Useless Love


By Raphael Awen

Love that cannot be felt or known isn’t of any value.

You and I may be infinite love, surrounded by infinite love, and returning to infinite love, but to whatever degree we cannot feel this, it actually isn’t true in our felt reality of what it feels like to be living life as us.

It is from the heart, or from the emotional body, that our relationship with love is governed and moderated. We came here in order to not just be love, but to have a relationship with love.

That meant dialling up for ourselves having the felt sense of being separated from love and then finding our way back to love. We needed to make love a perceived ‘other’ to ourselves, in order to feel it, observe it, so that we could come to know it in a way that we previously could not by remaining in a oneness place.

BUT, in order to do that, to open ourselves to the full array of love and not-love, and the comparative duality between them, it necessitated that we open ourselves to the full range of both love’s presence and love’s absence. When I feel the staggering atrocity of that, and all the pain we experience because of that, I can only heart-surmise that it made sense to us from the vantage point of our previous domain, as we could clearly see and feel the unfathomable depths of beauty and bounty in being reintroduced to love in this way – forgetting (giving up having) in order to remember (to return to membership).

(Insert here: every love story and every story for that matter, as every story is a story ultimately about love. Insert every piece of music ever written, every photo taken, every piece of poetry, every song, every language, every life lived…that’s the deal we are doing here…that’s the proverbial meaning of life…we know what the intended meaning of life IS now…we just are wanting to get on with knowing and feeling that meaning!)

So all of this comes back to being hinged on the heart. Our heart is the doorkeeper to love, this love that we were, this love that we still are, this love that we at core yearn for more of. The crumbs of love that we once came to know in previous years of our lives understandably became the treasures and addictions we are unwilling to risk losing later in life given our great hunger and need for love. The source of our pain and suffering and the disease in our bodies is sourced in this hunger and do-or-die for love. We even must play the victim claiming love’s unfairness in the courts of life for entire lifetimes as part of our personal dramas of this return to the love that we are.

When we can see and feel that it is our heart that is regulating our experience with life, it kind of puts all the priority on getting to know and feel what’s going on in the heart, right? I mean, what else really matters? Even the point of all ‘matter’ is love!

I’m pumped on feeling and finding ways to explore this gatekeeper called the heart. Without this exploration, every other endeavour, in every arena of life is suspect of being a cover for what isn’t happening in the heart domain.

In SoulFullHeart, we have and continue to experience profound shifts and movements with ourselves and the world around us through what we call ‘parts work’, getting to know and feel the parts of ourselves that make up what we have simply called our personality. In getting to know and feel a single distinct part of ourself is where the actual return to love that I’m describing above occurs.

Remember, I explained above that as a soul we leave perceived and actual oneness (while magically retaining it somehow) to experience a fractured reality, the whole point of which is the return to oneness, albeit at a much greater realization. As in the spiritual body, so it is in the emotional body. We fragment in order to return to wholeness. SoulFullHeart doesn’t fragment the emotional body, but rather deeply acknowledges and gets to know the fragmentation that already exists in us, the fragmentation we chose, the fragmentation that governs and moderates our relationship to love, and then from there, renegotiates a conscious letting-in of this love that we are…that we needed to forget and remember…so that we could actually feel and know the love that we are….one sacred moment at a time!

Okay, that’s a lot to take in isn’t it? It’s a lot to write about in the moment! 🙂

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Thanks for reading! Thanks for wanting! I look forward to hearing from you.

Raphael Awen

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