Message From Mother Mary: Heal Your Inner Wounded Child In My Embrace

Mother Mary

By Jillian Vriend

I’ve now shared the messages I received from the four faces of the Divine Mother that I experience connection with: Kuan YinDark Mother-KaliMagdalene, and Mother Mary. My main way of communicating with them has been through visualization visits, which I feel we are all able to experience and engage with if our hearts are in need, we vulnerably ask for it, and our motives come from that vulnerability. In SoulFullHeart, the connection you develop with your Daemon or soul guardian allows for the frequencies of communication to come through clearer and with less resistance. Through the SoulFullHeart way of life, you heal emotional and spiritual wounds through getting to know aspects of yourself and your Daemon which clear congestions that may block you from hearing and experiencing the Divine for yourself. We offer in SoulFullHeart that we are all sacred human children of the Divine meant to experience, especially the Divine Mother, in a direct, personal, and intimate way that requires no middleman, guru, or priest.

Mother Mary represents the West direction; left and yin side; the cleansing and purifying qualities of Autumn; and the active time before the stillness of winter comes. She wears a light blue cloak and has long, brown hair.  Rather than feeling Mary as literally a virgin as fundamentalist religions portray Her, I have experienced Her as holding the essence of purity and innocence for us so we can feel it as a reflection of our sacred human essence. In Her, I most feel what I call the “Divine Mother”, although all face of the Mother hold frequencies of this. It was with Mary’s support and strength that I have taken needed space in relating with my birth mother. I felt that the degree that I was holding on to a false mother relationship was the degree that I couldn’t let the Divine Mother in at deeper levels. I feel that the Divine Mother calls us to be willing to give up any falseness in our relationships and medicating realities for phases of time that parts of us are clinging to that no longer nourish and serve our growing SFH self.

Mary offers us a possibility and template of our own purity, our Divine child essence, a reclaiming of this essence and our birthright as Her and the Divine Father’s daughter or son. For women, She offers a template of authentic compassion and care, beautiful and comforting love, and a capacity to feel others and ourselves without defensiveness and with healthy protective boundaries in place. For men, She offers a womb of clean motherly love with complete dedication without smothering, a support of male strength and leadership, and an encouragement for the man to embrace his feminine side. Here is a recent message I received from the Mother Mary about 2013 and the state of the world:

You are my children, suffering. I am your mother, weeping.

I open my arms to you. Come inside them and rest your head on my chest. Feel my cloak around you keeping you warm and safe.

I feel how you are hurting and in pain. I’ve felt this for so long inside of you and it hurts me too. I forgive you for this pain even as I offer to you that you can move beyond it. That you can heal beyond it. I do not know if you will and I cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do, nor would I want you to.

Yet, if you could see and feel the world as I do! You can stay in my embrace, just open your heart to feel. That’s it.

I see a man with a gun and I can feel the child inside of him, the wounded son who never felt loved or cared for by his father or mother.

I see a woman lying on her back for money and I can feel the wounded daughter in her who only got attention for her physical appearance.

I see a gang of men raping a woman and I can feel the wound from past lives of both persecuting and being persecuted.

I see a person who hunts without conscience and I can feel the parts of them who feels hunted by life, trapped and unable to change.

I see a company without morals and focused only on profit and I can feel the closed off hearts of the people who run this company, unable to feel themselves or others.

This is some of what I see when I look into the heart of any man or woman. I feel the wounded child inside. The innocent core too. The purity and the goodness that is often buried deep. I feel their sacred humanity that is waiting to bloom. Waiting for water of love, compassion, and feeling.

This is what I see and feel about you, my sacred human children, and this is why I can forgive you for where most of you are now. I forgive, yes, and yet I ache for you to embody what your capacity is. I ache for you to grow up with your childlike innocence intact. I ache for you to feel my arms around you always and not forget anymore that I am there. I ache for you to forgive yourselves, for this life and many lifetimes. I ache for you to heal, to heal with and in love, and to offer healing with love to others too.

You can stay here, in my arms, as long as you need to. I am always here. I cannot and will not leave you, even if you do not let me in or see me or receive me.

I love you and all that you are, even the darkest of sides of you, and I will always and forever,

Your Mother

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