We Are Movers Of Love

by Kalayna Colibri



We are beloved movers of legacies and conditioning, called upon to go into our own as souls and human hearts, but also to serve others in doing the same. We are ultimately movers of LOVE.
We are many generations of soul-light broadcasters and love-light healers. Each phase has offered another layer of exposure of what needs to be healed and even another layer of healing in the same sacred breath. We are all healers with LOVE.
Today I feel invited to let in that so much of what we move through as we heal is not just what belongs to us, but what belongs to All, for we cannot be separate though we also individuate for what can feel like long, necessary phases before reuniting with this All-ness consciousness in heart, body and soul. The hardest part, in my experience so far, is learning to love this…
We are bridge builders from ourselves to ourselves and ourselves to each other. We are connected, sometimes by chasms, but the more bridges we can build with love and care, the more supple the skin beneath the rashes of reaction becomes. This is what it means to be in relationship and to be a healing balm to ourselves and one another. This is what it means to be in conscious commUNITY.
Claiming our roles in the creation of the worlds that we live in, both inner and outer, is the opportunity at the doorstep of our hearts. We have the capacity to feel it, heal it and transmute it ALL in the way that love wants to partner with us in doing so!
May this next moment of life be one filled with and focused on love for every single reaction, desire, disappointment, joy, and angst, for even if it isn’t always from ourselves, it is from somewhere, and pushing away is what has perpetuated the more negative, lower frequencies in the first place and also what has not let the joyful moments in to do the work and transformation they have wanted to do. We do not have to become anything we don’t want to, but we CAN feel it through to its roots and love the soil it was planted in, for the ultimate source and co-creator has really been LOVE all along…


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com

2 thoughts on “We Are Movers Of Love

  1. This one spoke to me more deeply than anything I’ve been drawn to in quite some time. Exactly what I needed to hear at this time, and written beautifully. The warm glow of truth grows ever outward as I look inward to find what discordant echoes remain to be cleared (gladly taken on by choice for the many each day who seek what they know I am here to provide — resolution).

    Thank you for reminding me of what I resolved to come here for in the first place. Though I’ve learned to breathe it daily, naturally, for my very sanity — the difference is made with the intention of returning my conscious attention to every loving, healing breath.

    Thank you…

    1. Wow, Anthony, thank YOU… I feel your heart and your response touches me. Yes, as we live into our truth and heal all “echoes” as you call them, the healing flows outward and affects others on their healing journeys too. It is something I’ve learned to breathe and let in daily for my own sanity as well, though of course the inner process can feel insane at times. It also helps to be in a community of like-heart-and-souled others who can support this inner journey as it continues going inward and expressing outward. We do offer space-holding sessions should you want to be felt in your own healing journey and related to more deeply: http://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions Sending you much love… ❤

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