Energy Update: 1:11 Codes Initiate The Next Phases Of Your Ongoing Metamorphosis

By Jelelle Awen


1:11 is HERE and the ‘pregame’ show of energies leading up to the ‘main event’ has been intense, to say the least. The energies have been ramping up starting at the beginning of the year on January 1st and continuing on through today. I’ve been offered by my guides that January is going to a mega month of both activating AND integrating Ascension energies….completing with another Supermoon Divine Feminine illumination at the end of the month. These energies are impacting those of us who track them and are sensitive to them AND, also, it is bringing an accelerated pace of illumination to the ongoing disclosure process of hidden shadow for collective consciousness. All tracks and rates and paces are important and sacred right now for EVERY soul; none better than the others, even if some of us have chosen to be at the front of the wave and help lead the way.

One of the interesting things for me (and maybe for you too) is that the more amplified the energies are, the less my linear mind can track, my brain goes good kind of fuzzy, and ‘loose mind’ is the ‘disorder’ of the day. I have been drawn to the beach for the last four days and the more codes I take in through sunlight, the more this effect is amplified for me. It has been difficult for me to do ‘basic’ things such as count change or deal with money at all (cannot remember the exchange rate here even after three years!) as money is feeling less and less ‘real’; remember basic language, even English!; track what I have said or not said or who I have told what to; recall what happened yesterday or even earlier that day; track time in a linear way!

I have learned to surrender to this altered-ness as an important aspect of the process and what is actually more real to our multidimensional self, more true to our nature as sacred humans. I am blessed to be in a community where I can ‘lean in’ to those with more mental facilities at times and everyone is wonderfully patient with me! I enjoy these states, honestly, as parts of me trust the process that is going on and have let go in many of ways of any self image around ‘having it altogether’. Being in this place makes it challenging to track these energies though and then try to describe them in words to share! It is SO worth it to try right now to communicate though, because it IS an important time to share, to serve, and to lead for those of us called to do and BE so.

The Metamorphosis video series that I’ve been doing every day since January 1st has been interesting to engage with as such strong energies come in. I just ‘show up’ for it and words seem to flow out. I can feel those of you who are taking the videos in, even though it will be in a ‘future’ now from when I record them. Most days I forget what I even said during the videos and have to listen to the recording again in order to write the description at the end of the day! I am getting much help from the higher dimensions to deliver and show up for these every day, it feels like, and I am very grateful for it! Somehow I am also able to hold sessions because it is service; it is important, and my heart is leading and holding the space there with women that I feel honored to serve love with.

It is occurring to me in this moment that these 1:11 codes are Metamorphosis codes. These codes are being offered to wake up the caterpillars that are TIRED of crawling and WANT to transform; those that WANT to go into a surrendered cocoon state and then bust their way out of it; those that WANT to FLY and arise into the place of BEcoming a butterfly.  In a recent video, I used the analogy of the caterpillar to describe the 3D self; the cocooning state to describe the 4D self (including the ‘breaking out’ stage); and the butterfly state to describe the 5D self (the higher self consciousness coming into and integrating into the physical body). You can watch that video here:

These 1:11 codes wake up the caterpillars AND they also seem to be supporting those of you in lingering in the cocoon phase too. You may be discovering reNEWED desire and corresponding conviction to break free from the previous cozy caves and necessary void spaces. Parts of you may be feeling frustration at what before felt comforting. You are SEEING that the cocoon is there and it is starting to feel limiting. Oh, it felt safe and good for a time, especially when so much of the caterpillar 3D life was being given up and lost and completed.

That cocoon has been made of all the things you have learned; the lessons you have bravely walked out; the tears you have shed. That cocoon protected you at times from receiving even more judgement from others still anchored to 3D and the hurt and shame that can come up in parts of you in reaction to the rejection of your NEW you, your ideas, your visions, your inspirations. You became your own landing place for all this instead and baked in your own energies, developing and cultivating an inner support system to replace the 3D one that no longer served you.

Time to break out, bust out, come free of the cocoons…these 1:11 codes seem to vibrate to this frequency of break out. This is the phase then of rebirth, as it feels like 2018 will offer all of us. Being reborn and RISKING to move into the NEW you by being vulnerable and sharing again; by claiming again; by desiring again; by trusting others again; by revealing yourself again. This time, though, you don’t have to wear the masks that you used to need. You don’t have to hide your authentic feelings or soul gifts or sensitivities to everything. Also, you can find and draw and ‘hang out’ with other butterflies. You find your tribe. You call your pack. You claim your community.

This really in so many ways has been the process for 2017 too. 2018 seems to be taking it to another level of MORE in order to reach MORE. It is about actually LIVING the New Earth Now existence that your soul kNOWS is possible…in ALL areas of your life and in as many moments as is possible. To be real. To be authentic. To feel. To love. And to fly more…because your wings are ready and the skies are clear for taking off and UP!!

Much LOVE to you on 1:11….Injoy the codes! I’ll be sharing a video later offering more about these codes and a guided meditation to connect with and receive them more. Here is a link to watch all the videos so far in the 33 Day series that started on January 1st:


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, Divine Feminine and Masculine, emotional body integration through parts work, quantum healing through Metasoul Aspect connection, sacred union, light body transformation, and much more!

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