Entering The Superabundance That You Are Series ~ Day One

By Raphael Awen

What would you do if you were given a truckload of ripe beautiful produce? Apples, oranges, papayas, mangoes, potatoes, carrots, you name it. Beautiful organic produce.

A dozen or two for the counter and the fridge, but then what? Maybe a some freezing, some dehydrating for the really ambitious…but you still haven’t dented the supply.

You could set up a street shop or head for the farmers market and try selling them, but you’d probably need some permit you don’t currently have, and the produce is gonna only be good for a matter of hours. At best, you’d sell a few and make some pocket money, enough to pay for the disposal fee at the dump for all the leftovers.

You can either let it go to waste, or, you can simply give it away to anyone who’s glad to have it.

I’d head for the street (a needy street) and bellar out to anyone in earshot – ‘free apples – free papayas – free carrots’. I’d get that truck emptied out and given away before anyone could come along to tell me I can’t do that here. ‘Take and dozen, take a pallet!’

I wouldn’t technically be any richer financially at the end of the day, but I would have enriched myself on some quantum levels. I would have participated in the conviction of the super abundant universe. I would have given this experience to the part of me concerned and anxious about my needs for money in our over commercialized world, and allowed this part of me to taste and sniff a new reality.

YOU are this truckload of goodies.

You may well not realize it, but you are being invited into this dawning realization. Your anxiety about money and your ties to your job, or to your pension, or to your dying mother’s inheritance, (or whatever else) as being your source of ‘livelihood’ are all being invited into a brand new world of epic proportions.

Here’s the new world order in a nutshell: Discover your deepest goodies, and give them away – for FREE. You planting this kind of super-value into a super-abundant universe can not NOT return to you with all that you most deeply need for your wellbeing. You may not want to, nor would it be advisable to drop your job overnight, but how could you begin to adapt to this new reality?

What goodies are going to waste in your current relationship to your super-value? What gifts do you have to give that are not being given? What artistry are you waiting for scarce money for as the condition of your sharing it?

A few years ago, I knew It was time to let go of a great little cash cow money machine that I’d built up in 3D over a 30 year period. I’d shifted my relationship to it in many ways, began to explore my deeper soul gifts, but now the time had come to completely let go of it. I enjoyed the self employed work and could all too easily drum up jobs that paid many times what any going rates were. It taught me a lot and It was my means to give to the world in many ways, but now its end had come. Enough money was able to be pooled to live out a year and a bit, to follow our dream of offering soul and healing work, letting that take us to Mexico, and then we arrived at our last couple hundred dollars, between three of us and two dogs. As this time approached, I had been feeling myself living deeper and deeper into the above awareness I’m offering to you. My consciousness could feel that I wasn’t going to starve and die. It may get really tight and it might get really painful adjusting, but I wouldn’t die. The locals around me in poor towns all around in Mexico were proof enough of that. In the 18 months since leaving Canada and the career behind and living frugally off of our pooled nest egg, we had received a total of $30 in income as a thank you for housing and feeding some visitors on the ranch we were living on, but that was it. There was no knowledge of where our next livelihood was coming from. What was all around us was a brimming awareness of what we did have to give… the dawning awareness that we had a very large truckload of perishable goods was weighing heavily on us. That’s why we had left the other goodies behind in the first place.

We busied ourselves with that instead of drowning in our anxiety about money. We didn’t deny our anxiety about money. We answered it by choosing our most grounded action towards financial security. Love and money began again to flow, but from a higher place inside and outside.

The greatest steps you can take towards your own superabundance is to sow and cultivate what you have to give. If no one’s buying, then give it away. The garden can’t NOT produce.  Sweep the streets if you have to.

Hanging onto scarcity is keeping-on, keeping-on in that dead end job and participating in the 3D economy that is all based in a lie of scarcity. Money may not grow on trees, but apples sure do, and you can’t eat money! Instead, use the job as a loving transition into a paced experience and acclimation into this super abundant universe that you are as you take stock and discover what you really have to give.

Money at root is nothing but love and trust, and that can grow in you tall and strong and you arrive eventually at a place of never again worrying about money. I speak this passionately, because that is how I feel it. I’ve gots lots to grow into this reality myself, but i’m done with an old world order that is fading away by the day.

Help me out here, would you? There’s truckloads of goodies that’s gonna go to waste unless we do something about it! We’ll store our food in the bellies of those around us, and we’ll never worry again about going hungry, or not having fun, for that matter!

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our programs: FREE, PREP and DEEP, for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions.

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3 thoughts on “Entering The Superabundance That You Are Series ~ Day One

  1. Thank you, Raphael. As I currently find myself in a transitional phase I needed to hear this today; and it is also confirmation for my insights. Blessings to you and your loved ones. Namasté.

    1. If I only knew Raphael what I had to give I could start to sow and cultivate that garden and offer that service of love. More longing of the heart unfulfilled. It’s a question that has plagued me for many years of my life and I still don’t feel any closer to knowing what it is. Perhaps I am in the early stages of exploring that from a parts perspective.

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