Energy Update: Ripe Time For Awakenings, Deeper Connection With The Divine And Within

by Kalayna Solais

Yesterday, I paused to feel the panic moving through the collective, how it could easily echo something that needs me inside of me, yet doesn’t seem to at this time…. At least not in the same way as it seems to be for others.

It rippled and ripped around where I stood. It told me, asked me, to keep being as still as I can, to keep holding space for it, to keep being a beacon of love and surrender during a dark time.

Having been through dark times in this life and many others, I know I can do this. I can be the lighthouse on the dark and stormy waters, whether the ships can see me or not.

My soul knows the solace, the solitude, the loneliness too, of being a ‘healer’ in the midst of chaos. My soul also knows the beauty of the beaconing, the beckoning towards brighter shores of possibility and deeper connection within and with the Divine during such times as these when the death knoll (literal and figurative) sounds and there is an added poignancy and consciousness/awareness in our daily interactions and activities that we couldn’t get to otherwise.

My heart knows that this is all leading us to deeper connections to each other and ourselves as well as our beloved Gaia, as what is rebooting completes its reset cycle, bringing the collective into many different strands and strata of awakening.

All lenses are valid, all viewpoints need acknowledging. None are ‘wrong’ and none are absolutely ’right’, for this world is not now nor could ever be black and white.

I think the deepest gift we can offer ourselves if we choose to isolate, to pull back and out from ‘work’ or from ‘social’ as a precaution is to go inward and feel. The world is on a sort of ‘pause until further notice’ which is extremely rare. This is an opportunity to see what’s been brewing and moving on the inside of each of us. Where is the stagnancy and stubbornness toward love and surrender? Where is there a poignant fear of death or loss or both? These are existential questions, I know. Not everyone will be able to ask themselves or parts of themselves these just yet, but the invitation is there as always. And, as always, the Divine is here holding us all in whatever explorations we’re having inside and out and in whatever it is we are discovering about ourselves and our worlds, both inner and outer.

We are being invited to see our capacity to create the life we actually DO want and how this all comes from inside of each of us… from these places of panic and worry that are rooted far deeper than simply just being what ‘is’ and therefore accepted as only what ‘is’. There is SO much that needs our LOVE in these places. There are so many parts feeling their beloved 3D world being shaken up and so many Metasoul aspects in other lifetimes feeling a recapitulation of what they’re going through as well. Indeed, there are MANY layers all happening at once, so the need to pull it all back inward and make space for feeling it all is very, very real.

In all of this… there is nothing to ‘vanquish’ but there is a lot to be with and love UP.

It’s from this inward place that it can all change for the better, starting with the chaotic INNER world, the one that tends to get brushed aside or buried far too often.

Much love to you all and everything inside of you that may be in deep reaction at this time….

Kalayna ❤


Kalayna Solais is a SoulFullHeart facilitant, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

7 thoughts on “Energy Update: Ripe Time For Awakenings, Deeper Connection With The Divine And Within

  1. What a gift you have for words, Kalayna. and I am so appreciating it this morning. I am in a state of panic today because of what has been arising and awakening in me the last several weeks, a deeper, very timely calling to open up to the Divine voice (and plan) in me that needs to be heard now but has been silenced for many lifetimes because of the consequences of speaking my Truth. Reading your words has brought some reassurance to the terror and as I’m writing this I’m sensing it beginning to surrender itself to Divine Love. Wow! I’m feeling much lighter now and I believe it’s been taken UP! Divine Alignment, terror and Love, you and I. I am so grateful! Thank you!

    1. It so feels like you’re being activated too by everything you’ve been taking in from our group calls and so on, Regina! Wow! I’m glad we can be here for you with our words, presence, and energy during a time when it feels like you’re awakening to so much inside of you… this is definitely a catalytic phase for everyone in deeply individual ways. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I feel like many souls can relate so much to this. Congratulations on getting to this place where you and your parts can feel Divine love and support coming in… WOW! ❤

  2. Yes, and I received another one this afternoon after reading Jelelle’s “Coronavirus as a smokescreen…” in the Museletter! Just before all this activation really picked up last week I was sensing a “call and response” energy from the Coronavirus situation – the “need” that it was creating was calling forth this new feminine self I’ve been waiting a long time to embody. I’m so in awe of this process and kind of blown away – literally! You and Jelelle were so obviously placed on my path to pass along this Divine Feminine energy to me through your words. Thank you!

    1. That’s so awesome to hear and feel, Regina! Thank YOU for your resonance and for letting in the energy that wants to move through you and with you, especially at this time when life seems to be asking all of us who are ready to step up and be the beacon we need to be for ourselves and for others too along the way. ❤ I hope you feel comfortable to share about your experiences on the next women's call! If not, that's ok too. 🙂 Much, much love. ❤

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