timeline: https://youtu.be/T0K7Ti68gNo

Here is a guided meditation from my Deepen series to meet your 3D/4D/5D selves: https://youtu.be/-C_RiD5k_xs

Experience 1:1 sessions with me and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators to connect with your Higher Timeline life/aspects. More information here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Feeling The Love Even In The Difficult Experiences

By Jelelle Awen

ALL that we experience in life is given in love, held by love, for love…..a powerful mantra to take in and live by. Feel the parts of you that feel life is against them and you could offer these messages to them from your Higher Self/5D sacred human self:

Life is not ‘doing anything’ to you, yet rather is WITH you in this experience of growth. You are not cursed. You have not been abandoned by the Divine. You are not being ‘tested’ to earn the Divine’s graces and love.

ALL of it that you’ve experienced is a gift for your growth. Your Higher Self (the source of your individuated soul or also what we call the Metasoul) has orchestrated and planned with MUCH love what you will experience here in 3D. Choosing to be here now, during this time of transition and shiftings, to 4D and beyond IN the human body is a brave choice. To contribute to the ascension movement is not a sentence, yet rather a sign of the strength of your soul and proof of your BIGNESS.

Gaia is not a prison planet, in the sense that you have no choice in being here and no escape……in the sense that other fear-based BEings have captured you and you are ‘stuck’. This has ALL been in collaboration on the higher levels. Higher vibrational frequencies of love and Oneness have been purposely suppressed; contrary feeling senses have been amped up and polarized. This was chosen not to enslave you, yet rather so that you may come to remember again that you have ALWAYS been free.

Your Higher Self has given you much support to be here in this challenging experiment and experience. This support is WITHIN you and becomes accessible as you awaken to your Metasoul expressions and many timelines for which your Higher Self has projected out. Meeting with, reconciling karma, sharing gifts together with these other lifetime selves (not ‘past lives’ as they are in the Now)…this brings you into MORE sense of wholeness again and unification. This grows your 5D sacred human self that is embodying and integrating these higher frequencies as you are unanchoring from 3D realities by healing the woundings and traumas parts of your fragmented 3D self have experienced during it. As you heal these traumas, you no longer draw traumatic life situations to push up and trigger your undigested feelings.

There can be the end of experiencing spiritual battles going on for your soul or ‘good against evil’ or ‘light against the dark’ or vice versa. All such battles cease to be in your reality when you LOVE the energies inside yourself and your Metasoul that are polarized to each other. When you love the dark, the Reptilian, the whatever is seen and been in shadow, then it can transmute to light and its TRUE essence as love. Battling anything on the outside stems from unreconciled violence inside and a lack of trust that it ALL comes from love ultimately and will return there.

You can invite the dark to transmute to love with love….this invitation leads to reconciliation, to integration, to transformation. Battling (inside or out) doesn’t transmute back to love as someone always loses in some form…..even as they ‘gain’ in a higher sense from the experience, yet there is a cost of harm being done or experienced.

ALL that we experience in life is given in love, held by love, for love….and so it can be as parts of you experience this more and more from within you!

Jelelle Awen
1:1 sessions available to bridge with MUCH love to the places/parts/energies inside where polarities and inner wars exist. More info here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions

Receiving Support, Soul Empowerment, and Your OWN Answers

By Jelelle Awen

With ALL these intense energies coming IN and being offered to you during this Now of Ascension, you may have a sense of overwhelm, confusion, lostness…and desires for more digestion, integration, and soul clarity. You may feel a strong desire pushed up to truly unanchor from 3D in ALL areas of your life and BE the living/breathing/walking around embodiment of your higher self.

Now is a momentous phase of awakening from 3D to higher consciousness of the heart, soul, mind, and body that we as a species haven’t undertaken before in one condensed timeline like this. Now is a time to seek support and a loving mirror reflection to encourage the NEXT places of growth. Now is a wonderful time to make the deeper connections to parts of your self and soul that hold trauma vibrations and karmic cycles AND soul gifts that can finally be transformed and integrated on a personal and collective level.

Coming off of my fullest week of sessions ever with some amazing women, I feel SO honored to serve love with sister souls during this time! I am struck by how much empowerment of EACH soul is wanting to emerge and lead…..how as a spaceholder I am just a witness and bridge for what the soul’s consciousness wants to bring through. I don’t give ‘read out’s, definitive answers and I don’t read out specific energies and frequencies to ‘tell you’ what is true about your process.

I hold space for the exploration of YOUR answers, which are there all along, once you connect to the parts of you that have them. I hold space for your self healing to activate, which is the ONLY kind of healing that actually brings lasting transformation. I connect with your Inner Protector consciously, who is often the part of you that may deflect, block, or resist deeper integration of ascension energies and the next steps due to undigested fears and not being negotiated with directly.

1:1 bridging sessions are ultimately a space of collaboration….a dance between us where I offer some intuitive guidance, compassionate support, and bridging to specific energies of parts and Metasoul aspects that I have spent over 15 years experiencing in myself and others. There is more about the parts of self and soul that we work with here: https://soulfullheartblog.com/…/introduction-to-the-parts-…/

Here are some wonderful comments that I received this week after sessions:

“WOW, this work is powerful and seems to get to the heart of things so quickly and clearly! I’ve done lots of different types of healing work over the years, and this modality seems to bring clarity and understanding almost instantly. I’m very impressed and also totally motivated to keep it up, I think it’ll go quite far. Thank you, again, for being such a compassionate facilitator. Your presence feels so safe, like I said, and I’m so appreciative of the guidance and healing you offer. These two sessions have been nothing short of amazing, and I can’t wait to continue our work.”

“Thank you so much Jelelle for the session yesterday! I am a bit overwhelmed and amazed by the amount that processes. I really appreciate you support and guidance. You do an incredible job!”

“This is so fun and cathartic. I feel like for the first time I
have a clear path toward unity consciousness. And the walk along that path will be full of joy 🙂

I have openings for sessions this week Wednesday-Sunday if you are interested in spending 90 minutes in our heart space together for $77 USD min. donation. You can PM me here on FB or email me at soulfullhearts@gmail.com. Raphael Awen and Gabriel Heartman offer powerful SoulFullHeart bridging sessions too for both women and men. There is more information here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/bridging-session

Reach out. Ask for what you Need. Get Ready To Receive!

Jelelle Awen
photo is Raphael and I taking in the sunset codes

Jelelle Awen is a Parts Work/Metasoul & Galactic Aspects/Sacred Union Teacher & Facilitator, and Ascension Guide. She is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life awakening/healing process and community. She has written four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about bridging and ongoing individual/group sessions over zoom with her for women and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators with men and women, events/retreats, videos, books, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Higher Timeline Becoming Clearer W/Strong Geomagnetics Continuing

By Jelelle Awen

These strong magnetic frequencies recently are helping with a sorting out faster now. More rapidly with more clarity, sometimes fueled by heart and soul vision. Sometimes fueled by frustration and wanting to end the pain and suffering. What to commit to more deeply and what to let go is becoming clearer in all areas of your life. What to go into as it serves what you most want and your service of love VISION…..and what to release as it doesn’t reflect that envisioning may becoming more clear for you.

With the activation of your highest timeline during this intense energy month of August and especially during the recent eclipses and Lion’s Gateway, the downloads so freely available and gifted to you…..you are then given the choice in every moment to live it out or to retract away from it. To move it forward or to pause. ALL of this is your sacred choice, although the highest timeline choices are the ones that most serve the manifestation of New Earth reality for yourself inside and for the collective.

More overlap seems to be happening between these processes of collapsing timelines and arising timelines with less gap and pause. Meaning, you are feeling increasing desire and clarity WHILE the old is falling away. The new is coming in WHILE the old is moving out. The energies of mourning and celebration coming together, weaving, and operating in the same moment sometimes. Bittersweetness.

Parts of you may be feeling the sweetness while other parts of you are feeling the bitter. Being with the different energies AS parts can help with the overwhelm that can grow inside over these divergent frequencies. Checking in with your higher self and higher guides/aspects can be hugely helpful in this process too. More about parts/Metasoul aspects here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

Asking to reconnect with and feel your highest timeline can infuse it into your body and flush up in your emotional body the parts of you that may have fear, resistance, and doubt. Feeling and holding space for the fear and doubts too that come up as you let in the higher timeline.

Continually claiming the higher timeline and not falling back into 3D anchoring is not easy at times, as I offered yesterday. Yet, in another way, it IS what you will do eventually as the higher timeline you and your higher timeline life are ALREADY happening.

Choosing the higher timeline is what love wants you to do and BE, so the more love you can feel with yourself and with your parts, the more support you will feel to live it out in the Now and NOT delay it. Bridging the gap between THIS now and THAT now is where the challenge is and feeling all that comes up in this walking out.

The higher timeline is waiting for you AND it is available in this very moment to be claimed, tasted, moved toward, lived and, most of all, loved!

Jelelle Awen

Photo is by Hanson Lu from unsplash.com

Jelelle Awen is a Parts Work/Metasoul & Galactic Aspects/Sacred Union Teacher & Facilitator, and Ascension Guide. She is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life awakening/healing process and community. She has written four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about bridging and ongoing individual/group sessions over zoom with her for women and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators with men and women, events/retreats, videos, books, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Natural Feelings Of Weariness As You Choose Love Over Fear

By Jelelle Awen

It is natural for you and parts of you to feel tired in this moment. To feel tired from this transition into the new for which it seems in moments SO many souls are still in the old. To feel tired from creating bubbles ‘around you’ in so many moments and ways as you try to bring your high vibe frequency to environments and others that block, distract, and resist them. You may feel tiredness from many years of seeing, being, and feeling reality so differently from mainstream consciousness and even those beloveds around you. Weariness and tiredness may be pushed UP for you right now with these intense ascension energies that keep bringing us waves of growth.

I have definitely felt this weariness in parts of me many times over the years. For those of us who have chosen this transition, time in this now, and especially to lead and show the way through it….. there can be an inherent weariness in the momentum it takes, the inner push that still has trust and grace…the ENERGY we need to tap into in order to lead AGAINST so much oppositional fear energy without going to battle. Rather than pushing against or fighting or contending, it is so NEW to be inviting with love and to be vulnerable in that invitation…..over and over and over again and feeling it land in some hearts and not others….mostly NOT others, yet the numbers are growing slowly it seems.

It is easy to go to battle actually as this we have known as a species and is our comfortable legacy….unfortunate inheritance of this current 3D timeline. It is easier for parts of people to go to rage, to tap into the OUTrage in the collective consciousness and push it out at others, compare and contrast to others, put others down, and judge without love too…I feel many doing this as they move through this phase of their leadership into the New.

Or, it is easier to go to the mind and to analyze and dismiss or transcend feelings and being vulnerable and just focus on the cosmic aspects and bliss states of ascension. Ah, yet, it is so understandable and I feel vast compassion for us from the Universe, our higher self, guides/aspects, star family as we sort this all through!

Over and over, I’ve received the message from these ‘higher’ sources….. “We are so in awe of you and your species and what you are doing and being right now! This is SO challenging what you are bringing and showing and feeling in the face of so much oppositional energy. There is so much to heal, so much to face, so much to BE with. Your tears and your fears are sacred and precious and we ADMIRE them greatly! Do not feel less than us or compare to us. We are here to inspire you, yes, and serve you to arise. Yet, we are LEARNING from you with great curiosity in our hearts around how you will walk this out. And, we are here always for you when you need us!”

Sharing this message with you in this moment is providing a rush of love inside of me to extend to you too. I and parts of me feel more rest coming in as I DO feel the support that is there for me and for us all. I feel the trust that lives inside of me from so long being challenged and challenging myself and getting the response of love every time.

I choose love. I choose love in this now. I choose to share and BE real. I choose the HONOR of leading myself in this way and for those souls who feel a resonance with this and me, I feel grateful for your coming along on this journey with me. I choose my heart and the healing and feeling of it above all else as its energy is what leads into the unknown and holds the other frequencies that need its attention and care.

I feel the energies that are here to support this choosing of love and have been ramping up for many years, especially in the last months. The choice of love is becoming more visceral, acute, and real for so many more and I feel the possibilities that this opens up every day!

I choose love…..how about you?

Jelelle Awen
If you’d like support during this transition and feeling space with and for parts of you, we provide 1:1 bridging sessions and group sessions…more info at the link above

Energy Update: Seven Signs Of 5D Activation During May Energies (Plus Resources!)

By Jelelle Awen

The month of May, 2018 has been intense in terms of energies…..wow! It has been offering 5D upgrades to our emotional bodies, physical bodies, chakral vortexes, DNA, and social/relationships too.  There have been waves of PURE love bliss 5D frequencies rolling in frequently all month. Then, phases of winds brought us surges of geomagnetics from a large coronal ‘hole to make us whole’ on the sun’s surface. We even had some ‘minor’ SOULar flares from sunspots this month, offering a surprising plasma BOOST. The 5/5 gateway swung open this month too, offering an open house feeling of access to our 5D consciousness, Star Family, Higher Self, and Divine Guides/Aspects.

This last week of May we have the FULL moon energies offering Divine Feminine illumination and some much needed integration of these activations and upgrades. The month will complete with more geomagnetics coming in at the end of the week (June 1st) providing more Masculine activations. The feminine lunar frequencies and SOULar ones offer a feminine/masculine balance. A symbolic representation of feminine/masculine balance was also downloaded through the most recent crop circle that appeared at the end of May. You can read more about that here: https://soulfullheartblog.com/2018/05/27/latest-crop-circle-offers-4444-star-dna-activation-feminine-masculine-balance-message/

The following list of what you may be experiencing as 5D activations in response to these May energies is actually based on my notes from the ascension energy update and guided meditation livestream that I did on May 26th. I responded to many comments and questions about the Ascension process from listeners during the broadcast as well. You can watch it here:

Here are some signs of 5D activations, which it feels like will just continue into June and onward:

1. Seeing repeating number sequences and increase in synchs overall. This especially seems to be true with seeing ‘444’ or ‘1444’ as a DNA code activation that is specific to this phase of Ascension. I wrote more about that here in this energy update: https://soulfullheartblog.com/2018/05/23/energy-update-soular-energies-accelerating-repeating-numbers-synchs-awakenings/

2. Activation of your 5D Self and 5D experience of bliss states. Your 5D Self is the version of you that is becoming unanchored from 3D reality and consciousness, which happens as you integrate and heal 3D-based parts of yourself, such as your Inner Child, Inner Teenager, Inner Mother/Father, Protector, and more. Your 5D Self also arise due to the unification of your Metasoul aspects through quantum healing of karmic patterns and soul gift exchange.

Here is another ascension energy update livestream I did from May 12th and a guided meditation to connect with 5D consciousness and your 5D Self: https://youtu.be/b9X7noPevaw

3. Timeline bleedthroughs from your Metasoul. Timelines merging through and overlaying onto the current one are a strong sign of 5D activation. Aspects from the same Metasoul as you (previously called ‘past lives’) are coming through from other dimensions/eras/planets, etc. to be felt and connected to more and more! Signs of this bleed through are intense dreams; seeing scenes from other timelines overlaid onto your reality; being drawn to ‘historic’ or galactic timelines very intensly; waves of emotional reactions/triggers that don’t feel like they are based in your current timeline; frequent or chronic body pain (esp. in the joints and muscles); and vivid activation of childhood abuse ‘memories’ where you are ‘there’ again (so that you can feel and heal the parts of you ‘stuck’ in these memories.)

Here is an energy update where I offer more about the Metasoul, signs of Metasoul bleedthrough, and the quantum healing opportunities offered in connecting with it: https://soulfullheartblog.com/2018/05/19/energy-update-timeline-bleedthroughs-metasoul-karmic-transformation-opportunities/

4. Positive Physical body shiftings and changings. Many body shiftings are directly related now to chakra vortex activations, soul gifts activating, and Metasoul aspects/timelines coming through. If you can relate with them this way, you can learn and discover much more than if you just write off all body symptoms as ‘due to ascension energies’. Examples of these activations are what is occurring in our throat, crown and third eye chakras, with overall all chakras upgrading.

These changes in the body are POSITIVE ones that are an important aspect of 5D upgrading, such as improved eyesight, improved hearing, higher metabolism/energy levels, better digestion, calmed down/relaxed nervous system, and healthier/more vibrant skin. Superfoods and not eating animals/dairy can support these 5D body upgrades.

Here is a guided meditation that I offer with Mother Mary that is soothing and relaxing on the physical body as it shifts and changes: https://youtu.be/nkTbTJBBlHE

5. Kundalini (Divine Feminine) activations and surges. This can happen suddenly or may be more of a ‘dripline’ experience. It can be intense for people with strong surges of energy moving up the spine. Kundalini brings in other timelines/Metasoul aspects, activates soul gifts, and brings in the Divine Feminine death-rebirth cycle wherever you need it in your life. Forming a relationship with the Divine Feminine in whatever forms She most resonates for you allows you to more flow with and surrender to this Kundalini activation.

Here is a guided meditation that I did with Divine Sophia energies to bring in self forgiveness and compassion, plus connection with your Protector which helps with integration. https://youtu.be/0yuiBDIp2Oo

6. Galactic Consciousness and Star Family DNA Activation. The Pleiadians and Sirians esp. are assisting us with this current phase of Ascension through providing gateways and portals that can increase our remembering of our galactic lineages and reactivate our Star DNA. Visceral and touching access to your Star Family happens as you heal ‘abduction’ wounding with your Inner Child. Star Family offer a sense of your bigger picture purpose for being here and provide huge support for the manifestation of it.
If this Star Family activation isn’t happening for you right now, it’s just not the right time yet as you may need to ‘clear’ more in your life to allow it to come forward or undigested wounding is blocking it.

This is a conversation with my Pleiadian aspect about transmuting traumas into love during the 5/5 Gateway: https://soulfullheartblog.com/2018/05/02/transmuting-traumas-into-love-during-the-5-5-gateway-message-with-my-pleiadian-aspect-leeza/

7. Relationships in your life are changing and shifting. As more 5D frequencies come in, they illuminate the compartments that parts of you have created, esp. if you have separated your relationships and romance from your spirituality. I saw this in almost every session that I did this month. Previously suppressed unhappiness and denial of it are being revealed, seen, and felt more.

3D based unions are rumbling as the awakening partner IS going to impact the USness and their other partner eventually. Staying in comfortable and safe arrangements that are 3D based in finances, mortgages, or staying together for the kids are feeling more like ‘prisons’ and ‘traps’ to your growing, awakening self. These relationships offer a mirror for you to see the parts of you that you have perhaps disdained and disowned. Once you embrace these parts of yourself, you no longer need the outer mirror in the same way.

Resource – Connecting with parts of yourself increases your self awareness of what dynamics are playing out in relationships and allows for more possibility of letting go of those that no longer serve you. You can read more about parts here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

This is a piece that I offered about the catalytic energies of May, as represented in the powerful lava flowing from the volcano in Hawaii: https://soulfullheartblog.com/2018/05/06/a-time-for-burning-and-churning-to-arise-sacred-human/

“You can no longer live on the outskirts of your highest timeline. You can no longer sit in the back rows of your own life. You can no longer shrink to fit in with those that are content to stay small. You can no longer be defined by that which makes you suffer when you also hold the CURE.” 

Yes! ALL of what you experience in this NOW serves the arising of your 5D Self, your sacred human self, your Infinite Love essence, into human form. ALL of what you experience is for the ACTivation of your Service Of Love Self.

To arise….sacred human…..to arise!!!


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women and with Raphael for men, along with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators as well…more information here. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Energy Update: PURE Love Bliss Waves Activate Your 5D Self

By Jelelle Awen

Wave after wave of PURE love coming IN and UP at us right now. It is quite extraordinary the RIDE these waves can take you on. Rides to float/land/glide through the ‘gateways’ of fifth dimensional consciousness and BEyond. Experiencing love so immense that you feel like your human heart will burst to let it in. Moving through the resistances and fears to EMBRACE love with every cell of your BEing and so, to BEcome love walking/talking/moving/breathing.

Love in human form beaming…..that’s what these energies feel like as a reflection of our sacred humanity being activated. They are a mirror held in a space of the most perfect lighting so that we can see our own perfection as we are RIGHT NOW. These waves acknowledge that we are in process and in transition….that we are STILL and ever growing and learning. Yet, they also hold the truth of our already attained perfection AS fractals from a Divine source perfection.

There is really no tracking these waves or even connecting them very much to specific SOULar activities (although our sun is doing its part to activate us into these frequencies.) They are just a Divine GIFT to provide an accelerating reminder and remembering of your essence….getting to experience what you REALLY are versus what you have been conditioned by 3D consciousness to think that you are.

The feelings of NEW are in the air brought in by these energies…in your heart, in your soul…they KNOW what NEW means in your life and are BEing inspired/activated now. Your soul feels when something is serving your higher consciousness to come into your body, every day living. Your soul senses when you are serving love and when you are not. Your heart intuits when a relationship serves the bigger picture purpose of you BEing here and when it does not. Your heart feels when something is coming from love and when it is coming from fear.

You can connect more easily now to your soul essence, what we could also call your 5D Self. You can bridge to this waveform that is YOU in your highest and brightest state that can still be embodied. This is YOU in your sacred human best dressed and presented. This is YOU in your unanchoring from 3D-based woundings and traumas that no longer define and confine you. This is YOU in connection and increasing unification with your Star Family and your Metasoul aspects in other timelines and with all the precious 3D parts of yourself that are scattered around and need you to collect them into your heart again.

So simple in this Now to connect with your 5D Self. Just create a sacred space, close your eyes, and ask to connect and to see and to feel. Your 5D Self may show up like an angel, may present as what you have projected as a ‘teacher’ or a ‘guide’. It may look like you only SHINIER. It may be an animal. Trust that whatever you see is right and good.

Talk with your 5D Self. Ask them to support you and guide you. Ask them to bridge for you to the higher dimensions. Ask them what else you need to do and BE related to healing 3D traumas and Metasoul karmic binds/patterns too.

Invite your 5D Self to increasingly BEcome you more and more. Ask to merge with your 5D Self and how you can do this more.

I’ll be sharing a brief video later today that I recorded yesterday when I was floating/riding/gliding at the peak of Kundalini/bliss energies and in merged consciousness with my 5D Self, which is happening more and more for me. I offered a 5D Self connection meditation and transmission you can take in. You can also watch this livestream I did offering a 5D consciousness meditation at around 33 minutes: 

It is not bypassing to connect with your 5D Self. It is not transcending your humanity and your emotions to make this connection. This version of you can actually hugely help to hold the space for whatever emotions need to come up and be felt. Your 5D Self can go on the shadow journey with you to reveal whatever is in shadow and needs to be reclaimed. You need a version of yourself that is BIGGER than the reactions and the resistances and the fears in order to have them move and transmute into love again.

Parts of you, especially your Protector, need to feel that you are BIG enough in heart space to handle feeling the deeper, suppressed and often very difficult emotions. Your Protector may relate to you like a child or a teenager and doesn’t see you as BIG at all. Your claiming of your 5D Self shows your Protector that they can begin to rest from their vigilant guarding and LET you hold your own healing. THIS I have seen and witnessed many, many times as a dynamic inside between the Protector part of us, who just needs to trust that we won’t be overwhelmed by what they need to show us and help us remember. More about parts/Metasoul aspects here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

INjoy these LOVE waves! And, if they don’t bring up joy and bliss, yet rather take you into a necessary feeling and healing place, then EMBRACE that process too. ALL of what you feel and experience in this Now is for the greater service of love. And, you signed up to be ahead of the collective curve and to LEAD others during this time of transition.

This is your bounty time. This is your harvest time. This is your leading yourself time. This is your starting to lead others time. WHATEVER that looks and feels like…..you can trust that this is true as the gift of these Divine energies bring us all into the time/phase of becoming Infinite Love in human form again!


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women and with Raphael for men, along with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators as well…more information here. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Experiencing 5D In Every Moment AS You

By Jelelle Awen

Just slept MANY hours and STILL feel drifty, floaty, and not here. My body is rested now yet my consciousness is still doing some work/travel and connection in other dimensions, realms, and timelines in the moment. I feel my star family smiling, swaying together, offering that some good ‘work’ was done even if I can’t consciously remember what it was!

SOULar activity is low today with winds relatively calm, yet the energies feel HIGH and perfect for connecting in a multidimensional way. One way I can feel this is by looking out at the ocean which I am blessed to have as the view out my bedroom window. When the ocean looks/feels hazy or misty, then I can sense that the phototonic light quotient is HIGH and the energies are HIGH too. This is a kind of blend of intuitive knowing and physical sensing.

I am still digesting the goodness of Divine Mother’s Day yesterday and receiving love and appreciation esp. from Raianna Shai, the amazing soul that is feeling less and less like a ‘daughter’ and more and more like BEloved soul family. Wonderful food and much singing together as a group last night brought us into Unity Consciousness in a FUN way that also opens the heart and soul.

We are planning a trip this morning to the new ‘fancy’ grocery store here with thankfully some more vegan products that we love. Rather than feel that I need to come ‘down’ to go shopping, I will take my elevated consciousness with me to that experience called ‘shopping.’ It will most likely arise anew for me then, with the possibilities of joy and magic contained on every shelf and in every package. There isn’t so much routine or boring for me anymore as every moment offers an experience of arising wonder….or something else to feel if it doesn’t feel like that.

Taking our higher consciousness, our star seed consciousness, our star family DNA activated consciousness INTO life, into our jobs/careers, into our family interactions, into EVERY moment is what living in New Earth NOW feels like. Every moment, not just the ones that parts of us may deem as ‘sacred’ or ‘spiritual’. When you experience this every moment 5Dness from inside of your BEing, then everywhere feels like heaven! What ‘outside’ looks and feels like matters less and less, although you do desire to be in resonance.

Join us tomorrow, May 15th at 3:00pm CST for what is feeling like our last Unity Meditation group call for awhile. We are feeling to focus on offering livestreams as they provide in the moment interaction, meditation space, and spontaneous transmission to more souls. SO, if you’d like to experience our energy through teachings, an extended meditation, and personal sharings in a group call setting, this is your last opportunity!….here is the eventbrite link to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/may-15th-new-earth-now-activat…

MUCH love to you as we navigate the possible arising opportunities for experiencing New Earth in the Now AS us and AS love!

Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women and with Raphael for men…more information here. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.