Highest Timeline Illuminations And Clarities Teachings & Guided Meditation


In this video and audio, SoulFullHeart co-creators, teachers, and facilitators Raphael and Jelelle Awen teach and share, along with SoulFullHeart Facilitators Kalayna Colibri and Gabriel Heartman.

In this video, Jelelle talks about the codes/information/uploads/downloads/activations that are still coming in to illuminate and push up esp. anxiety and distrust from inside that can get projected outside. Relationships are being shaken up by this as the previous grounds no longer ‘hold’ the unfelt anxiety and lack of safety and resonance. This mirrors the relationships going on inside. The feminine is leading this, inviting the masculine to feel genuine remorse and forgiveness and compassion for ALL, starting from within.

Then, Raphael shares about the about the inner connection process with the Protector, who can become healthy boundary setting as the healthy boundaries develop from inside. Taking action and choice points that are connected to trust and self love.

Kalayna and Gabriel then both share about the current ascension energies, integration of these energies to activate their highest timeline service of love, and their processes with parts of themselves and with each other in sacred union. They connect how they experience life from the SoulFullHeart perspective.

Raphael and Jelelle then lead a guided meditation to connect you with Divine Feminine and Masculine frequencies through Archangel Metatron and Goddess Sophia. You receive activations from the current energies as well. You then connect with your Inner Protector to allow a look into a pool of water to ‘see’ whatever your higher timeline vision is for your future and life.

We want to thank all of those that came to the call and vulnerably shared their personal experiences and processes. These are not a part of this recording but are available to those that donate to participate in the live call. If you are interested in being a part of these dynamic calls we are offering another on Saturday March 10. More info can be found on our website under Events.

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