Activate Light Language Guided Meditation – DAY 31: 33 DAYS DEEPEN W/ Jelelle Awen (VIDEO)

DAY THIRTY-ONE: DEEPEN 33 Day Video Series – Activate Light Language Guided Meditation W/Jelelle Awen
This is day thirty-one of 33 in my daily video series called Deepen. In today’s video, I talk about light language or star language as it is also called. The ability to activate light language and express it (through voice, language, and/or hand gestures) often connects to trauma healing that you’ve done with your Star Seed child that allow fluid transmission to come through. I offer a guided meditation to connect with your Star Seed here:
Access to your Star Seed arises as your more 3D-based Inner Child is able to let go of traumas from this life to vibrate at higher frequencies of consciousness. Digestion and remembering of visitations with Star Family this life also helps to open up access to light language. Direct connection with your Metasoul aspects that live in Galactic timelines allows the flow of language to come through in an organic way as you merge more with their consciousness.
Activating light language is not a matter of capacity or ‘special’ gifts as we ALL have galactic DNA and therefore the ability to access it. It is rather a matter of healing the trauma that keeps the veil in place of our remembering and expressing it. Your Inner Punisher may also ‘judge’ if you are doing it ‘right’ or that you are ‘crazy’ for expressing it, etc. so working with that part of you to allow the fun and joyful expression of it helps as well.
In the meditation today, you activate, clean, and connect with your Ascension Chakras: the Stellar Gateway (Personal Sun), Soul Star, and Causal Chakras. All of these are connected to the expression of light language. I share different light languages that come through me as we go through each chakra and invite you to ‘babble’ and talk along with me. You focus on your fifth or throat chakra especially to feel if there are blocks there to expression of your truth due to undigested trauma or karma.
Thank you for joining me on this thirty-first day of 33….as we move into Deepening energies together… beloved part of us at a time!
More about parts/Metasoul aspects here:
You can watch all the videos in the series here:
I will be hosting a group session over Zoom to digest your experience during this series for a $11 USD minimum. The next one will be on Saturday, February 2nd at 11:00am PST. More info here:… You are welcome to share your experiences of this guided meditation here and I will respond to your sharings. Jelelle Awen 1:1 bridging and ongoing sessions available with me for women over 25 and with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators (Gabriel and Raphael with women/men and Kalayna with woman 25 and under) to deepen this connection with your Protector, Inner Child, Lemurian, and other precious parts/Metasoul aspects! More info



Meditation In Light Language For Activation, Ascension, And Awakening

By Jelelle Awen

Light language invites us to go beyond the mind, beyond what we have been conditioned to feel as language, what we have learned as language in school. Light language or star language (as I’ve been offered by my star being selves to also call it) is multi-dimensional, non-linear, based on wave form energy transmissions. It forms in the higher dimensional throat chakra and is downloaded and transmitted from openings in our 12th chakra or stellar gateway. We pick up these downloads as we tune into them from within, as we connect with our galactic self more and more, as we feel how we are roots are from the stars.

Star language is heard, yet it also comes through in hand and body gestures and movements, and sometimes in written symbols. The written symbols are non-linear, often presented in circular form, and sometimes just ‘appear’ to float in the air. The sounds may be present without the gestures or the symbols without the sounds or vice versa. It seems to come through in the ways that will best land in the heart and soul.

This meditation video that I recorded offers light language that came through in the moment as I was recording it. I feel its tones and messages are one of recognition for the cries of the world and the tough transition that humanity is in to awaken and ascend. It feels like a message of hope and possibility and welcome to those of us who are way showers and light leaders. I feel the language of the Pleiadians in here and also the Archturians, which I have both been connected with and integrating as aspects of my multidimensional self.

Rather than trying to interpret light language in a literal way, it invites you to FEEL it and in the feeling of it to REMEMBER who you are and where you come from. It helps to lift the veil of amnesia that we placed on ourselves to come into the denser frequencies of Earth at this time. During this time of transition to higher consciousness or ascension, light language is one of the things that we are remembering and needing to remember to facilitate our processes individually and collectively.

As you listen to this recording, I invite you to allow light language to come you in response to it. It may happen spontaneously in response to the tones here that are coming through me. It may feel strange at first or you may feel as if you are ‘just babbling.’ Yet, you will feel it in your heart if you are accessing it and moving it through. You may have deep tears of reunion and a deep sense of ‘returning home’ as the waveforms offered by me or yourself trigger the frequencies of your star origins.

Whatever happens is what is meant to. If you would like to deepen your access and connection to allow light language to come out more fluidly or to access it, regularly chakra cleaning and activation is important, especially of the upper chakras. I offer SoulFullHeart sessions for women in which activation of light language may arise too.

Here is a guided meditation that I recorded to clean, protect, and activate your seven main chakras:

It is also helpful to raise your vibrational frequency as often as possible so that you can tune into the higher frequencies of light language that are ‘floating around’ in the air. Here is a guided meditation that I recorded to connect with your unicorn and higher frequencies.

Your unicorn – a higher dimensional being that assists with ascension – can help you to activate your chakras at a higher frequency and especially your throat chakra. Also, unicorns communicate mostly in light language so you can ‘practice’ with them as you ride around the skies of your third eye and into higher realms. Angels and spirit guides also love using light language with you as it is closer in frequency to the way that they communicate with each other (which is usually beyond language all together and is more about one mind-one consciousness in which all shares each others thoughts and feelings.)

Light language opens the heart and expands the soul. Held with love and curiosity and play, it is expression of the Divine coming through you and serves your remembrance of the Infinite Love that you ARE.

Note: Music in the video is by the Spiritual Moment You Tube Channel...much beautiful, healing, and frequency raising music on this channel!

Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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