Energy Update: Uplift, Realizations, And Congestions Clearing Process

By Jelelle Awen


These January energies are just INtense! They feel quite constant to me, an ongoing showering ray of loving light to integrate into our every living cell and our higher hearts and our previously sleepy DNA and every part of us too. This light bath shower started with the Supermoon on January 1st, offering New Earth Now energies with the New Year through the illuminating energy of the Divine Feminine. Then, the 1:11:11 portals opened, offering an emphasis on BEcoming your Butterfly Self, emerging from your necessary cocoon phase, leaving behind more expressions of your caterpillar life and former self.
The codes coming in now offer an ongoing UPlifting opportunity. Lifting UP to see, feel, and observe with so much compassion about what your choices have brought you from the vantage point of your 5D Self. From this higher view, you are more open to receive guidance from your Higher Self/Metasoul Aspects and Star Family, plus wisdoms and directions from your Higher Heart. These codes offer to become more witness to your life, like an Angel ‘looking down’ to view and observe with SO MUCH love what is occurring in it. The Angelic frequencies within you are being activated now so you can more remember this and embody it. Definitely this offers a higher viewpoint. From within…not just in outer connection with Archangels and angels, although this connection is also deepening.
This is a REALization phase….being REAL about where you are in your life; what is reflecting your highest timeline, New Earth reality and what is not. Your 5D Self receives infusions of love and support with the Divine to hold with objectivity and increasing clarity what your next steps are toward manifestation. These next steps may include completing relationships that used to serve you and yet, now, may be looping in conflict, dissonance, or just running out of ground. What was once a growth crucible is now feeling limiting. This seems especially to be happening in romantic relationships right now….those more anchored to 3D and yet also those felt to be more sacred unions or soul-based.
The REALizations of your reality brings up congestions to be seen, felt, experienced, and released.Congestions purging up in relationships as codependent patterns create ‘no go’ places that limit intimacy and vulnerability and being REAL. Congestions in the body, nasal cavities, sinuses, lungs are coming up to be cleared too. Sometimes quite a bit of ‘stuff’ there, a lot of mucous and phlegm moving with sneezing, hacking, coughing, blowing runny noses and wiping drippy eyes. A congestion is a reaction to the toxicities that you’ve been able to previously tolerate, yet now, as your overall light ratio increases, no longer can. Congestions are also due to a lack of digestion, ongoing indigestion caused from being in non-resonant frequencies to your authentic self.
You may find that your body is struggling right now to ‘keep up’ with this uplift, realization, and congestion release process. Many people are getting ‘sick’ and experiencing flus right now as this process intensifies. Offering soothing energies of self love and compassion can provide a container to support your body. Offering the sense that these congestions NEED to come up in order to make more room for the new as well. Surrendering to the ‘get well’ process that is happening here on the every living cell level. I talk more about relating with ascension symptoms here:
UPlifting, REALizing, and clearing the congestions are all sacred aspects of our ongoing ascension process as we move into MORE lived in and loved moments of New Earth in this Now!


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension. She also offers a 33 Day Video Blog Series called Metamorphosis. Visit for more information about space holding sessions and a free intro session, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings at



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