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By Raphael Awen

Feeling the feeling that your life as you currently know it is a perfect mirror of the larger totality of your being, in both its local (conscious) and nonlocal (subconscious) aspects is the portal to accelerated growth and inhabitation of the largesse of your being.

The word mirror in its root meaning speaks of the ability to see what can’t be seen, or to see what is in the shadow.

The lives we are currently living with all the feelings, experiences, disappointments, fulfillments, aches, disease and health are all perfect projections projected out onto this mirror called your life. Often times, others around us can see more of what’s in our mirror, as we all tend to possess less courage to look at our own mirror.

Seeing this is not so much a philosophical realization, as much as it is a courageous willingness to be ready to admit full responsibility for our lives.

Reality is as real as real can be, AND it is 100%, totally and completely simply made up. Both are true. AND, the creator is this magical god-being called you, and me. We are to each other synchronistic characters in each other’s play, upon the mirrored stages of each other’s lives.

Anything I say or declare to be ‘true’ can never be anything more than my truth, as the mere act of looking at my declared truth changes it and queues it up for further revision. Everything I say can never be more than ‘near as I can tell’. If I arm twist anyone into seeing it as more than that, I am out to control you, out of my own insecurities, yes, but deeper than that, I am out to deny my own reality-creation reality and I’m needing your cosignature of that as a reinforcement. In other words, I’m hiding. And I’m creating culture as a hiding place, because that is something else we cannot not-do as the creators that we are.

Hanging on rigidly to declarations of absolute truth is also a reality creating projection option that we all have. I personally went through a long phase this life as a Christian where I ‘knew that I knew’ that the Bible was ‘the inerrant, infallible, God-breathed word of God’. The reality felt very blissfully watertight, until the glitches in this matrix of my own creation (and collective archetypal co-creation) began to become apparent to me, inviting me to investigate my paradigm, and then later to see this paradigm being generated from my own reality creating generator.

This then awakens us to the fact that we are unable to turn our reality creating mechanism to any ‘off’ position. But what we can do is take responsibility for what we are creating and seek to alter the reality of what we are creating. How we do that is up for creation and continual re-creation (divine play).

In SoulFullHeart, our truth is that parts of ourselves hold the deeper textures of this reality generating mechanism and only through relationally getting to know and feel them is any substantive and quantum change able to occur in our lives. Short of getting to know our sub-personalities, we are left with a part of us holding our consciousness hostage and embarking on yet another self help trip.

Your Higher Self can very much interrupt this pattern through your awakening choice and intention to get to know and feel these aspects of yourself. We find it truly is magical.

We get to make up our own reality, and admit that we are, and recreate it as often as we need to, evolving from one truth to another, to another.

That’s crazy hot stuff man, and I don’t think anything you are smoking compares! 

Raphael Awen

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