You Can’t Steer A Parked Car


By Raphael Awen

The reason your next steps may not feel so clear is that a part of you has been resisting the natural movement, the flow, the direction.

An all too common way parts of us do this is to focus on the ‘impossibility’ of the big step as a way to not take any small steps. Big steps are just a series of small steps.

You can’t steer a parked car and a parked car cannot take you anywhere.

The small steps are crucial to confirming guidance, building trust and being en-couraged to take the next steps. Big movements are always a process, rather than an epic end-of-life-as-you-know-it, mammoth, swallow-you-whole kind of choice that a part of you may be amping it up to be.

If life is in fact facing you with a life or death kind of choice, I venture to say that that is what a part of you has created by resisting the many small choice points along the way. Life never gives you what you cannot bear, but the opposite can sure seem true when we haven’t been paying attention. Parts of us then can play victim to life and change in a seemingly all-too-real reality, hiding the fact we created that reality.

A decision to leave a partner or a marriage shouldn’t be what stops you from beginning to bring your truth, both to yourself and to your mate. Start there and see where that leads. What changes can you embrace in your career while feeling and not denying the desire to leave that career?

Life at its core is about change. Trying to be in life with a resistive relationship with change is like trying to stop the wind. You can resist change, but you only end up resisting yourself and where change wants to take you.

When you don’t change, you become more and more uninteresting to yourself, others and even to life itself too. You are contributing less to the community you are a part of and so naturally you feel less safe and less trusting that life will reciprocate and meet your needs. Your anxiety becomes palpable and obnoxious as you demand that others look after the fallout of your resistance to life, and the dis-ease that you are manifesting around you and in you.

If you are allowing me to speak this straight to you today, I can feel that it is because you really do want to take responsibility to change your relationship to change, and return to actually being in life.

You bring huge air into the room when you do that. You water the souls of everyone around you, which includes all of us, because we are all connected and we are all one as well as individuals at the same time.

Talk about a high spiritual calling, like no other, just living your life, to the fullest!

I felt a need to speak this straight today as I am gathering my own courage again for my next steps, and I so want to be around, up close and personal with this kind of very exciting life giving energy.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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2 thoughts on “You Can’t Steer A Parked Car

  1. Thank you Raphael for a very timely article.

    I’m posting the whole article with attribution. I was unable to find the copyright notice on your site. I usually like to post them at the bottom. Please let me know your preferences. Gratitude, Cyrus


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