The 3D Self And The 5D Self – Day 5: 33 Days Metamorphosis W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen

Today, for Day Five of my 33 Day Metamorphosis series, I talk about how parts of us compartmentalize our realities, keeping areas of our lives separate from other areas of it. In SoulFullHeart, we acknowledge seven areas of life that are being impacted by ascension and awakening: spiritual, emotional, social, mental, physical, financial, and environmental. In that way, the compartments are meant to be ‘flooded’ by love with none being separate from each other and with no parts of us dominant over certain areas.

I then talk about the 3D/4D/5D self and how it shows up in your life. We start in the SoulFullHeart process through sessions with this article about these selves and how they show up in each area, which would be a good one for you to take in as well to get more clarity about your desires and frustrations in each area:

The 3D Self is your conditioned self, ego structure you could call it, and majority of energy is expressed as the energies of the Inner Protector. You can feel it when your ‘guard goes up’ or when you feel ‘defensive’, probably in a more subtle way at this point. The Protector is the vigilant, loyal, masculine energy that has a warrior vibe to them. The Protector came in with lots of armor to help you live in 3D life, especially as a baby. They are often ‘a guard in the room’ of your Inner Teenager and your Inner Feminine. The Protector is usually the most vigilantly guarding the social area and relationships, because parts of you have experienced the most harm and hurt in this area. The Protector usually sees ‘you’ as a Teenager that it needs to protect until you as a 5D self start connecting with it and separating from the Teenager/Child.

These are some questions that I offer in the video that you can ask and answer about your 3D Self/Inner Protector:
How have you felt the energy of protection over you in your life?
In what situations do you feel this guarding energy come up?
What do you feel could be the benefits of connecting with your Inner Protector?
What are your concerns about connecting with your Inner Protector?
What kind of relationship would you like to have with your Inner Protector?

I also offer that there is no ‘past’ in the sense of the emotional body and for parts of us. As these traumas and wounds are happening in the Now, in the moment, and are still being energized. So in responding to what has happened to you, you become less linear and more multidimensional about how you feel it and process it.

The Protector forms a protective bubble around you and you as a 5D self are invited to create a bridge to this energy in order for this bubble to move. Most people are not conscious of this guard in themselves, especially perhaps spiritual people. Not being vulnerable is a sign of this guardedness. Spirituality does not often equate to being vulnerable; healing of the Inner Child and negotiating with the Inner Protector allows for access to the Inner Child in the true frequencies of it.

This is not a quick fix process of just ‘healing in an instant’ these frequencies of Inner Child or other parts; or something that can be done and moved and cleared by someone else in a ‘one time’ healing session. It can feel evasive and even leave a sense of violation too by some parts of you, especially by the Protector, when you experience these kinds of approaches. The Divine Feminine sense of this healing process through parts work is of gestation, of process, of layers being felt and moved. You create a home inside for the Protector and other parts of you to grow trust with them over time and patience and with love.

These are the questions that I offer about your 5D Self, your awakening self, your soul self, your Higher Self aspect in your body, your authentic self, that moves you through all areas of life, etc.:
How would you describe your 5D Self?
What in your life supports your 5D Self to express?
What in your life limits your 5D Self from expressing?
What spiritual activities support the growth and expression of your 5D Self?
When do you feel ‘the most’ like your 5D Self or your authentic you?
What is your sense of your service of love purpose/mission here as your 5D Self?
What gets in the way of you fulfilling and BEing this purpose/mission?

This is the video series about the seven areas of life covered in SoulFullHeart with Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri:…

This is the group call and guided meditation about the Inner Protector:…

Thank you for joining me on this fifth day of 33….as we move into Metamorphois energies together… beloved part of us at a time! Go here to view the playlist listing all of the videos:…


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