Are You Embodying The Codes Coming In?

By Jelelle Awen

Those 11:11:11 portal codes (STRONG ones at that) may be ‘waiting’ in your soul field. They have come flooding in from the Great Cosmic Sun, supported by SOULar winds and geostorms, for the last week now. Yet, these codes/downloads/activations may be ‘hanging out’ in your aura, waiting for the activation and conscious connection to your ascension chakras. These chakras allow for the simulation and integration of the 11:11:11 codes. They seem to be especially key when it comes to embodiment of these codes into your body.

Here is a guided meditation with me to connect with your ascension chakras allowing more sense of what is waiting for you to download:

It becomes in this stage of ascension so much about embodiment. Embodiment is the bringing of these high vibrational frequencies of light that are continually flooding into our atmospheres and Gaia’s too INTO your body, INTO your every living cell. This leads to the activation of your light body ~ your fifth dimensionally (and higher) anchored vehicle of travel beyond 3D constraints and conditions.

When people mention embodiment of your light body, it can feel conceptual and theoretical more than tangible. It SOUNDS good, but what does it actually mean for and to you? Sometimes feeling what it feels like when deeper embodiment isn’t happening or is blocked can help. This blocking can lead to feeling floaty, dizzy, just ‘not here’….basically not feeling grounded enough to the physical on a daily basis. Responding to practical life (when it is needed) can become very challenging. Physical disease and illness is a sign of lack of deeper embodiment. Addictions and ‘deathstyles’ (as I call them) are a block to embodiment as well. Light body looks like a healthy, vital body or what you could call a ‘love body’.
Embodiment is also about a deeper grounding of these light codes into your emotional body. The emotional body can be overlooked when it actually is critical to embodiment and not connecting to it can lead to a big anchoring to 3D energies through undigested trauma frequencies. This can lead to acute anxiety, resistance, and fear related to the ascension process and just being in life. The more porous and current your emotional body is the more you can emotionally let in higher frequencies as they come in. The more you can emotionally digest them and any reactions that surface UP. Being current with your emotional body pivots on digestion of traumas….both from this-life and other timelines/lifetimes too.

Bypassing your emotional body and emotional trauma by using higher vibrational frequencies just doesn’t ‘work’ for long. The trauma always find a way to express itself….often through dysfunction relationships, abuse cycles, money issues, health issues, etc. Experiencing transcendent frequencies while being grounded in your heart AND body is the opportunity offered by this new phase of ascension.

Deeper embodiment of your light body and your emotional body and higher self in your body……comes from the openness to FEEL anything that blocks the letting in of love (which is ultimately what these codes ARE.) This letting in of love is so important to the arisement of your sacred humanity!

Jelelle Awen

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Being Prepared To Receive For 11:11:11 Portal

By Jelelle Awen

We are being prepared to receive on a galactic level, to let in the UPgrades/downloads coming through even now, yet especially on the ‘marker’ of this Sunday 11/11/11. This ‘being prepared’ feels like it is happening BEyond what can really tracked by our minds. This portal is about bringing MORE of our higher timeline self energies INTO our bodies and everyday experience of reality. The main ground of preparation is of the body itself, as it is the densest expression of our BEing. Also, the SOULar winds have been high in the last day, along with a G-1 class geostorm, according to

Headaches, neck and back pain, infections/flus/colds (that feel that way but aren’t actually about bacteria as 3D relates to it,) extreme sleepiness and drowsiness, lightheadedness are all possible right now as we flow into the 11:11 energies. You may be feeling some of these and trying to push through it to do ‘normal’ activities…..this could be pretty challenging and just not possible right now.

Even if you have to take this time ‘off’ from doing during this portal opening, it will be worth it for what you can potentially connect with and receive in the resting. This is an aspect of surrender to the process, to trust that something special is going on here, and that you are being held through it with Divine love on ALL levels, even and especially on the physical.

I have had quite a high energy level since landing here in Victoria, Canada a month ago, yet felt a dip in energy the last two days and much sleepiness and need to rest and go within. I connected this to the 11:11 portal and rested into it, letting in guidance and clarities from my Lemurian/First Nations Metasoul aspect/sister named Atta that has been activated by moving here. Yoga with Adriene (available on Youtube), salt baths, and walks around the water have been helping with the integration.

I’ve been experiencing (and our community too) much manifestation in an outward way this last month as my higher timeline BECOMES reality now after energizing and visualizing it for the last two years especially. This feels like a harvest time for those of us needed to serve and to lead the next phases of ascension and awakening. The gifts and harvest we receive are connected to the service of love, always, not personal or self image gratification…although the two are entwined and connected as you move into higher vibrational consciousness.

This process of receiving is accelerating in this now. Real movement INside and as a collective is possible and occurring. ALL the support you need is available if you ask for it and open UP to receive….especially during this powerful and special portal opening of 11:11:11!


Raphael Awen and I will be hosting a livestream tomorrow on FB on 11:11 at 11:11am PST (Vancouver, Canada time). We’ll respond to your comments, questions, and also co-lead a guided meditation to connect to the 11:11 codes. If you can’t make it live, the recording will be available on my FB feed and also on our SoulFullHeart Experience Youtube Channel.

Jelelle Awen
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