Teleportation Through Third Eye, Imagination, Emotional Body Healing

By Jelelle Awen
Where do you want to go? Your consciousness can take you there, wherever, whenever. Connecting with higher dimensional aspects of your Metasoul/Higher Self can take you there. Feeling the parts of you that are anchored to 3D reality and helping them let go can take you there. Activating your Ascension Chakras to open UP to galactic and cosmic energies can take you there. Letting go of your 3D conditioned mind’s tight, tight grip on reality, overlaying grid that makes it challenging for wonder to flow through can take you there. Healing your emotional body and the undigested traumas can take you there. Kundalini and Non-dual frequencies coming into your BEing can take you there as parts of you allow for these to come in more.
This is teleportation. Teleporting to other dimensions, other galaxies, other realities, beginning in the super conscious mind, in the ‘imagination’, in the third eye. Someday we will take our bodies too as Star BEing technology is offered to us that allows us to do this. For now, we have the gifts of our soul that kNOW how to do this and BE this teleportation.
It helps to be in the Now moment, close your eyes, use Solfeggios or other music, dedicate the time without outside distractions…..go within. The practice of this going within opens up the inner landscapes. It turns on your personal teleportation ‘device’ from within. It fires up your Merkabah – light body vehicle anchored to 5D and higher – that can take you ANYWHERE you wish to go.
During teleportation visits and shamanic journeys during meditation, I travel many places and to many dimensions. Once I was teleported to a room made of stars…not really a room as there were no walls. A place made of stars where higher selves were hanging out. I had conversations with some of them, souls that I needed to connect with and understand where they were coming from beyond what their conscious personality would tell me. I have been doing this since I was a very small child and, back then, I called it ‘make believe’ or ‘play pretend’.
My ‘make believe’ world has always been very rich….it continued into my adulthood and only stopped when it transferred from ‘fantasy’ to multidimensional travel. I feel that I was born with my third eye quite activated and Divine love awakened/realized, although it took me until my early 30s to really own and see this. Some people would say and have said (those fused to 3D reality) that I still make it all up or it is all fantasy what I am offering about the ascension process and my personal experiences. I am ok with feeling that I ‘make it all up’ as what a wonderful thing THAT IS! I certainly hope that we all make up our reality as that is where our POWER Is.
In the star room (and other super conscious landscapes) I feel like I can breathe. This is my home frequency. The rest of the time I am bridging 3D with this more natural reality that my soul has experienced more than the 3D one.
Where do you want to go? Back to the womb? To other lifetimes and timelines? To the akashic records? To what we call ‘Golden Earth’/5D frequencies? To Inner Earth? To other planets? It is a relief from 3D reality, the density, the earthboundness, the five senses, to go away on adventures in the etherics, to have conversations beyond what the conscious personality or 3D self can track and understand. You can remain grounded to the earth and go on these adventures. Gaia likes to hold space for them it seems.
Dare to be ‘deluded’. Dare to ‘make it all up’. Dare to be in what feels like fantasy for awhile. The rewards are ongoing integration of these realities into your walking around one. The gifts are a return to the frequency where you feel like home, where you feel love, where you feel the Infinite Possibilities that exist in every moment to BEcome sacred human!
This is a photo taken of a rainbow ring around the sun that came out during a group energy healing session on Sunday. It seemed to offer a support to our growing commUNITY and the GOOD work of healing the heart, soul, energy field that we were engaged with that day and ongoingly.

Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, Divine Feminine and Masculine, emotional body integration through parts work, quantum healing through Metasoul Aspect connection, sacred union, light body transformation, and much more!

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