Making Space For Healing Instead Of ‘Figuring It Out’

By Kalayna Solais

Intentions for your healing arise, often with a target or specific goal in mind, something that has been painful for a long time that parts of you so wish they could unseat and heal FINALLY. It could be something in your physical body, or a certain trigger in your emotional body, or depression, anxiety, or any sort of trauma.

I have a personal desire list or even ‘wish list’ you could say, that parts of me are attached to moving on from and deeply healing. Or rather, I feel how my Inner Masculine especially has this list that he’s holding, sometimes saying,

“OK, THAT came up again today… what is THAT reaction about and how do we get underneath it finally?”

It becomes a mining effort, a drill-down, instead of a gradual staircase that you can’t take all at once.

Does that feel familiar? 🙂

It’s so important to breathe. It’s so important to connect in with Divine love and support during these times when it feels like your healing process is more about intense effort and mental ‘figuring it out’ than about BEing with what’s coming up, even the turmoil of that part of you that wants the healing to just be done now. Why does this part of you want to just get there by now? Is there a fear that comes up about the consequences of not being there yet?

The journey of healing CAN be beautiful though it has to also be messy in moments. Often parts of you probably wish they could avoid the messes altogether… the reflections from life, from relationships, from your spiritual path and process, that don’t always feel good and are often super humbling. I have moved through so much over the years because of taking in reflections and plugging into Divine love and support in deeper and deeper ways and the journey ever continues, as does the deeper healing of the fears of life’s messes and the need sometimes to descend and feel the shadow in order to continue ascending.

The layers of healing that we all experience are worth the intensity of the deep-dive within. Every time you come back up to the surface, the air is purer and sweeter. And just when you think it can’t get any better… it does.

Trusting the journey IS actually the journey in many ways, at the end of the day. And with each step, you’re saying ‘yes’ to revealing the next layer that needs your love, that needs to remember Divine love, that you ARE love, AND… that none of this can come overnight but is actually more like watching a flower grow, unfold, and bloom. And that flower is You. ❤️


Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to deepen your process, healing, and connection with Divine love and support without guidance… my beloveds and I offer 1:1 sessions that you can lean into for encouragement, empowerment, and reflections. For more info, visit:


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