March Energies Update: Solar Storms/Flares Amplify Bliss AND Mess States

By Jelelle Awen

Here they come! Solar energies from our sun and the Great Cosmic Sun streaming in to activate and to boost. There are HIGH solar storms churning out geomagnetic frequencies, reconfiguring Gaia’s magnetic field (flipping it around some are offering). Significant, pretty huge SOULar flares erupting out from our sun’s core too and ‘heading our way.’ Even the mainstream news sources are reporting about these activities (in their  ‘strictly’ scientific way, yet, somehow, you can feel the underground excitement.)

All this sun activity feels quite masculine….meant to create surges and even purges, meant to shake up and wake up, meant to (in a good way) churn and burn. This sacred masculine galactic energy that has been SO much more intense in the last year meets and matches and exceeds the wounded masculine inertia that had settled over 3D life. It can rumble the technology, the satellites, and the 3D established systems. It can dissolve the 3D matrix and help those who are ready to ‘unplug’ from it to find their sovereign capacity to do so.

All this sun activity impacts our bodies too, even those quite still anchored to 3D reality will feel it on some level. You may be experiencing headaches, neck and shoulder tension, dizziness, edginess, interrupted sleeping or fogginess and sleepiness, heart palpitations. The degree you feel this is VERY individual to you, yet there is a ‘collective body’ as well that you may end up connecting too as Unity Consciousness continues to expand and open up. BE gentle with body reactions to feel them out, feel where they are sourced from, feel if they are from your emotional body…..emotions coming up that are manifesting in the body.

Feel if the emotions that are coming up are connected to another timeline or Metasoul Aspect reality. MUCH bleed through of other timelines is going on in this NOW too….Lemurian and Atlantis especially. Be conscious of which timelines you are letting through and how much. The higher frequency ones can be very helpful right now. You may be experiencing time as so much less linear, less anchored to ONE timeline…..more overlapping, merging, and multiple timeline realities at once. Here is a recent article that I wrote about Metasoul connection:

The main sense I am getting about these solar (truly SOULar) energies is that they are really meant to AMPLIFY whatever your consciousness reality is at this phase. This amplification may bring you into just TOTAL BLISS states and Kundalini activations/awakenings (as I experienced yesterday) and offer support to your 5D Self, just real watering for your essence to come through. Essentially pulling you into the higher dimensional New Earth consciousness experience for it to sink deeper into your bones, your every living cell, your walking around reality. This offers more ‘carrot’ for you to keep healing, keep feeling, and keep awakening….when you get these tastes and senses of 5D and higher and are able to bring them more deeply into your body and heart.

Or these energies may offer amplification of shadow places to go in your emotional body and/or Metasoul. You may get more sense of parts of yourself to feel that are in pain. Access to your Inner Protector as the masculine ‘force’ in your life may become much more real and palpable, plus the feminine parts that he is protecting such as the Inner Teenager and Inner Child. You may feel more clearly your inner family crying out for your love. You may feel places in your life that need and want your attention, choice points, and focus….a sense of ‘no more’ of this pattern or life choice or relationship.

Or your experience may be somewhere in the middle of the Bliss and the Mess……or UP and then down.
This activation and amplification during this March is definitely being offered as a GIFT. A beautiful GIFT from the Divine to bring us into our next places of awakening, both personally and collectively. A GIFT to bring us into states of remembering and letting in and letting go….to recode and ‘un’code the programs and conditionings that no longer serve us. Feeling these energies AS a gift (rather than a punishment or to promote more suffering) can help with the letting in and riding out and surrender to them.

Feeling much love with and for you as we navigate this EXCITING time and transition together….learning, growing, beginning, and BEcoming!


I have felt guided to share daily about these March energies through writing and video as we go through them. Here is a video where I talk more about Lemurian energies especially coming through and also more about activations/awakenings being offered by these energies and how to be in flow with them in your body.  I also feel to offer what I am calling a Bridging Session for $55 USD prepaid minimum donation for 90 minutes with me as a locator for you in your ascension process, check in with your chakra/energy upgradings, your emotional body/parts reality, provide a bridge to your next steps and choice points, etc. You can email me at if you are interested and drawn to experiencing one.


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.comfor more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings at



8 thoughts on “March Energies Update: Solar Storms/Flares Amplify Bliss AND Mess States

  1. Now I understand what is going on with me! How I forgot to remember solar flares. Thanks so verymuch !!!

    Love to all. Lisa

    Sent from my iPod


  2. Yes, they are intense and it feels like increasing through the 22nd….I’m going to write later today about body symptoms connected to them…love to you, Lisa

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