Eclipse Accelerates Ascension Process And Activates Highest Timelines: Conversation With My Arcturian Guide/Aspect

By Jelelle Awen



Hustle and bustle ‘behind the scenes’, in the stars, in the skies, as preparations are ‘being made’ for the total solar eclipse today….this is what I am seeing as I connect to galactic energies in this now. There are many Star BEings AND the human alliance gathering together, an alliance formed of humans who have ‘been in the know’ for very many years, conscious of contact, and collaborating with benevolent Star BEings to bring about the disclosure process to the collective at a rate and pace that we can digest and handle.

Binkh, my Arcturian guide/aspect, comes forward to me and she presses her three, long fingered hand against my fleshy human one. She then draws me in to touch third eyes together and I am transported to the ‘heart’ of the eclipse activity from above. It still stuns me how full of star ships the orbit of Gaia is and how we have been cloaked from seeing this with our ‘eyes’. The orbit is is packed today in witness of the ‘show’, just as it is getting packed with humans below, coming together in pilgrimage to so many grassy and green places along the belt of visibility in the U.S. to view the complete eclipse.

“What is really happening today, Binkh? On a galactic level and how does it relate to our ascension process?” I ask her as we float in the orbit together, not sure that she’ll give me a ‘straight’ answer to my questions, but feeling, as always, her deep love for humanity’s process and progress.

“This is an ordinary event from a cosmic or celestial perspective. Not rare at all in the bigger perspective of multiverses. Yet, to humans, you are giving it much meaning AND you are looking for meaning too in it,” she says. “The ‘fact’ of it is uniting you together as ONE to share the common experience of it. It is THIS unification and coming together that is offering us an opportunity to accelerate your ascension process, for those souls who are ready to let it in.”

“What is this acceleration about? Continual waking up of our DNA? Activations? Light Body Upgrades? Emotional body purgings and healings? Easier Metasoul access with less veil?”

She nods, with a gentle smile on her face. “Yes, all of that. Your connection with this sun is very profound. You have a relationship with it. You all ‘believe’ in it because you can ‘see’ it. That opens up your minds to it. That opens up your hearts to it. Your bodies too. You open up to it. So, in the moments of the eclipse, you become more receptive to the codes and information….the LOVE that we are actually always and in all ways offering you. You are turning the frequency UP of this love and light because you are turning your attention to it. Since you are all very powerful conductors of energy and ARE energy, you each become portals, channels, receivers and transmitters.”

“Parts of us can relax and let in. It’s like we are watching a movie, entertained by the cosmos, a receptive audience, yet I get what you are saying too about us becoming transmitters too.”

“Yes, Jelelle. Some more receptive than others. Some more ready to be transmitters than others. However, ALL higher selves/soul selves will be rejuvenated and supported by these codes. All those consciously awakening will receive support for the manifestation of their highest timeline and purpose on your Gaia at this ‘time’. They will be transmitted the experience of this timeline as it is already happening. They will ‘see’ the movie ahead of time, you could say, of what their life is meant to be. You have been experiencing this process these last couple of weeks. Feeling and seeing your ‘highest future’ and receiving clarities and intuitions about next steps toward it…..from the small steps to the large ones.”

“Oh, yes, I so have been! Just this week we have received clarity as a community about which geography we need to be in for our highest timeline to manifest. Along with mourning, intense emotional body processing at times to purge out and let go of the old timelines. This brings up for me how it is our free will choice as individuals if we will choose love over fear, if we will choose our highest timelines or not. If we will bravely claim what we are here to do and BE. If we will unite with others in commUNITY or continue to feel separate, isolated, and alone. If we will feel our emotional bodies and our hurting hearts or suppress them.”

“There is a timeline where you are all already free. You are already ascended. You are already sacred human. You are already living out your highest timelines. Yet, like a recently released prisoner, you may still remain attached to the bars, comforted by the cell, familiar with the confinement. We offer you the energies to see and feel that you are already free and how and what level you digest that is up to each of you.”

I feel a wave of admiration and gratitude move through me as I feel how many advanced and beautiful star BEings are connected, concerned, and patiently witnessing and helping with humanity’s process of collective awakening. They are so genuinely and deeply ‘rooting FOR us’ and connected WITH us…it is very inspiring. I feel again how Binkh is an aspect of me….not an ‘outward’ guide outside of me, yet an aspect of my Metasoul. In my connection with her this way, I am able to feel how the Arcturian consciousness is available to me in this now.

Whatever ways you choose to let in the LOVE codes being offered today through the eclipse, open your heart and soul to let in the vision, sense, feeling tones of your highest timelines. Feel the tastes of your sacred humanity in manifest form in service of love AS Infinite Love. Feel the textures of galactic and angelic support that are there in the now AND inside of you, accessible in all moments and offered in always and in ALL ways as you remember you are already ascended. You are already free.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about space holding sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

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