SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Unanchoring From 3D Timelines Into Co-creation of 5D New Earth Timelines

It’s the release of our weekly Museletter! Offering ALL of our writings, videos, events, healing offerings, and audio blogs for the week!

SoulFullHeart Co-Creator, Teacher and Facilitator, Jelelle Awen, launches this week’s Museletter with an invitation to feel your personal process around unanchoring from 3D timelines in order to 5D New Earth timelines. She offers that this process can be quite painful, especially when it comes to letting go of 3D consciousness-based relationships, career, etc. in order to let in the new and arising consciousness that you are awakening into and learning how to integrate into your life:

“Parts of you (and your soul) are becoming more consciously unhappy though, wanting more, dreaming of MORE, aching for love and soul resonance. Awakening experiences such as Kundalini surges, non-duality driplines, glimpses of Divine realization of Oneness are all serving to create your NEW, higher vibrationally-based timeline. You start to draw relationships that are more resonant in these higher vibe timelines…….with souls that, again, have agreed to BE with you in this next phase of the experiment.”

Also featured this week is the recording of Jelelle and Raphael’s appearance on the Enlightened Loveheart and Soul Show where they offered many timely pieces about embracing and loving your shadow and more challenging or “negative” emotional states rather than resisting or working hard to “clear” them once and for all when the process actually goes much deeper, with many gifts along the way.

Raphael and Jelelle will be featured guests on the Enlightened Loveheart and Soul Show again next week, sharing their sacred stories about finding their way through many different obstacles in their lives, including romantic experiences, inhabiting their physical bodies in the healthiest ways possible, and overall learning how integrate their awakening experiences in all areas of their life together as a couple and as individuals too. Tune in on May 2nd to catch this broadcast live!

There are many amazing articles to take in this week, from Jelelle, Raphael, Kalayna, and Gabriel. Gabriel has begun a new blog series called ‘Recreating HIStory’ that explores the heart and soul history of men, the legacy they share as a gender expression, and the possibilities alive in revisiting these timelines in order to find deep healing for all men in the collective and as individuals too.

This week, Gabriel and Kalayna have released a new video in their Practical Ascension: 7 Key Areas Of Life series. This one features them sharing about their personal processes related to the financial area of life.

Jelelle and Raphael are both offering private, one on one 90 minute sessions with them over zoom to bridge to your awakening process, locate where you are, and your highest timeline manifestation. More information here:

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Read the latest Museletter here.

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