Choosing From Love, To Fall In Love

By Leena Colibri



This mysterious thing we call “falling in love”… what is it but a letting go into the shiny bright light ahead that seems to call, seems to light up a pathway through unknown territory, seems to warm something in the far reaches of your heart that you’d forgotten were ever there?

What else can we call the following of a heart stream that starts in a moment then trickles inward and suddenly pours over every part of us before we even know what we’ve said “yes” to?

Beyond an idea of romance that has us on our knees in ecstatic joy and wonder, this is a bigger embrace of a call that beckons us onward at an as yet un-lived-in pace for in the foreground of our lives we have only settled for the crumbs of what I can only call “the real thing”. Once we have tasted that tender morsel of what truly makes our hearts beam with wonder, awe and reverence, we cannot turn away, we cannot opt out, we cannot fully return to that cave from whence we came.

It is an impossibility to behold the full intrusion of love’s infusion if we do not fall in love all at once and with a perseverance that we can only truly know from our own love lights answering to those of others up ahead of us.

This is what it means to really love and be loved. This is what it feels like to be held in and led by love. This is what it feels like to say “yes” to ourselves and our transformation. This…is where all our choices should come from, and where our choosing will always be challenged to come from. This is what it feels like to truly live – to know that love is always at your side, bellowing from the other side, and beckoning you homeward.

If you can feel all of this… welcome home, for this is where your truest heart rests even in its insatiable restlessness of always wanting more and more. If you cannot in this moment feel any of this… perhaps your heart is asking for more of you to reside inside it, to know it, revere it, honour it, remember it… once again and maybe, this time, for always.


Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


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