Energy Update: Schumann Spikes For November 24

By Jelelle Awen

Checked in with Gaia’s resonance and WOW….okie, we’ve had some pretty mega spikes and waves for that last 14 hours….including all the way UP to 80 HZ at one point. They are going to need to expand these graphs to represent higher frequencies as they are occurring so much more regularly these days. And to think that 7.83 HZ used to be considered normal!

As usual with higher Schumann/Gaia resonance, you may be feeling dizzy, lightheadedness, sleepiness, head/neck/back pains and aches….on the physical body level. And irritability, anger, excitement mixed with some anxiety, clarity, joy…there is a range here on the emotional body level depending on where you are at right now. These energies can amplify hormonal levels too!

These higher frequency patterns are GOOD news as they represent the ascension of Gaia and of our collective consciousness too. The more souls who awaken and move into higher vibrational frequencies, the more we will see an elevated Schumann as the ‘new’ normal.

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Jelelle Awen
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Choosing Love Moment By Moment

By Jelelle Awen

Moment by moment….this is the invitation for ascension, for awakening, for remembering. In the moment feeling what is raising your frequency, feeling what is not. Choosing to continue, choosing to stop. This is the invitation, choosing your consciousness. Awareness is the choice of what you are putting your energy into, what you are participating in and if you want to continue or not. Awareness is realizing the impact of the energy you have taken in, the 3D conditioning you have chosen and parts of you are still anchored to, the conditioning you have experienced by often NOT being aware.

Moment by moment….the dedication of this practice is what brings the transcendent experiences, the sublime, the refined, the blissful, the reunions with aspects of your multidimensional selves. The embodiment of your Higher Self comes from this dedication, this focus, this willingness and openness to shift, to change, to rebel at times, to go against the grain. It BECOMES your life as it feels more ALIVE than anything else and so this choice of dedication becomes easier and more natural.

Moment by moment….you experience what makes it worth it, you experience more and more LOVE. The experience of choosing consciously love in every moment, to rise up into love again if you fall into fear. Even loving the fear that still lives inside. Loving the conditioning, the many, many layers of it, all the parts of yourself, and what is like cob webs over you, as you untangle and loving THAT too. Love makes the HARD worth it and holds the feelings of being lost, being estranged, being isolated, being different. Love makes the HARD worth it when you are being aware when others are not, being conscious when others are not, being aware when others are not, being love when others are not.

Moment by moment…..claiming of your mission, your purpose, the REASON you came here and left the higher frequencies behind voluntarily. Bringing in those higher dimensions, connecting with star family frequencies, angelic realms, Divine source, going within to bring them in reminds you of your purpose. Going within reminds you that you ARE them. Your SOUL’s purpose is in the moment claiming, over and over, reflected in the choices that you make (or don’t make), reflected in the relationships that you put energy into to reflect to you what you need to see of you. In the moment claiming and remembering what you came here to BE and DO. Re-energizing with that reminder and bigger picture in the moment.

Moment by moment…..the invitation is choosing your soul, choosing the bigger picture, choosing the higher energy, choosing the self loving, choosing the resonant ground, choosing to serve love above all else, choosing to hold space for your feelings, choosing to go within, choosing to claim your soul purpose. In every moment, the invitation is to CHOOSE love.  


Jelelle Awen
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