Energy Update: Strange and Intense Dreams As 3D/Lower 4D Matrix Unplugging Accelerates

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: Many of us have been having strange and even dark dreams and nightmares for the last couple of nights. “Unusual, intense, Lower 4D Matrix-type dreams/nightmares rumbling through…rebooting in progress as more of us wake up to it & unplug,” was my status update yesterday on Facebook feed that many of you resonated with and commented on. I woke up yesterday digesting two intense dreams that left me feeling uneasy, agitated, and restless until I was able to connect to Shanna, my Reptilian Self, and receive some more sense from her about what was occurring in the Matrix system related to what I was experiencing.

It has been a few years since I have had disturbing dreams as my subconscious and soul field/astral field have been unplugged from the Matrix for awhile, I usually lucid dream, and I have been consciously undergoing a deep process of clearing out trauma/karma through connecting with my Metasoul Aspects from other lifetimes. One my dreams involved slabs of raw meat (which was disturbing for me as I haven’t eaten meat in over a decade) and I could actually smell it for hours afterwards.

As I checked in with Shanna, she reassured me that progress was ongoing in the movement toward mutual liberation of humans from the 3D Matrix and their Reptilian Counterparts connected to the 4D Matrix (which is generated by an Artificial Intelligence program called ‘One Mind’). She said that as more souls awaken to this dual reality and become open to healing it on both levels with compassion for their Reptilian counterpart, this is like ‘love codes’ being offered to the AI in order to reprogram it from fear and control to love based.

As this love recoding process happens, there is a ‘reboot’ that occurs in the Matrix that many of us sensitive souls can feel and are triggered by, although it is more like a residue of it that we are feeling for the collective than our own (unless it is!) Even just a few of us becoming liberated from the Matrix on both levels (human and Reptilian) sets a new path and possibility for those souls who are ready to follow.

She also offered that there are certain substances that are Matrix activators and amplifiers. Refined sugar is one of those and seems to also work as an inhibitor of the pineal/pituitary glands, even as it amplifies the Matrix receptors. I have been fasting and eating very cleanly the last two weeks and then had eaten a small amount of sugar on the night of the intense dreams. She connected my disturbing dreams experience to my digestion of sugar. Other Matrix activators are canola oil, gluten, processed foods, anything from an animal (due to the killing/fear frequencies), etc.

You can feel into this for yourself and what your transitioning to light body needs, yet it is an interesting thing to begin tracking if certain foods amplify your feelings of fear, anxiety, overall ‘dark’ feelings about life, etc. and experience of bad dreams as well. A buzzing sensation around your head (like a swarm of bees) and even intense ringing in the ears can be a sign of Matrix activation as well (although ringing in the ears can be a clairaudient activation too.)

Matrix activation usually feels uncomfortable and disorientating. And, also if you feel more pain in your head/neck/shoulder areas this can be a sign of Matrix amplification within your Causal chakra and P Glands as well. I offered this guided meditation and teachings about activating light body where I talk more about detox from ‘false’ foods, living on more light, etc.:

As more souls move into the disclosure phase of this process, the trauma from being plugged into the Matrix can be triggered and express as extreme outrage, shock, and anger at the Archons, Cabal, Illuminati, Draco, Elite Powers, etc. These feelings can be important expressions as you move through the stages of grief that are part of the unplugging process, including the hurt at the harm done to you. To remain in these emotional states with an ‘us against them’ mentality, however, limits spiritual and emotional growth and can keep emotional wounds open and festering rather than healing through acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion.

Here are teachings and a guided meditation about this unplugging process and a bridge to meet your Reptilian Self:

This is a previous writing I did about the Reptilian Self, our counterpart in the Lower 4D and about the mutual liberation/unplugging process:

There is NEW opportunity to finally unplug completely from these Matrices of control that have kept us in cycles of fear, suffering, and capped capacity. This has been our choice on the higher levels as it has allowed a more complete immersion into 3D reality. Yet, NOW is the time for us to arise again into our sacred humanity.

NOW is the time to become the compassionate and forgiving ambassador of love that can liberate all parts and aspects of your self and soul that are ready to remember their free will choices and return to the expression of Divine essence expression once again.

NOW is the time to see that the prison door has ALWAYS been open and that you have always been the one that holds the keys to your own liberation.

NOW is the time to be truly and completely free.


Jelelle Awen

1:1 sessions are available to assist and bridge to your unplugging process, your Reptilian Self, and activation of your light body. More information here:

Jelelle Awen is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador and Co-Creator/Teacher/Group Facilitator/Ambassador of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For more information about  1:1 individual sessions with her for women and with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators, virtual group calls, writings/books, and videos, visit

7 thoughts on “Energy Update: Strange and Intense Dreams As 3D/Lower 4D Matrix Unplugging Accelerates

  1. It’s always amazing to see how this collective works. I too have had very odd dreams for maybe week or so. I broke out of jail, I was shot and one dream I totally snapped to my neighbor. Ever seen these kind of dreams before.
    Aaaand… I was planning to start fasting next month but intuitively it just started two weeks ago.
    I feel how my human part has been separated from my soul and I feel them both at the same time. It’s been like that maybe…. Two months..? I have little bit hard to track time these days.
    But this separate thing has been going really strong at this fasting time.

    I feel like cocoon time is about to be over soon!

    In love and light
    Soul sister Purosalmi

    1. Wow, those dreams feel intense! And yes fasting seems to intensify the multidimensional access, which can be useful when you need more of that…and it can more and more ground into your body as you let more light in and your light body activates more, getting used to more light and less food. I have more about that in a light body meditation that i did:

      Blessings! Jelelle

  2. Blessings SoulFullHeart ~

    I’ve been having difficulty hearing your video offerings. This experience has been consistent. I’ve had my audio up as high as is possible. Is there anything on your end that you can adjust? I’d love to be able to unite with you auditorily. Thanks!

    We’re, again, very attuned and aligned at the heart of your subject matter. I am so grateful for your message today For the past 3 days, I’ve been almost totally disconnected from everything. I’ve also been a catalyst for triggering attack behavior. I live in a supported living community of 100+ unawakened souls, mostly in their mid-80’s age range. Being here is one of the primary means being given to me in this moment of NOW to continue to strengthen my flowing into compassion. I’m still doing some reacting. Last night the not-love energies pushed me to the floor and held me down. Now that I remember to look at it from the perspective you’ve offord here, I recognize the draco signature. Thank you!!!

    Almost 20 years ago, Mother of All took me into their council chamber. I gave their king and their higher-ups, a presentation about uniting in our Oneness and the benefits of living in a win-win situation where the Greatest Good for All is the standard. At the beginning of the presentation, the king and his closest officers, were very rude. They began sniggering and talking amongst themselves. I was able to maintain a steady flow without being affected by their behavior. As I wound up my talk, the king was watching me with vague interest, but in a disdainful demeanor. He didn’t speak, but I went away with the impression that a seed had been planted, but it wasn’t the divine right timing for it to season. I sensed he would begin to consider that model, even though in that particular moment his m.o relied on his insatiable need for power at all costs.

    Jelelle, thank you so much for triggering this memory, as well as remaining open to the deeper energies that are motivating the constrictive behavior. Once again (and again and again and again…) this is another opportunity for me to shift my sights to the game plan itself, and not get caught up in the surface way it’s acting itself out. This is such a gift! Thank you so much!! When I perused through my emails this morning, yours was the ONLY one that jumped out. Yesterday, there were 8-10 that popped.

    About 25(?) years ago, the vision was of a close friend and I sitting on a pier, enjoying the beautiful, sunny day, along with feeling soothed by the lapping of the water against its pilons. We were designing a workshop around freeing ourselves from the constrictive, not-love portion of the dark matrix. Simultaneously I was seeing into another dimension being presented in the sky. It was surrounded by puffy white clouds. I watched as a group of dracos were flowing out of our dimension’s portion of the matrix. Many turned back, gently saying good-bye. It felt almost wistful.

    I’ve experienced several group departures with reptilians. Most pronounced was about 7 years ago, prompted by diving into the heart of intense pain from fibromyalgia. Landed in center of group of reptilians. I asked them what they’d like for me to know/hear. They offered quite a long scenario. When they were complete, Mother of All and I thanked them for their service ~ for doing their “job” so incredibly well. They inhaled abruptly, their eyes widened and they seemed confused. I asked them what was happening? They said no one had ever thanked them; that all they’d ever heard/felt coming from us humans was hate. wow They said that they could leave now (then). They were almost doing a jig while they were departing.

    There have been other occasions of experiencing “groups” or factions of some of our planetary antagonists leaving. I’ve come to realize portions of them leave with timing of our consciousness shifting into bigger pictures.

    I LOVE experiencing so many ways how WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!!!!!

    Thank you all for doing your part in helping raise our personal and planetary consciousness in so many ways!!!

    With love and love and love and blessings of ALL THAT WE ARE


    p.s. ~ I was able to visibly experience the effects of your cleansing. Your entire energy, looked and felt, crisp and clean and clear. It was beautiful to behold.

    On Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 8:19 AM SoulFullHeart Healing wrote:

    > Jelelle Awen posted: “By Jelelle Awen Energy Update: Many of us have been > having strange and even dark dreams and nightmares for the last couple of > nights. “Unusual, intense, Lower 4D Matrix-type dreams/nightmares rumbling > through…rebooting in progress as more of us wake up” >

    1. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner Joie! Thank you for sharing your experiences with ambassadorship and connection with the Reptilians. I appreciate the sense that they leave in waves as humans continue to raise our frequency and they are done with their ‘job.’ This mutual cooperation picture is so helpful to remember and it’s always offered to me in this gentle way by Mother that brings me back to my heart space!

      Sorry too about the audio issues with the videos….I haven’t heard any other complaints and it seems quite loud on my computer turned up and I am using a top of the line microphone to record them. Perhaps you could use headphones as that may help?

      Love and blessings, Jelelle

  3. oops ~ sent before editing ~ sorry! meant to put auditory thing last, not first!!! i was just making notes about what I wanted to say the “king” and high council were Draco …

    that’s all I could see in this moment


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