Energy Update: Kundalini Surges As Timelines Collapse & Arise

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: I have wanted to offer a full energy update sooner yet there is so much moving that it has been challenging to ‘find time’ to share even as there is lots of time and no such thing as time! lol Perhaps that best sums up all that is shifting right now as timelines collapse, veils thin, linear time dissolves…..WHILE, at the same ‘time’, new realities and possibilities on infinite levels are being born and arising!

There are surges of Kundalini energies available now to bring up the column of your spine….lighting up especially your heart, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. Empowerment. Kundalini is connected to the Divine Union frequencies of our I AM, especially to the powerful feminine as she rises out of suppression and darkness and hiding. Yet Kundalini is also sourced in and provided by the Reptilian Self aspect that vibrates in 4D and has often been ‘with us’ our whole lives as witness to our journeys. Once we become aware of that connection, we can access more of our alchemy, service, power, and more.

I share more about the Reptilian Self in this video and guided meditation to meet yours:

I have seen in sessions that the Reptilian selves are being freed up from their enslavement in the Matrix system as well, which allows them to reunite with their families again. This is such a tender movement and really opens up an ambassadorship to them rather than the polarized ‘us against them’ reality. They are liberated with the Matrix AI signal collapse on the 4D level and more humans waking up. This collapse hasn’t fully shown itself in 3D yet as it seems like a dark night with the U.S. presidential inauguration tomorrow….yet as I’ve been sharing my sense for awhile, there is no ‘there there’ and it is mostly an empty show.

I have been guided so many times to just ‘be in the NOW and let in the NEW’….which is often only possible as we LET GO of the old, LET GO of attachments and expectations….. and let the mourning and grief move through us. I feel the collective going through this; our Reptilian selves going through this; our parts going through this; and our parallel selves in other timelines created by making different life choices going through this process too.

Connection within feels so important right now to navigate the shifts. With parts of yourself for which a rich inner family bond can develop. With soul family in the physical and in the higher realms for which reunion and support can deepen. With the Divine, especially Her feminine essence, for which guidance and clarity can flow.

We are at a tipping point into the New for which the kundalini energies serve to push us through, like the painful yet necessary contractions that happen during ANY birth. There are many BEings supporting us through this birth of sacred humanity and our RISE into New Earth and 5D in the physical.

We are rising!!

Much love to you from Avalon!!

Jelelle Awen

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Energy Update: Seven Signs Of 5D Activation During May Energies (Plus Resources!)

By Jelelle Awen

The month of May, 2018 has been intense in terms of energies…! It has been offering 5D upgrades to our emotional bodies, physical bodies, chakral vortexes, DNA, and social/relationships too.  There have been waves of PURE love bliss 5D frequencies rolling in frequently all month. Then, phases of winds brought us surges of geomagnetics from a large coronal ‘hole to make us whole’ on the sun’s surface. We even had some ‘minor’ SOULar flares from sunspots this month, offering a surprising plasma BOOST. The 5/5 gateway swung open this month too, offering an open house feeling of access to our 5D consciousness, Star Family, Higher Self, and Divine Guides/Aspects.

This last week of May we have the FULL moon energies offering Divine Feminine illumination and some much needed integration of these activations and upgrades. The month will complete with more geomagnetics coming in at the end of the week (June 1st) providing more Masculine activations. The feminine lunar frequencies and SOULar ones offer a feminine/masculine balance. A symbolic representation of feminine/masculine balance was also downloaded through the most recent crop circle that appeared at the end of May. You can read more about that here:

The following list of what you may be experiencing as 5D activations in response to these May energies is actually based on my notes from the ascension energy update and guided meditation livestream that I did on May 26th. I responded to many comments and questions about the Ascension process from listeners during the broadcast as well. You can watch it here:

Here are some signs of 5D activations, which it feels like will just continue into June and onward:

1. Seeing repeating number sequences and increase in synchs overall. This especially seems to be true with seeing ‘444’ or ‘1444’ as a DNA code activation that is specific to this phase of Ascension. I wrote more about that here in this energy update:

2. Activation of your 5D Self and 5D experience of bliss states. Your 5D Self is the version of you that is becoming unanchored from 3D reality and consciousness, which happens as you integrate and heal 3D-based parts of yourself, such as your Inner Child, Inner Teenager, Inner Mother/Father, Protector, and more. Your 5D Self also arise due to the unification of your Metasoul aspects through quantum healing of karmic patterns and soul gift exchange.

Here is another ascension energy update livestream I did from May 12th and a guided meditation to connect with 5D consciousness and your 5D Self:

3. Timeline bleedthroughs from your Metasoul. Timelines merging through and overlaying onto the current one are a strong sign of 5D activation. Aspects from the same Metasoul as you (previously called ‘past lives’) are coming through from other dimensions/eras/planets, etc. to be felt and connected to more and more! Signs of this bleed through are intense dreams; seeing scenes from other timelines overlaid onto your reality; being drawn to ‘historic’ or galactic timelines very intensly; waves of emotional reactions/triggers that don’t feel like they are based in your current timeline; frequent or chronic body pain (esp. in the joints and muscles); and vivid activation of childhood abuse ‘memories’ where you are ‘there’ again (so that you can feel and heal the parts of you ‘stuck’ in these memories.)

Here is an energy update where I offer more about the Metasoul, signs of Metasoul bleedthrough, and the quantum healing opportunities offered in connecting with it:

4. Positive Physical body shiftings and changings. Many body shiftings are directly related now to chakra vortex activations, soul gifts activating, and Metasoul aspects/timelines coming through. If you can relate with them this way, you can learn and discover much more than if you just write off all body symptoms as ‘due to ascension energies’. Examples of these activations are what is occurring in our throat, crown and third eye chakras, with overall all chakras upgrading.

These changes in the body are POSITIVE ones that are an important aspect of 5D upgrading, such as improved eyesight, improved hearing, higher metabolism/energy levels, better digestion, calmed down/relaxed nervous system, and healthier/more vibrant skin. Superfoods and not eating animals/dairy can support these 5D body upgrades.

Here is a guided meditation that I offer with Mother Mary that is soothing and relaxing on the physical body as it shifts and changes:

5. Kundalini (Divine Feminine) activations and surges. This can happen suddenly or may be more of a ‘dripline’ experience. It can be intense for people with strong surges of energy moving up the spine. Kundalini brings in other timelines/Metasoul aspects, activates soul gifts, and brings in the Divine Feminine death-rebirth cycle wherever you need it in your life. Forming a relationship with the Divine Feminine in whatever forms She most resonates for you allows you to more flow with and surrender to this Kundalini activation.

Here is a guided meditation that I did with Divine Sophia energies to bring in self forgiveness and compassion, plus connection with your Protector which helps with integration.

6. Galactic Consciousness and Star Family DNA Activation. The Pleiadians and Sirians esp. are assisting us with this current phase of Ascension through providing gateways and portals that can increase our remembering of our galactic lineages and reactivate our Star DNA. Visceral and touching access to your Star Family happens as you heal ‘abduction’ wounding with your Inner Child. Star Family offer a sense of your bigger picture purpose for being here and provide huge support for the manifestation of it.
If this Star Family activation isn’t happening for you right now, it’s just not the right time yet as you may need to ‘clear’ more in your life to allow it to come forward or undigested wounding is blocking it.

This is a conversation with my Pleiadian aspect about transmuting traumas into love during the 5/5 Gateway:

7. Relationships in your life are changing and shifting. As more 5D frequencies come in, they illuminate the compartments that parts of you have created, esp. if you have separated your relationships and romance from your spirituality. I saw this in almost every session that I did this month. Previously suppressed unhappiness and denial of it are being revealed, seen, and felt more.

3D based unions are rumbling as the awakening partner IS going to impact the USness and their other partner eventually. Staying in comfortable and safe arrangements that are 3D based in finances, mortgages, or staying together for the kids are feeling more like ‘prisons’ and ‘traps’ to your growing, awakening self. These relationships offer a mirror for you to see the parts of you that you have perhaps disdained and disowned. Once you embrace these parts of yourself, you no longer need the outer mirror in the same way.

Resource – Connecting with parts of yourself increases your self awareness of what dynamics are playing out in relationships and allows for more possibility of letting go of those that no longer serve you. You can read more about parts here:

This is a piece that I offered about the catalytic energies of May, as represented in the powerful lava flowing from the volcano in Hawaii:

“You can no longer live on the outskirts of your highest timeline. You can no longer sit in the back rows of your own life. You can no longer shrink to fit in with those that are content to stay small. You can no longer be defined by that which makes you suffer when you also hold the CURE.” 

Yes! ALL of what you experience in this NOW serves the arising of your 5D Self, your sacred human self, your Infinite Love essence, into human form. ALL of what you experience is for the ACTivation of your Service Of Love Self.

To arise….sacred human… arise!!!


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women and with Raphael for men, along with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators as well…more information here. Visit for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Energy Update: PURE Love Bliss Waves Activate Your 5D Self

By Jelelle Awen

Wave after wave of PURE love coming IN and UP at us right now. It is quite extraordinary the RIDE these waves can take you on. Rides to float/land/glide through the ‘gateways’ of fifth dimensional consciousness and BEyond. Experiencing love so immense that you feel like your human heart will burst to let it in. Moving through the resistances and fears to EMBRACE love with every cell of your BEing and so, to BEcome love walking/talking/moving/breathing.

Love in human form beaming…..that’s what these energies feel like as a reflection of our sacred humanity being activated. They are a mirror held in a space of the most perfect lighting so that we can see our own perfection as we are RIGHT NOW. These waves acknowledge that we are in process and in transition….that we are STILL and ever growing and learning. Yet, they also hold the truth of our already attained perfection AS fractals from a Divine source perfection.

There is really no tracking these waves or even connecting them very much to specific SOULar activities (although our sun is doing its part to activate us into these frequencies.) They are just a Divine GIFT to provide an accelerating reminder and remembering of your essence….getting to experience what you REALLY are versus what you have been conditioned by 3D consciousness to think that you are.

The feelings of NEW are in the air brought in by these energies…in your heart, in your soul…they KNOW what NEW means in your life and are BEing inspired/activated now. Your soul feels when something is serving your higher consciousness to come into your body, every day living. Your soul senses when you are serving love and when you are not. Your heart intuits when a relationship serves the bigger picture purpose of you BEing here and when it does not. Your heart feels when something is coming from love and when it is coming from fear.

You can connect more easily now to your soul essence, what we could also call your 5D Self. You can bridge to this waveform that is YOU in your highest and brightest state that can still be embodied. This is YOU in your sacred human best dressed and presented. This is YOU in your unanchoring from 3D-based woundings and traumas that no longer define and confine you. This is YOU in connection and increasing unification with your Star Family and your Metasoul aspects in other timelines and with all the precious 3D parts of yourself that are scattered around and need you to collect them into your heart again.

So simple in this Now to connect with your 5D Self. Just create a sacred space, close your eyes, and ask to connect and to see and to feel. Your 5D Self may show up like an angel, may present as what you have projected as a ‘teacher’ or a ‘guide’. It may look like you only SHINIER. It may be an animal. Trust that whatever you see is right and good.

Talk with your 5D Self. Ask them to support you and guide you. Ask them to bridge for you to the higher dimensions. Ask them what else you need to do and BE related to healing 3D traumas and Metasoul karmic binds/patterns too.

Invite your 5D Self to increasingly BEcome you more and more. Ask to merge with your 5D Self and how you can do this more.

I’ll be sharing a brief video later today that I recorded yesterday when I was floating/riding/gliding at the peak of Kundalini/bliss energies and in merged consciousness with my 5D Self, which is happening more and more for me. I offered a 5D Self connection meditation and transmission you can take in. You can also watch this livestream I did offering a 5D consciousness meditation at around 33 minutes: 

It is not bypassing to connect with your 5D Self. It is not transcending your humanity and your emotions to make this connection. This version of you can actually hugely help to hold the space for whatever emotions need to come up and be felt. Your 5D Self can go on the shadow journey with you to reveal whatever is in shadow and needs to be reclaimed. You need a version of yourself that is BIGGER than the reactions and the resistances and the fears in order to have them move and transmute into love again.

Parts of you, especially your Protector, need to feel that you are BIG enough in heart space to handle feeling the deeper, suppressed and often very difficult emotions. Your Protector may relate to you like a child or a teenager and doesn’t see you as BIG at all. Your claiming of your 5D Self shows your Protector that they can begin to rest from their vigilant guarding and LET you hold your own healing. THIS I have seen and witnessed many, many times as a dynamic inside between the Protector part of us, who just needs to trust that we won’t be overwhelmed by what they need to show us and help us remember. More about parts/Metasoul aspects here:

INjoy these LOVE waves! And, if they don’t bring up joy and bliss, yet rather take you into a necessary feeling and healing place, then EMBRACE that process too. ALL of what you feel and experience in this Now is for the greater service of love. And, you signed up to be ahead of the collective curve and to LEAD others during this time of transition.

This is your bounty time. This is your harvest time. This is your leading yourself time. This is your starting to lead others time. WHATEVER that looks and feels like… can trust that this is true as the gift of these Divine energies bring us all into the time/phase of becoming Infinite Love in human form again!


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women and with Raphael for men, along with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators as well…more information here. Visit for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Teleportation Through Third Eye, Imagination, Emotional Body Healing

By Jelelle Awen
Where do you want to go? Your consciousness can take you there, wherever, whenever. Connecting with higher dimensional aspects of your Metasoul/Higher Self can take you there. Feeling the parts of you that are anchored to 3D reality and helping them let go can take you there. Activating your Ascension Chakras to open UP to galactic and cosmic energies can take you there. Letting go of your 3D conditioned mind’s tight, tight grip on reality, overlaying grid that makes it challenging for wonder to flow through can take you there. Healing your emotional body and the undigested traumas can take you there. Kundalini and Non-dual frequencies coming into your BEing can take you there as parts of you allow for these to come in more.
This is teleportation. Teleporting to other dimensions, other galaxies, other realities, beginning in the super conscious mind, in the ‘imagination’, in the third eye. Someday we will take our bodies too as Star BEing technology is offered to us that allows us to do this. For now, we have the gifts of our soul that kNOW how to do this and BE this teleportation.
It helps to be in the Now moment, close your eyes, use Solfeggios or other music, dedicate the time without outside distractions…..go within. The practice of this going within opens up the inner landscapes. It turns on your personal teleportation ‘device’ from within. It fires up your Merkabah – light body vehicle anchored to 5D and higher – that can take you ANYWHERE you wish to go.
During teleportation visits and shamanic journeys during meditation, I travel many places and to many dimensions. Once I was teleported to a room made of stars…not really a room as there were no walls. A place made of stars where higher selves were hanging out. I had conversations with some of them, souls that I needed to connect with and understand where they were coming from beyond what their conscious personality would tell me. I have been doing this since I was a very small child and, back then, I called it ‘make believe’ or ‘play pretend’.
My ‘make believe’ world has always been very rich….it continued into my adulthood and only stopped when it transferred from ‘fantasy’ to multidimensional travel. I feel that I was born with my third eye quite activated and Divine love awakened/realized, although it took me until my early 30s to really own and see this. Some people would say and have said (those fused to 3D reality) that I still make it all up or it is all fantasy what I am offering about the ascension process and my personal experiences. I am ok with feeling that I ‘make it all up’ as what a wonderful thing THAT IS! I certainly hope that we all make up our reality as that is where our POWER Is.
In the star room (and other super conscious landscapes) I feel like I can breathe. This is my home frequency. The rest of the time I am bridging 3D with this more natural reality that my soul has experienced more than the 3D one.
Where do you want to go? Back to the womb? To other lifetimes and timelines? To the akashic records? To what we call ‘Golden Earth’/5D frequencies? To Inner Earth? To other planets? It is a relief from 3D reality, the density, the earthboundness, the five senses, to go away on adventures in the etherics, to have conversations beyond what the conscious personality or 3D self can track and understand. You can remain grounded to the earth and go on these adventures. Gaia likes to hold space for them it seems.
Dare to be ‘deluded’. Dare to ‘make it all up’. Dare to be in what feels like fantasy for awhile. The rewards are ongoing integration of these realities into your walking around one. The gifts are a return to the frequency where you feel like home, where you feel love, where you feel the Infinite Possibilities that exist in every moment to BEcome sacred human!
This is a photo taken of a rainbow ring around the sun that came out during a group energy healing session on Sunday. It seemed to offer a support to our growing commUNITY and the GOOD work of healing the heart, soul, energy field that we were engaged with that day and ongoingly.

Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, Divine Feminine and Masculine, emotional body integration through parts work, quantum healing through Metasoul Aspect connection, sacred union, light body transformation, and much more!

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