In The Beginning Was A Story

By Raphael Awen

If a big part of your life feels boring, disengaged, blah, and nothing to write home about, then that’s what’s true to a part of you, but it’s so far from what’s true about you and your life.

Fused to this part of you, there isn’t any other truth. End of story.

However, in relationship with this part of you, where there is an emerging you differentiating from this beloved part of you, there is magical quest and journey to get to know and feel why a part of you would be closed down. Beginning of story.

This part of you has been off your conscious radar and has, in your absence, effectively taken your consciousness hostage. The words of your mouth are a dead give away. ‘I’m so bored…’ ‘I can’t figure out what’s going on.’ ‘I need some excitement’. Here, there’s no movement. There’s no space for movement. ‘It is what it is’, as parts of us like to say in resignation, furthering the spell they hold over our waking consciousness.

These parts of us know and have seen a whole lot more than our conscious mind can access. They have their own very valid reasons for setting up a non eventful and tamed existence inside of us. They’ve seen and experienced things that they prefer ‘you’ remain asleep to. The boredom or shutdown has self loving reasons for being.

Awakening to this spell you’ve been held under having been lured so deeply into the cult of Single Personality Disorder, you now begin a subtle, but very profound shift and rumble through your consciousness, and consciousness itself, by changing the waveform frequency broadcast coming from your mouth.

Instead of ‘I feel…’, it’s ‘a part of me feels…’. Now, with curiosity as our personal redemption, we’re getting to the plot of unfolding and eventful story.

Right here and now, you’ve altered the course of your history and herstory into an alternative dimension.

Word is ‘palabra’ in Spanish, and ‘parabol’ in Latin from which we get parable, or story. In the beginning was the word, the logos, the story, and the story was god.

Your life is a creator story, that you create, and to change your story, it will involve something so simple as a choice of words, a choice of parable, new script and scriptures, a new parable that is the spark that ignites fires that consume entire domains.

Even if you’re wanting to light your fire in the dead of a sleepy long cold wet winter, this alteration to the articulation of the frequency broadcast system of your BEing will lead to the opening out of the space for you make a great leap in your waking consciousness to begin to bridge to this wider and larger self version of you. You may not be ready to burn down an entire world when what’s needed first is a fire sufficient to warm hands and heart, leading to one self loving and felt step at a time.

This new world already exists, just maybe not in your present waking consciousness yet. This is good news. Your words don’t actually need to make up something that doesn’t already exist. They only need to dial in a different frequency, that creates a very different spell, a different story, a different reality. It’s still ‘a’ reality. None of us get to exit the realm of story itself, we only get to choose our story and change our story when and if we are ready to.

Part of me, once bored, now is really excited to get on with the journey before ‘us’, as in the story before all the parts of me, as well as the story before all the parts of us in the collective. These parts of me have been bridged to and related to and negotiated with. These parts of me once bored and shutdown are now eager and ready to return to full adventure and let in the events that want to eventualize and actualize our deeper and onward journey into the more that awaits me, and us, and You.

Much love,

Raphael Awen

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