Living Below Your Birthright

By Raphael Awen

Working for anything that is yours by birthright is a form of resistance to that thing, allowing a part of you to hide its resistance while appearing like it actually wants the pursued thing, usually to maintain social acceptance.

‘Working for a living’ for instance is one of the biggest examples of this and misnomers out there. Living doesn’t occur by virtue of working. Living occurs by virtue of your essence, by virtue of your being.

Your being receives life and gives back to life in a natural economy of gift exchange. If you shortchange life in this natural exchange, that is, giving something less than your best, your true gifts, what you came here to give, and settle for a ‘job that pays the bills’ instead, you can be sure that life will respond to you in kind with a reflection of your ingratitude for what you are given. This is not any kind of punishment from an angry God or angry universe, but simply an invitation into an awareness of what your own alchemy is producing. An invitation in your innate more which you already possess.

You already are a powerful alchemy that is producing exactly as it was designed to, even if you are, like me, still consciously wanting to change or alter this alchemy.

Already encoded into you is every last provision you will ever need to fulfill every last detail of what you came here to do. If you are experiencing a drama of lack moving through your story at the moment, this too, is a provision of an invitation into an initiation of this more that you already are. This is a big opportunity to feel and heal parts of you still encoded in lack, while being submerged in a super-abundant free-energy universe, inside of an even greater multiverse.

While there is nothing to work for, in this way of earning or qualifying for anything, there is however, your necessary reach for what you want and desire, as the universe cannot successfully provide anything you aren’t willing to want or choose. The circuitry cannot complete without your desire, choice, intention, and your action.

So what feels like the need to work as in earning something, is actually more about the necessary effort involved in claiming your essence. It will take ‘work’ for instance to slowly get to know and love the part of you conditioned and convinced to a ‘working for a living’ reality, to let in this new reality, but this is a self loving kind of work that is pure joy and creative play to be with. The opposite of drudgery. A gift that keeps on giving.

We all have a lot to learn in entering this new reality, but it feels so exciting to lean into it more and more. I’ll take me a big chunk of that for 2020!

You are the light of the world, even in your darkness, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. The universe aches for your arising.

Raphael Awen

Photo by me taken at our favorite park close by!

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