Practical Ascension: 7 Key Areas Of Life – The Inner Punisher (Emotional Area)

by Kalayna Colibri and Gabriel Heartman


In this video, SoulFullHeart Facilitators, Teachers and Sacred Union mates, Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri, invite you to feel the tones of your Inner Punisher/Critic. This part is intense to work with, as its name implies, yet it also opens out so much more love flow within and through you, from you to you and you to others. Kalayna and Gabriel both share about their experiences of working with and healing different layers of the Inner Punisher and what they have noticed through working with and supporting healing in others too. It is sometimes the hardest part to be with, at least at first, yet they are one of the parts that needs the MOST love!

In many ways, we are raised by the Inner Punisher and its frequencies in our caregivers/parents and other authority figures that we lean into growing up. This is a part that energizes much criticism inside of you towards parts of you, yet also towards others. As it heals, so does the energy with which your intuition and discernment comes as well. This part is a critical one to work with as a healer or ‘lightworker’, as its energies can very often leak out in unconscious ways towards those who you actually desire to support in their own healing. Feeling this part means feeling the often shadowy conditioning you were raised with and that has become naturalized in your life and culture. The other side of this process leads ultimately to deeper, more profound love and self-acceptance and a keen discernment about life that comes from love instead of fear. The many layers of the Inner Punisher that you would feel in your SoulFullHeart process are all worth it, as you begin to feel your genuine worth and love flow in a much bigger way than you would have otherwise!

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Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life. Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. 

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